Not a Little


Now which if those piglets worked out how to pull their fan down off the wall? Not clever in this hot weather.
Little and Naomi

We lost Little yesterday. I mean literally lost him not the metaphorical lost that means a coffin. No. Hugo and I were dealing with some very hot meat chickens and in the flurry a gate was left open and I saw the Little  Bobby waft slowly (he still moves like a wraith) through the gate and into the big field and as I hurried by with cold water I thought, I can find him later and bring him back up, and then I could not find him to bring him back up. Not anywhere.

I searched the field. Hugo searched the field. Even Ton searched all three big fields.  We missed him. He was fast asleep in a small patch of long grass.

On the fourth search I almost fell over him. He looked up sleepily and wondered at the commotion.  Little Bull.  Deaf as a post. calves

Yes still a bull – I need to take care of that.  I know he still looks very scrawny but he really is putting on weight, his legs are so much sturdier.  He was very, very sick remember and it is a slow recovery. And now he has Naomi. Bless her.  Naomi has a mohawk as her horn buds were cauterized on Sunday.  It was nasty but necessary. I don’t want to milk a cow with horns. I have enough trouble with cows with Hooves! Tima and Tane

Things will get crazy today – best I am up and at ‘im. ( Unlike some pigs we know.)

I hope you have a lovely day,

Love your friend on the farm


26 Comments on “Not a Little

  1. Little has been watching Poppy – need I say more? He still really justifies his name. I hope you are able to get some flesh on him soon, to keep him warm in your extreme winter.

    The maize across the way is loking a bit tired, and keeps getting battered by rough weather – though it’s a lovely day today, idespite being cold.

    Have a great day.

  2. The 2nd picture of Naomi and Little is so sweet. You were fleetingly considering getting a bull, could Little not be it? Looking at Timas’ rotund belly I can’t help wondering if she couldn’t be a little pregnant 🙂 Laura

  3. A great study in ‘pairs’ today! I am up to date with the happenings, but the comments might be sparse for a few more days. Elly was so pleased with my progress, that with my approval, she returned to Dublin last night. I have enough food in the fridge & freezer for a famine, books to listen too and my crochet work to keep my hands busy. Life is good!

  4. It seems to me that Little has the right idea; find a place that’s quiet and out of the way, and drop where you stand for a nap. That’s a Little bit of smarts. A very good day to all, c! I’m off to push tomatoes through a food mill.

  5. You know I wouldn’t get in any rush to castrate Little. Conventional wisdom use to be that the bull calves grew faster before castration and Little could use all the help he can get. Plus he doesn’t need the stress, however small, right now since he is headed in the right direction but still fragile. Plus since he is small even when he puts on weight he will not be as big as another calf his age. I think the lack of hearing you call him is a combo of being male and being a bovine, neither of which likes to interrupt a perfectly good nap just because you want them to help, let you know where they are, insert any reasonable request here.

  6. Poor Little asleep in a field. Sounds like Ferdinand. You know that story? And that parting shot of Tima’s bottom made me laugh out loud.

  7. ‘.But Mommy, I wasn’t lost! I knew where I was ALL the time! Mommies fuss, huh? ‘

  8. Naomi is such a beautiful girl, and I think she’ll be a perfect companion for Little, who needs a mama of the right species to show him what’s what. That Timatanga Moana has such a beautiful …. bacon area! I love the image of her and Tana, flat out on the cool ground, snoozing peacefully.

  9. Beautiful shot of Naomi overseeing Little as he snoozes in the shade. Do you suppose she is practising maternal instincts? It almost appears that way. Had to laugh at “deaf as a post”….. that’s me! haha Hope your day is a great one too ~ Mame 🙂

  10. That heading scared me! But I agree they do look good together. Wait until you get the other three in there, you’ll have a fine herd!

  11. That’s a sweet picture of Little and Naomi. Boys…huh? 😀 I once lost my son because he fell asleep in the dog house along with the puppy. A little different but kind of the same.

  12. Oh bless little Little – he wants to be all grown up! And I love Naomi’s mohawk. Am having my hair cut tomorrow – maybe I should have one too 😉

  13. Love the pic with Naomi and Bobby Little – it’s so cute. It’s as if Naomi has her little baby beside her. Ok, it’s her baby brother, she’s taking care of. So lovely. Touching story of loosing Little and not finding him. And strange that he went away all alone. What did he think? Needed a stroll, maybe wanted to have a beer in a bar out and then got tired, because he didn’t find any..
    The KuneKune know how to live… – love that “bacon area” according to Kate. Beautiful both, the image and the expression.

  14. Because Little is so little, does that mean that he won’t be a gigantic bull? If that’s the case, maybe he would be worth keeping around as a cow “fertilizer”. If I’m fulla beans, please remember that I’m a city girl. Love, Gayle

  15. Tima’s tummy sure looks big…..I wonder. Sweet Little, gone for a walk about. Glad you found him. Bad piggies yanking down the fan. I’m sure it was a group caper.

  16. I haven’t long been up and at it but the snoozie kune kunes make me feel like a nap would be nice. It’s good Little has improved enough to get himself ‘lost’ 🙂

  17. I have long held that pigs really can fly. They are every bit as naughty as goats.
    So glad you found Little. Perhaps they can all learn to come to the sound of a bucket being swished with grain?

  18. I have a bright yellow grain scoop, they say horses are color blind but all I have to do is wave it around and then dive for cover!

  19. People always talk about a dog having a good life. I think the pigs may go them one better–at least for awhile–until the abattoir, anyway.

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