I had a thought –

– running through my head all day yesterday. For you.   But I did not write it down. Roger and I have similar problems, whereas he cannot remember a word, I cannot remember an entire concept. There was something I was going to tell you. But it has popped like a soap bubble. Gone.

Ah well.

This would have been the money shot if Freya had been in focus. But she leaped in –thursday-march-002

(as goats do) from left field.  Out of left field. A saying I have never understood –  not being in any way  – Sporty.


Then she leaped out from Right Field. Apparently as goats DO –  I am learning fast.


And then they laugh at me.  Have you heard a baby goat laugh yet?  They do you know.

And eat. thursday-march-025

Tima and Tane are spending a lot of time down the back, by the creek. Greedily consuming even the suggestion of a green grass shoot.

When I call they come running. Then I shut the back gates behind them again so they do not range, down in the free land out the back, when I am not on duty (a girl has to sleep sometime you know!). thursday-march-047

The Dutch Belted Duchies.  The Breeder has informed me that Elsie (Screen Left- Stage Right)  is 100% Dutch Belted. Though she does not have a full belt, she is the real thing and  she is a smaller cow.  Lady Astor with her overblown belt and white feet (another no no) is so much bigger.  (I still do not have her papers so I am not sure of her pedigree). Though again I did not buy these two to show.  Or for their pedigrees. So it is OK with me whatever they look like.  I bought them for the milk.  Raw cows milk is a huge component in the feed cycle of my little farm.    And both these cows are doing beautifully so far. So I am looking forward to the milk again.



Now that the big  pigs are out of the barn, I feel so much happier about their health. Pigs need sun even on grey days. I need sun too!  So off out I go.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm,


52 Comments on “I had a thought –

  1. You will find your lost thought wherever you last left it. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Those baby goats have springs in their legs and they aren’t laughing at you Miss C – “we’re laughing with you”. Really. Thanks for the day brightener!

  3. I happily anticipate the technical invention that records all my brilliant blog ideas for perfect recall upon demand! I think I have a while to wait. Love the kids photo bombing your shots from all directions!

  4. I also had a thought – and am just remembering it now! My teengirl showed me how to use my phone to take a small video then capture a screenshot of the action that is so challenging for me with my camera. Perhaps the Cadet can show you (!) how to screenshot Godot in flight . . . feels like cheating but it may work! Happy Spring!

  5. Ok so Freya heard you are trieing to catch Godot in mid flight and thought she would join in too 🙂 Looks to me ( who knows totally nothing about cows) that you may be milking Lady A first … quite soon. That stray thought will return at an inappropriate time for sure. Enjoy your sun today. Laura

  6. I feel your pain Celi. I forgot where I put my prescription sunglasses a couple of weeks ago. I searched the pockets in my handbags, pockets of every coat and trousers in my wardrobe, the car and retraced my steps on the last day I was out. No sign! I have had the expensive lesson of replacing them! Now I could use some ‘skip to my step’, may I borrow those little kids?

  7. Sheila seems to be firmly resisting the idea of Being Done Good To. She may secretly enjoy lying in the sun, but wants you to know that as it wasn’t her idea, it’s not a Good Thing. And the leaping baby goats are such fun. I have indeed heard kids giggling; they sound like Disney characters!

  8. those baby goats look like a pair of (giggling) book ends. Brilliant shot of them.

  9. Love the pictures today! Do you know the children’s song The Ants Go Marching? The photos make me want to sing a similar version…something like
    …Celi’s clan go marching two by two hurrah, hurrah…I dub this day DUO DAY for all the paired up photos.

  10. You’re most likely to remember what you wanted to tell us when it is the most inconvenient to do so, if you’re anything like me. Freya clearly needs to distinguish herself as the newest character in residence. Goats are a lot like cats. There is a lot of up. They are incredible climbers. Stacking bales is a great way to let them explore the vertical. They look like they are having a marvelous time!

  11. Someday we hope to find a little land where we can add goats and chickens to the food we grow on our double city lot. I hope it happens before we are too old to do it, as we almost are now. Until then, thnk you for shariing your life.

  12. Seeing the precious kids has me anticipating the arrivals of ours in May! Can’t wait! I’m wondering if there is a friendly boar you can take Poppy to the next time she cycles and is ready to breed. She seems so enthusiastic when in heat that I’m thinking maybe the mating may go easily and she’ll come back pregnant. I know it didn’t go well with Sheila, but I’m thinking that Poppy might be different, being young and frisky and all…. 🙂

    • I can take her to the farm where I took Charlotte, he is the only one close to here.. and yes that is Plan B. Of course the weekend she is due I am in Portland!

      • Looks life everything is due to happen when you are in Portland! Calves coming, pigs ready to be bred! I’m afraid to ask, “What else?” Maybe Our John can take her if it happens while you are away. It will be wonderful to see piglets on the farmy again! Ours sows are due again in May! 🙂

        • I am hoping that the calves will not be coming that soon. I am seriously thinking that I might get myself a baby boar – how is it going with you having a boar?

          • It is wonderful Celi! Jethro is big and beautiful and very sweet. It just may be the answer to all the ‘horsing around” you must go through waiting and watching for Poppy to cycle and timing it for AI or dashing her to the neighboring farm. Also, he can be with Poppy and Sheila most of the time, and then on his own for a short while after she farrows and until the piglets are weaned. Definitely something to consider!

  13. I love the exuberance of leaping animals! It’s as if they understand how to tap into “crazy” and enjoy it. Nobody in the barn cares, after all, how silly you look or whether you score a “10” on your landing! Don’t feel so bad about the loss of thoughts, concepts. Lately, no matter how many times I look over a recipe, I leave ONE ingredient out! What’s up with that? Yesterday I had to pull a lemon pound cake out of the oven after it had been in for 5 minutes – this after I spied the lemon juice in a measuring cup still on the counter. I had to try to incorporate it in the bread pan by swirling it in with a fork. Fortunately it just looked a little weird after cutting a slice and it tasted lovely as ever.

  14. Ci, I’m always amazed you get any work done around the farm with such a hilarious animal community begging for their pictures to be taken – who could resist. (That idea will probably circle back around eventually….the goats are probably kicking it around)

  15. Celie, I saw wild goats in the Alps and some other mountains (I forgot which mountains!) and they are amazing climbers and jumpers.

  16. Oh yea! at 17:46 CST it’s SPRING. That’s 5:45pm for the Americans.

  17. I have always believed that forgetting things a sign of great intelligence..because there is so much information in your brain that it cannot be recalled instantly…its sorta like a computer system it has to search for what it is looking for…..Well that has always been my excuse for being forgetful and I am sticking to it…..
    love the pics but then I always do…..

  18. I love the picture of Sheila emerging from her house–her nose is extra long, like Pinocchio.

  19. The goats are amazingly cute. I love the two of them standing side by side, like school children for those Olan Mills photographers who pull out the fake hay bales and backdrops of … what else? … farms. They are too cute. The forgetfulness discussion is funny. I’m with you, whatever your names were.

  20. Your thought will turn up when you’re in the shower, asleep in the early hours or driving. I cannot keep a thought in my head, but luckily to hand most of the time I have pen & post-it note, or computer to email myself reminders. I agree, far too much going on so something’s bound to go astray. If it’s important it will resurface.
    Great leaping goats the photos today are wonderful… I love the last Poppy pic 🙂

  21. Yup! Goat cuteness overload today! Love it! Now you know where the phrase “lept for joy” came from. 🙂 love that photo of Poppy propped up on Sheila too!
    Happy Spring!

  22. Your post is lovely as always, Celi, but your comments about your memory are making me feel heaps and loads better about mine! (Or lack thereof.) 😉
    PS: Can’t wait to get our goats. Someday soon…

  23. Agree with Bev [right at the very beginning] – my Mom taught me way back to go back to where you last remember thinking of a word or a thought – it does ‘come back’!! Of course I also oft have early morning laughs going to the bathroom for ‘relief purposes’ , where that word I simply could not remember during the day suddenly pops into my head and I seem to hear all my brain cells laughing also . . .

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