Dying with the Full Moon

Sadly, Harlequin died yesterday morning. She just could not keep herself alive anymore. The scours have see-sawed through her body since the beginning, never really letting up and the poor wee thing just got weaker and weaker.  So she left. Pneumonia took her away.

Short lives are not wasted lives. We know this you and I.  I wonder if dying on the day of the full moon means you get to be an angel without the test. Maybe now I have a wee calf as an angel.

Yesterday I took some watermelon out to Manu and found him cowering down the back of his yard and Poppy lying in his mud puddle. Poppy on the wander again. I had let her out you see. I took her back to her pen where Sheila was scoffing ALL the watermelon and shored up the latest escape route. When she is in heat I can put her in the lock up but I don’t want her to live in that small space. Naughty Poppy. Manu had the fear though. Definitely. manu

Today Hugo and I (amongst other things) will begin to split and stack a winters worth of wood.

When our new man comes tomorrow (his name is Josh – he is a musician)  then we will begin the fencing for real.


A Letter From Pat

My time on the Farmy went by too fast!  It was exciting starting with the birth of a pea chick, enlightening, meeting all the characters, Sheila, Poppie, the piglets, the peahens, Mr. Flowers, Lady Astor, Naomi and the chickens (Pegleg is my personal favorite),  Ton Ton & Boo.  Putting faces to the names, it’s been very relaxing and very hectic with all the various chores, feeding  and endless kitchen chores.  I honestly don’t know how Celi keeps it all in her head!  A most fulfilling week.  I’ll be Back! Thanks to everyone for staying with me.


kunekune boar

Don’t you think Tane looks like a little tank engine today?


Good bye Harley.  Rest well little calf.

I hope you all have a lovely day,

Thank you Pat for all your wonderful work and company – now I wonder what will happen today!

Love your friend on the farm


44 Comments on “Dying with the Full Moon

  1. The pull of Heaven is stronger when the moon is full, and if you live near the sea or a lake, your path into the sky is laid down in the water. Harlequin is flying, light as air… Thank you for the lovely photos of the pigs, all three of them. We don’t see so much of Manu, who has such a human eye… I hope you have a powered log splitter, Miss C, or those strong young men will be very, very busy.

  2. Sorry about thewee calf but you could not have done more…I love the way katechicoi has phrased it..a perfect description…Thank you for including the note from Pat. She sure is right..How do you do it all?….Ah a muscial Josh that will be fine, the animals will love the sound of music…. Have a great day Miss c we love you so much!

  3. Oh Harley, I know you were tired and you are at rest now. Though your time at the farmy was too brief you will be missed. You knew you were loved by Miss C and the fellowship of the farmy . Poppy is still Hop & Pop — such a stinker! Pat – thank you for sharing your week at the farmy with us. Hope you were able to teach Hugo how to make that Banana Pudding! Good luck with the wood splitting – Hugo might like a log splitter as much as the lawn mower!

    • Yes I was! We made it together last night and I left my recipe for him. He did good.

      • Hi Pat,
        I love Pegleg too! That rooster has grit. Glad to know that you also connected with him.
        Take care–allison

  4. Oh dear, another sad loss. RIP Harly.
    I love that Poppy is still as wilvul and funny, but I don’t suppose you do, C. Thanks for giving us Pat’s letter – she was a great guest, and I wish you many more such.
    Enjoy the wood splitting and stacking: a very satisfying job, so long as you have the muscles and machinery to cope.
    ViV xox
    PS this didn’t come to my inbox.

  5. Poppy is going to keep you young and on your toes forever 🙂 Fancy intimidating her future mate like that! Laura

  6. Poor you, poor little Harlequin. At least Harlequin spent some magical time at the farmy – that is something special – and kate chiconi expressed things perfectly.

  7. Poor little thing, you made her short life more peaceful and happy than others would have. And yes, I think you have many a bovine angel watching you. And a sheep or two I’m sure.

    Pat – it was lovely to see you pictures and know your time on the farm was good. I may have to go have some nanner puddin this week in your honor.

    Tell miss POPPY! Be nice! for me.

  8. So, so sorry to hear about Harley. I love the pics of Tane! He certainly is a big cutie! How wonderful that there will be a musician on the farmy! More good times ahead, that’s for sure! xo

  9. Your post today is moving. In every sense. Love Pat’s letter.
    Yes, good bye Harlequin. Your suffering is over. Be our Full Moon Angel.
    Have a nice day, Celi!

  10. So sorry to hear of the wee calf’s passing. I had the CT scan and now have to go back to Little Rock for an infection in my incision scar. Am hoping and praying this is why my stomach hurts all the time and I can’ t eat. Have lost 1/2 my body weight since this started 1 yr ago. Needed to lose the weight, but not this way! Will update you all. If anyone in the Fellowship has any suggestions as to how to eat more than one bite of food before my stomach starts cramping, please let me know. Have a great day everyone.

    • Dear Katy, I wish you swift, true, and lasting HEALTH! No one should suffer like this; may you have your own circle of Cecilias and calf-angels to watch over you all the way to wellness, and soon. My recent [unbelievably easy] bout with a kidney stone was a powerful reminder of what a charmed life I lead, having such incredibly good health and always-curable little ailments when they do come, and it makes me all the more keep those of you who have it tougher in my heart and mind. Your ultimate comfort and good spirits will remain on my wish list and I send you all good thoughts and prayers for those gifts.
      Peace and healing!

      • Thank you for the encouragement and the prayers Kathryn. It means the world to me! and , Yes, Celi, I’m eating very little, but today, ate a small whole baked potato for the first time……..took forever, but it’s better than the bite or two and then nothing for hours. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end of this adventure!!!

        • Hello Katy, I’ve been in your position when I was on chemo. I couldn’t keep things down at all and eating was desperately painful because chemo had damaged my mouth and esophagus. For me, the answer was to liquidise everything, and then warm it to the temperature of the inside of my ulcerated mouth and throat, so that when it hit my rebellious stomach, it didn’t seem so foreign or hard to deal with, and would stay down longer. For three months, I lived on blended soups and custard with liquidised fruit (which tasted horrible but gave me some much needed vitamins). I hope you continue to be able to eat a little more each day and begin to regain your health and strength.

  11. I’m sure that after all the energy you put into Harley, you are hurting for the loss. No one could have done as much or more to save that little calf. And so, one foot in front of the other, you just keep moving on. Life on it’s own terms. I love the faces of your farmy family. So much expression. I’m trying to understand a musician wanting to be on the farm. I guess we shall come to understand. Loved reading Pat’s letter. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful day and I hope you get the hay all in today.

    • Oh yes, today is hay day… may it ever be a heyday of hay days! Hope your weather is cooperating! ~ Mame

  12. I hope little Harlequin calf is romping through sunny green fields now, the way she would have done here if she had been well enough. Poor little Manu! Bullied by the teenage girl next door!

  13. You have so little time to mourn for each of the creatures who have passed through your loving hands. And now Harlequin. Maybe this is the answer to this sad existence we call life.

  14. Ahh, poor Harlequin! And poor you. I am so sorry that, after all you’ve done, it just wasn’t possible to save him. The life he was dealt was just too tough and, yes, perhaps he will be your Guardian Angel; what a lovely thought!
    I laughed about poor sad Manu cowering! Imagine that…. lol I thought boars were fearless. I guess there is ‘fearless’ and then there is ‘Poppy’… heh heh
    Have you seen the youtube video, Jazz for Cows? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQGyOnYWRTA I am wondering what instrument, if one at all, Josh plays and whether he’ll bring it with him to the farmy and treat your assemblage — and, if so, what their reaction will be.
    A tearful posting about the sadness of loss, along with a good guffaw over the boar being bullied…. all in all, a very good start to the day, thank you! Hope yours ends up to be a full and happy one! ~ Mame 🙂

  15. This full moon of August has many names, one of them is Barley Moon of Splendor as it coincides with the Barley harvest in the northern hemisphere. I think we shall re-name this one…the Harley Moon of Splendor.
    The little wee calf died in the best possible place, surrounded by love and nurturing and not cast off somewhere with no regard to her short little life.
    Love and thoughts to all of you on the Farmy…especially to you dear C.

  16. The calf had love and the best care possible. What more could there be? Thank you for sharing the journey with us. Life goes on at the Farmy.

  17. The wee little calf Harlequin may have had a short and ailing life- but well loved and cared for and certainly is an bovine angel none of us will forget.

  18. I am so sorry to hear of the poor calf, it definitely wasn’t for a lack of trying to save her. I’m sure she is fluttering around up there getting used to her wings!

  19. There has been enough sadness on the farmy . . . . hope the haymaking ended the day on a positive note and hope Josh will bring some welcome music to all of you . . . .

  20. How sad, poor Harly. I hope you have the satisfaction of having your very best and then some for the wee one, a short life well loved.
    I was at a craft fair Sunday. There was a 20# porpane tank with legs, a pig nose and ears and tail attached and I thought ‘oh look! a kune kune!.

  21. I think I will walk down to the woods to have a bit of a cry. Not sure why losing Harley hit me so hard. It’s always sad when the little ones leave us. Tane is so handsome… in a rugged sort of way. I like him!

  22. I see what you mean about Tane! Yes, he does! Poor Manu. Poppy probably flew over the fence as if she had wings. Sorry to hear of the loss of Harlequin. I hardly got to know her.

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