Get a ha’y cut

That is probably the lamest title I have ever written but you will remember that the rule on titles is to write down the first thing that comes to my mind and there you are. We got the hay cut ..


and then this morning we had a thunder-storm but no rain with it
man splitting wood

although we do not talk about the F word or the W word, we are always preparing for it… so the firewood splitting has begun..

.. i do not have the energy for capitals this morning..

.. it is now almost impossible to get a decent shot of the piglets as they run for me in a clamour every time i appear.. they especially love my boots – tasty!


I hope you have a lovely day. We are moving up to warp speed for the next three days, we have Josh coming this evening (he is going to take over the gardens I hope as they are sorely neglected)and we have four Day Girls (as opposed to borders) coming for the next two days after that. And a farm is a dangerous place for children so we are going to have to be very careful.

Lots of love

Have a lovely day

your friend on the farm



44 Comments on “Get a ha’y cut

  1. My, you are busy. I bet Hugo is Loving that splitter… lol
    And your hay field appears cleaned up, like the hay was all lifted same day it was cut? Hmmmm, perhaps it’s dryer when cut at this time of the year. But a thunder storm with no rain, those are always scary to me.
    A beautiful shot of Little and also of the piggie. Hope you have a lovely day too and also the chance of a bit of a rest. You sound weary. ~ Mame 🙂

  2. The title is not lame at all. It made me giggle. Giggling early in the morning is a very good thing. Have a lovely day.

  3. Oh good, a proper log splitter! I damaged my shoulder beyond repair using one of those manual ones like an axe but with a heavy block head. Split my own firewood for 3 years, and then it was impossible and I had to stop. That title is as bad as one of my puns, but very apt!

  4. how do you do it? Wonderwoman works her magic again with all the helpers….we have Sophie from USA coming to us in October /November to help prepare for winter

  5. Gosh! Lots happening on the farmy!!! How wonderful!!! Warp speed ahead!!! 🙂

  6. I’m not sure the term piglets is still appropriate, the one pictured is so big with the food bowl as a marker for size. Are the four girls young in age? Take good care, C.

  7. Loved the title as I had 2 children born in the deep south. I was praying you got the hay in before the rain. Yay! I get warp speed. Didn’t understand the W word??? Maybe not the F word in your context. Dense is my middle name these days. 😦 Good luck with the little girls.

  8. Hee Hee, bet Hugo can’t wait to drive the mower over that long grass around the wood pile. Looks like you are also going to have a goodly pile of wood to stack. Laura

  9. I like the title and read wrong at first in my mailbox: Get a hair cut. Ok, I thought and waited for the picture of your new appearance to come…. Nope. no hair cut.
    Piglet looks nearly as if already adult… A lot of engines what Hugo has to deal with. The Farmy experience is kind of a huge everyday fitness training to him, helps growing his muscles. He’ll be a big boy when leaving… 😉
    Have a lovely day, too, Celi.

  10. Well, I came here for peace this morning and even without saying the W word, you brought the tension of the season to me. I have been trying to get the guys to get busy on the wood splitting project for months, with no success. Then I hired a carpenter for a project and he left all his tools in the woodshed so he wouldn’t have to haul them back and forth. The building project has been finished for a month, but the woodshed is still full of stuff. I think I’ll have another cup of coffee and figure out how to get the fall chores done myself.

    • I had a workman leave all his tools and stuff under my house once, for ages, we had a flood coming and I didn’t have time to both move his stuff and do my own prep so rang him and told him I was putting it all on Freecycle, he was there pretty quickly then 🙂

    • Hugo went simple thank goodness.. he chose chicken and had it boned out in about 4 minutes flat – he said they worked a lot with chicken in the culinary school.. CULINARY SCHOOL! I shrieked! He has a Culinary Diploma of some kind! Who knew! and all he wants to do is drive the mower – at speed! Delightful.. c

      • … and we were wondering whether he’s applicable as a Kitchen Mama…. Haha 😀
        Wow! Hugo, c’est superb!

  11. Below, under the subject tagged for this blog, it says Baking Bees and I’d like to venture that such an enterprise seems, just seems counterproductive to the bee crisis. Snickering, Gayle in you-know-where.

  12. I love it when you have helpers. Warp speed on your own isn’t a good thing but with many hands… and a nice dinner from Kitchen Mama it’s doable. And F and W are also doable with sufficient prep. I’ll probably wander around all morning now mumbling “get a ha’y cut” and laughing 🙂

  13. Oh and I meant to add, our woodshed is full to the brim and there’s almost enough stacked drying outside to take us through next W. On top of that we have almost enough hay in the barn for the next year. Yep, all’s right with my world!

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