Cats in Hiding

The kittens have heard that next week they are off to have their ‘operations.’  So they are exploring hiding places.

I can still see you, you know. cats

Hide again.



I can still see you this time too.


Egoli quite likes riding in the car and wonders if he can take his perfectly healthy paw for a visit to the vet.


Lady A is being very good about having her eye drops three times a day especially if there is an apple involved and even Elsie is lining up for the apple. She never used to let me hand feed her. farm-002

Lady A’s eye is showing no signs of recovery though.  Early days yet. In fact in this shot you can clearly see the white spot in her left eye. (screen right). It is a tiny ulcer. Hopefully we got it in time.

It is still a bit chilly and the Accident Chicks are getting very tired of being cooped up inside.  Only a few more days I hope.  It is warm enough to work outside all day though. Things are much easier when the days are above freezing and the ground is not covered in a thick layer of ice.  Actually just about anything is better than ice, being afraid of falling all the time wears a person down.

Good morning.  I am reliably informed that it is finally really and truly – Spring.  Yay. Let the wild rumpus start!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm,



36 Comments on “Cats in Hiding

  1. I like a wild rumpus… hope it starts soon! Good luck on Lady A’s eye. I have seen a few bad ulcers clear up in sheep eyes, but no experience with a cow. We always used an ointment, though. And those kitties are just too cute !

  2. my new dog went for his operation yesterday and now wears a big white plastic cone hat..this does not make him happy. it is good that the kittens are getting done especially after my post on the subject..very necessary.. it occurs to me that your house and farmy are always in a wild rumpus…always good for a laugh

    • We definitely do not want an explosion of kittens, this can very quickly get out of control. Though it take a while to save up for the operations, they are very costly.. c

      • We are so fortunate to have a twice yearly Spay and Neuter Clinic around here run by volunteers. The cost is 1/3 what the vets in the area charge. It is run by volunteers, and a vet and her interns do the operations. I volunteer each time as I’ve taken advantage of the service for our cats and dogs. It’s a wonderful opportunity for animal lovers in this low income area.

  3. Oh these priceless shots of Pooty Poot!! Better take the second picture to Portland!! When my kitties sit like Egoli’s pose I always think they’re saying “please Mama” I want my treat”!!

  4. Those kittens are adorable! I love ginger cats. 🙂 Did you find homes for the other kittens you had? My sister is looking out for a kitten to join the family…my 4-year-old niece wants to get two kittens and call them Sparkle and Mermaid!

  5. Egoli could keep the kittens in line in the car. He looks quite bossy in this photo. Love the big girls waiting for their treat, medicine or otherwise. When we gather our cats for their vet visit, we have to close all the bedroom/bathroom doors first to reduce the hiding places, otherwise we would never make it there. Thinking like a cat, must escape, must escape, must escape! It is raining here and it rained all night. Good rain for this drought stricken part of Texas.

  6. Lady Astor seems to provide a calming influence for Elsie. Octopuses like to hid in tubes like that, so for thousands of years, Mediterranean fishermen have put racks of pots into the sea in order to catch them 😉

  7. As a true non-farmer in this lovely group, what has caused the problem in Lady A’s eye? It is very easily spotted in the picture, but not where I pictured it when you described it yesterday. I assumed more inflammation under the lid, not directly on the pupil. At least she doesn’t seem bothered by it. Egoli has the most perfect ‘disdainful cat’ look sitting there.

  8. Egoli is gorgeous 🙂 My two boys are 2 months overdue their op, mainly because they are much better at hiding. I really hope Lady A’s ulcer clears up soon. Laura

  9. Spring is a wild rumpus! I love those words… quite appropriate for your farmy. Yesterday I went out with the camera for the first time in a few weeks, capturing spring blossoms on fruit trees and shrubs and happened on squirrels (could have been Mr. Gambini and Punkin – not sure) high up in a tree, one grooming the other. I had never seen this before in squirrels. But for sure I’m seeing the mating rumpus going on. Spring is a time of wondrous awakening and activity! I love your photographs and words Celi. They go so well with morning coffee!

  10. Darling kittens’ shots and that is a great shot of the two cows together. In that light to be able to see their eyes! Oh I hope that eye heals quickly.

  11. Those are cute kittens playing hide ‘n seek! I hope Lady A’s eye, improves quickly. Mind you even we humans take time for medications to begin their work.

  12. The twin cows look so gentle and serene. Good wishes for the lady’s eye. My son took his cat from Perth across the Nullarbor, a distance of around 2 and half thousand kms (1600 miles) on the front seat of his car. She sat with her paw on his leg, just like a girlfriend 🙂 would hop out for a toilet break and hop back in again, just like a little dog. Not trained or anything, she just adored him so much she’d do anything for him. The gingies are beautiful, but no more babies is a good thing….unless they’re orphans needing rescuing. It’s officially autumn here and started with a bang…..rolling thunderstorms and hail as big as tennis balls! I hope Kate and the Mr were safely out of it.

  13. We were, we are! Thick fog this morning, but blissful cool as we pile on the motorbike gear and load the bike. About 400 miles to go today. Celi, you have a talent for raising adorable animals. There isn’t a one on the Farmy that doesn’t ooze cuteness and personality!

  14. Well, with Spring being sprung that explains the gentle quiet before the ‘storm’ feeling… the storm being the busyness to which you’ll likely return post-Portland 🙂

  15. Must still be in my ‘practical mood’ as would hate to think of the proverbial ‘ponds, shillings and pence’ you have had to spend on that vet down the road during the past twelve months! Egoli: stop looking so surly – that paw looks just fine !!

  16. Don’t put it down, put it away makes it so much easier when there’s so much going on….apparently not compatible with male DNA. There’s go to be some chemical/biological reason yet to be discovered. (Now you tell all that stuff/ animals to stay in assigned seats while you are gone)
    Whew. If Spring winds bear any resemblance to this fierce winter, tie it all down tightly. (We are already feeling summer sweltering between days of rain….but spotted the first bluebonnet yesterday!)

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