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Monday Morning. Hog delivery day. 


By the end of Autumn John usually has the glass house planted and producing but this year there have been interruptions to some of the familial rhythms.  So I decided to take the bull by the horns and plant a wild card garden. 

Dying with the Full Moon

Sadly, Harlequin died yesterday morning. She just could not keep herself alive anymore. The scours have see-sawed through her body since the beginning, never really letting up and the poor wee thing just got weaker and weaker.  So she left. Pneumonia took her away.… Continue Reading “Dying with the Full Moon”

The Silvery Moon

Last night after a dinner picked from the garden my visitors from the city and the dogs and I walked down the back and sat in the long grass for a long time, watching the Sly Silvery Full Moon steal all the light from… Continue Reading “The Silvery Moon”