Summer Quarters

Sheila my Big Fat Pig  and Hop and Pop Poppy are finally out in their Pig Hut for the summer.  This is the first time that Sheila has had to sleep outside and she is deeply unimpressed. For the last few days she has been taking herself out there in the day time. She loves her hut for afternoon snoozes. pause-008However she prefers to sleep inside at night. But I do not trust Poppy if one of the wee Kids found a way to jump into her pen in the night. At the very least she would chase it about. So I closed the gate to the barn. This is what I got.

The Look. pause-044

She has a large area out there, and a lovely hut filled with straw that they both fit into,  with room to spare. But No. Still I am the mean miss c. I told her that the kunes have been sleeping outside in their hut for over a week. She just grunted.

Last night Ton slept out there with them. He is a bit concerned about this change.

Boo and his new babies.


He adores the goats. Almost as much as he loves his cats. I only tie him up when strange people come. When the barn is quiet with baby animals he is in his element.


Daisy’s Bobby. He is very tall. Like his mother.

Aunty Del would like to come home anytime soon please.


Maybe this weekend if I can get John to drag the stock trailer out – we will bring her back.  She can be with the girls so I can fatten these boys.

I have begun to make the summer list. So I will have a good handle on what is going on. I need things written down. This year I will be milking two cows, fattening turkeys and raising the goats. That as well as the usual chicken tractors and hopefully piglets. In May I am going to be raising some extra calves for a friend who will do some fencing for me in return. The calves will be fed the milk from the cows, then once they are weaned, the pigs will begin their fattening on the milk and eggs.   The meat chickens will also get milk. So fingers crossed I can train these old girls in the new trick of being house cows. Their milk is already accounted for.

And as well as all that the vegetable gardens are being extended to feed all the visitors and volunteers. We are going to eat SO well.

I am not resuming the bees and the grape-vines will be replanted onto the house trellises. The little vineyard (where so many of the vines were lost in that Bad winter before this one),  will be re-purposed as a small kune kune field. They will have glorious shade in there with the vines that are left and the evergreens to the South.

I cannot wait for the butter and cheese. However let’s wait until April. That would be nice.

The Coop is (so far) booked until the middle of July. There are spaces for local volunteers or paying guests or campers in August, September and October and I certainly have a good amount of work to get through.

It is still nice and slow now though.

And yes thank you for the reminders, I did order the new parts for the milking machine. So Our John will get that all sorted this weekend as well.

Busy aye! Don’t you love it?

Hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm



42 Comments on “Summer Quarters

  1. You can take the girl out of New Zealand, but you can’t take New Zealand out of the girl: “Busy, aye?” With just those two words, I can pick you as a Kiwi anywhere with my eyes closed! Your beautiful, cared for creatures are looking glossy and healthy. You have a busy time ahead, but it sounds as if you have some help lined up. Summer’s on its way…

  2. I do love it! Aunty Del, what an irresistible face. And that Poppy is such a character. I love my visits to the farmy, Miss C, even when I don’t stop and say hello. It is lovely to take a trip around the world every day, and absorb some of that peaceful energy (or do I mean energetic peacefulness?).

  3. I get so much vicarious joy from your blog, Ceci and wish I could be doing similarly industrious things. Instead I am trying to sell some of the land, spend most days in the nursing home and have given away most of the animals/poultry. Visits to your blog are an absolute joy!

  4. Now miss c that is no way to treat a (hopefully) pregnant lady 🙂 The picture with Boo and kids is a calendar pic for sure. Boo must love having something more robust than kittens to play with properly at last. Lots of things to look forward to this summer, wish I could be there too. Laura

  5. Brown cows are a nice site to see looking so inquisitive this morning. The work list for this summer is sounding grand with lots of helpers so far as well. I can almost taste those veggies Miss C, and that cheese. I believe I need to put this computer aside and find some breakfast…

  6. Enjoy this last calm period as it sounds like the farmy will be busy, wild and crazy, soon, soon, soon! 🙂

  7. The list will be long, I’m sure. Sheila will adjust tho I’m sure you will continue to get The Look for a few days. She is like me. She doesn’t like change overmuch. 🙂 Have a wonderful day, Miss C.

  8. Sheila looks like one fed up pig. In both senses ha ha Aunti del is so pretty! x

  9. I love this list of getting down to business for the spring/summer. I am a planner so this appeals to me greatly. Your photos are lovely… I especially like the thoughtful looks you are so great at capturing. I believe the “look” exists in all species!! 😀

  10. Boo is quite extraordinary, his mothering personality. So gentle and protective. Auntie Del is beautiful. And the Bobby is tall. With the critters out in the fields, do you ever worry about that massive snake being about?

  11. Wonderful pictures, what breed of pigs do you have? They are beautiful.

  12. Sheila has a wonderfully hang-dog look… which eloquently says Fine… but which means Not Fine… Come warmer nights sleeping outside will gain some appeal. Hopefully she will forgive those gorgeous usurpers the kids with their Boo Nanny, and you 🙂

  13. I have been wondering what the noise level inside the new huts would be like in something like a rain storm and if it would ever be bothersome to the pigs.

  14. Oh my: those milk cows better deliver! I do think you have every pint accounted for in the books 🙂 ! You better get your milking hands into practice – it has been awhile!! About that fancy outdoor accommodation so many are to share as summer quarters – on very hot days I can imagine those huts getting plenty hot inside: city kid that I am I am wondering how fast they cool down for a comfy night’s sleep . . .

  15. Daisy’s bobby is a handsome fella. Sheila is used to her large, plush bed that she makes so well.

      • And you mentioned the safety of the kids, too. That must be considered. I’m sure Sheila will come to like it out there when nicer weather arrives.

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