The Silvery Moon

Last night after a dinner picked from the garden my visitors from the city and the dogs and I walked down the back and sat in the long grass for a long time, watching the Sly Silvery Full Moon steal all the light from the sky. Watching it rise and glow. And flourish.

It was huge this moon on Friday the 13th.  But – no pictures of that night. How can a camera even begin to capture the soft moon-lit outline of a dogs panting profile, or the horizon of muted pathetic man made lights blinking wanly out across the grassy plains, dwarfed and squished by the giant footsteps of l the moons light soaring through the skies, the curious moonlight catching the young mouth and long eyelashes of a magicked child or the gentle voice of a friend talking of all those things only the moon will hear. The things the sun shines too brightly on.  We talked softly or  sat quiet and still in the long sleeping grasses, long into the night. food-003

Hush though. My visitors from the city are still asleep in the bright country morning light in The Coupe. The dogs are laid at the door to The Coupe their toys laid optimistically across their paws, heads down, eyes up, waiting for the children to come out and play.

I pause in my mornings work for a coffee and a good morning with you, at the beginning of another moonless day. On my journey to another moonful night.

Have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm


26 Comments on “The Silvery Moon

  1. I’d give a million dollars for an evening like that, and it still wouldn’t be enough…Thanks for sharing it with us.
    No Big Moon at our place last night – three days of clouds, rain and fog…

  2. Down here, the moon performed the dance of the seven veils, screened behind a haze of scudding rain. It was a big beautiful moon, but there was too much water in the air to see the stars. I love the sound of your peaceful, easy, moonlight company…

  3. Perfect description of last night’s Honey Moon. Lucky Miss A and Mr N 🙂 Laura

  4. Thank you… I live a slowed life, but sometimes I need to slow down more. Your words helped me do that.

  5. Such a beautiful picture you paint with words Celi! I felt as though I was there with you. The dogs must be frolicking with the children by now. It’s a wonderful life!!! xo

  6. No moon here at Lake Luise in Canada last night , but the night before it was so stunning , so magical , so beautiful , as it illuminated the emerald lake with its soft light and cast shadows of the mountains surrounding the lake. I’m thankful for being able to visit this beautiful place for a couple of days. A beautiful descriptions of your evening Celi , no pictures needed.

  7. My goodness! What beautiful prose. FD and I walked the moonlit path in the woodlands last night and watched the twinkling lights of fireflies all around us. We remarked we were the luckiest people in the world to live in such a magical setting.

    • I call my husband Willie , not a good name for the UK . It took me a while to find out when I was in London.

  8. I made my husband come look at that moon last night. I swear, Cecilia, we look at the moon together !

  9. What a magical evening that must have been C. You captured it so beautifully, it was almost like being there…

  10. I think we need moonlight for balance & spirit healing, as we do sunlight for growth & healing of all kinds, so moon-bathing with friends and dogs sounds wonderful. I love that we all share the same moon. Here in the southern hemisphere it’s been stunning in appearance, showing up early evening and staying even into the day.

  11. Oh, what magic – and gentleness! When I saw that beautiful photo in black and white, I thought at first that it was you as a child. (maybe it is, in spirit at least). These simple posts are so poetic and spacious. I’m loving them. The moon shone its silvery light over Auckland too, and I stood out in the darkness, breathing it in.

  12. Yes, the moon shone here in NZ, silver across the black sea and blinking through the pohutakawas on the edge of the cliff… the night clear and bright and cold. We are all one under the moon…

  13. How lovely to open the computer to a pic of a very contented Miss A doing what she enjoys the most methinks . . . 🙂 ! You describe a lovely evening of peace and we get to enjoy it too . . .

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