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A Farm Day Not Like Every Other Day

+But a farm day nevertheless. My Life. Sometimes there is no way to describe a whole day on the farm : not in one heading anyway. And though categories and tags defeat me – Aunty Del is still beautiful.  At the Press Publish conference… Continue Reading “A Farm Day Not Like Every Other Day”

Twitter for Bloggers – Can I Quote you?

When I was at the Press Publish conference in Portland each of the speakers names was written up on the board, and screens, with their Twitter address next to their names, not the URL for their web-site or blog but their Twitter moniker. I found this interesting.… Continue Reading “Twitter for Bloggers – Can I Quote you?”

Did you Find Your Voice?

I learnt an awful lot at the Press Publish Conference in Portland on the weekend. I am going to share as much as I can with you over the next week.  As usual these things will weave themselves in and out of the fabric… Continue Reading “Did you Find Your Voice?”

While we were talking

As I spoke for Press Publish in  Portland, Oregon.  In the most beautiful hotel. Telling  them our stories  – about you and me and our animals. This man slept.  Outside my window.  And what a triumph we were.  I told them the story of you and… Continue Reading “While we were talking”

Speaker Spotlight: Cecilia Gunther

Originally posted on Press Publish:
Cecilia Gunther Once upon an time, in a land across the oceans, a girl named Cecilia was born. If that sounds like the start of a fairy tale, it’s on purpose. Though speaker Cecilia Gunther’s life hasn’t actually been…

Press Publish calls Miss C

My Turn!  THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Great News  is that I have been asked to speak more than a few words at the Press Publish Conference in Portland, Oregon on March 28th – 2015.  I know most of you knew that already but I… Continue Reading “Press Publish calls Miss C”