Twitter for Bloggers – Can I Quote you?

When I was at the Press Publish conference in Portland each of the speakers names was written up on the board, and screens, with their Twitter address next to their names, not the URL for their web-site or blog but their Twitter moniker. I found this interesting.april-008

Later on, talking with some of the Automattic people, as we tried to work out how thekitchensgarden had “flown under the radar” (their words) for so long when the blog is daily and the Fellowship is such a strong and numerous force, we came to the conclusion that it is because I have a very teensy Twitter footprint. (Plus I am still learning about SEOs and Tags) So much to learn! Though I am being choosy about what I learn, my wee brain is only so big you know.

Even later on – talking to the people who have  published books – I asked about having a Facebook page for a book. That is one way they said -but –  “Publishers love Twitter.  They are all over Twitter.” Once again with the Twitter as a vehicle to get your message out there.   Interesting. april-010

And this blog does have a message . You know the message. I am adamant that if I can farm – anyone can. I want people to know this. This is why you are invited on my journey to discover how to farm. How to create an old fashioned American farm (using modern tools of course). That it is vital to take control over as many aspects of our food as possible. If only growing herbs, or choosing to buy local or a small vegetable garden in a sunny spot, or chickens in town, or a goat in a semi rural setting  or a full old fashioned farm like I have, utilising barns for what they were built for or (my joy of joys)- growing food for others to eat.

I think that we can all be involved in this and every time one of The Fellowship reports back about a chicken coop they built or a farm they visited or a market they go to on Saturday and we are all supporting each other in what is an endless struggle to keep small farms alive, to keep our connection to real food alive, then Sheila and I are succeeding with the message.  But can we do better?cows

So, after watching how this Twitter thing works I think that we should ALL encourage each other to push the Twitter button at the bottom of each others posts, if we like what we see and if we think other people should read this too. One speaker told us how sharing other peoples work is a generous move.  It invigorates the work.  Empowers each other.  And Tweeting information and inspiration is generous too.  (Though I have to get over my aversion to the word Tweet!)

And I think this is what Twitter can be used for. Tiny written sound bites. Short and simple. And good.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Da Vinci.

Twitter is definitely simple.

And we could tweet actual quotes from each others work. The line that catches our eye and the link.  I know this is not what they mean but I think this is how The Fellowship might create a twist to the Twitter game. Imagine us being important enough to quote! And we are.

An interesting fact is that the best time to Tweet (cringe) is just after lunch on a week day. april-041

What do you think? (And now I am looking at my writing more critically and wondering what I  have said that is quotable – that is a good thing – makes me work harder at saying what is worth saying).

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm


P.S. One more day just to be sure then Poppy is going to make her announcement. (It is looking promising).

P.S.S. From dawn today the Give Away has closed.  I hope you were in to win. And The Cadet is going to choose the winner of the signed print! ASAP. cow and girl

P.S.S.S. (is there a P.S.S.S?) Last night I  collected one Korean student, one Japanese student and one student from Hong Kong (all university students) from the train station. They are here for a farm stay until Monday. And if they work as hard as Gracie (who sent them) we are going to get heaps done this weekend. This is another mission of mine – to bring young people back to farming.

See you tomorrow.


114 Comments on “Twitter for Bloggers – Can I Quote you?

  1. I have tweeted links to your blog before, but I tend to copy the link address and go into the Twitter website or app to tweet it, rather than using the little buttons at ends of posts. I just find this easier.

    • Thank you Emily, even without the bees i am still learning things in your pages, though it makes me even sadder that I have never been able to get a hive big enough to survive a winter here.. However i love what you do.. c

  2. Dang, missed the giveaway. This was a super busy week and I’m working through the weekend too. Plus hosting the big dinner for nine on Sunday. Hope you have a lovely Easter. Fingers crossed for Poppy.

  3. and what is the past tense of “tweet?” Did they clarify that at the conference? 😉

  4. I look at twitter about once a day and follow you on it. I try to like your posts on both twitter and Facebook. And yesterday I messed up, thought I posted a comment but looking back see that it didn’t make it. sometimes wordpress gets the best of me! I love the snowy barn! And am anxiously awaiting Poppy’s news.

    • Just out of interest Candy, (as we are exploring Twitter today) about what time is your once a day sweep of Twitter.. I never seem to be able to see anyone I really know on there.. c

  5. Sorry, Celie, you’ll have to count me out on that one. I really really dislike the twitter culture. I feel it is shallow and all-but meaningless. I use Facebook only because I like to play Scrabble online, but found myself being drawn in to other aspects that led to a lot of email spam, so I’ve cut back even that.

    Have a lovely time with your visitors. It’s important to experience different cultures and lifestyles as your young people are doing.

    ViV xox

    • Oh I think that is absolutely true, it is a marketing tool, I still have not worked out how it is effective though as it is by nature very fleeting. I am just thinking that we should All be aware of what the trends are and what the conversations were.. c

      • I too am figuring out Twitter. I used it for a while to send IT ideas to teachers when I was still teaching. Now I use it to quickly scan for news items from recognized newspapers and tv news channels. I’d rather scan the news titles and decide what I want to ‘see’ than read the LOADS of bad news that seems to crowd newspaper front pages and websites. I’ve learned to make lists. So I have a list for ‘Donkeys and Farm Folks’, another for Thought Provokers, another for Just for Fun, one for News and finally one for IT (computing). That way I can decide what type of info I feel like browsing rather than sorting through the incredible line up of feeds. I do have my blog automatically posted to Twitter each day (using Publicize in Word Press). I have 98 people that follow my posts that way. I tend to check in in the evening after dinner. By the way … I can’t find you on Twitter. Do you go by you name or thekitchensgarden?

      • After a “Mum, you need to have this!” , kinda thing, I suddenly was signed up for a twitter account. Twitter does have a place: So many people work alone these days, particularly in the techie world, Twitter allows them the water cooler moment or a chance to ask advice about a problem from their other techie friends. You do have to follow people ( like on Facebook) I have 100 people that I know and follow, but I see that 336 people follow me. My blog posta are linked to both Facebook and Twitter. I notice that followers often link to my post. Be careful, it can become addictive. I seldom go near my account these days. I get quick answers or advice through my blog or on Facebook

    • Viv, I’m with you on this. It may be my personality as I am very sensitive, but social media is noise in my brain that I do not need. I really do not have time to incorporate it into my day and it flat doesn’t feel good in my spirit. But certainly, I do not deny that it might be a good thing – a great thing, for others. 🙂

  6. I like twitter. I regularly tweet your posts already. I’m not such a fan of Facebook. Each to their own. I think folk are often either tweet or facebook – as in preferring one or the other – I think it’s like favouring Mac or PC -depends on your brain’s wiring. 🙂

    • I think so too Anne and often they are used in different ways, Facebook is more for our friends and so forth and Twitter is a great way to find what people are reading, interesting articles etc.. c

  7. I am with Viv on this one Miss C. I had a twitter account and found it distracting-not because it was busy but because I had to think about it when I would rather blog. I do have a facebook version of my own blog and I post some extras there, but Twitter isn’t in my game plan. To be honest here, we all want different things from blogging and WordPress, and of course they are going to push anything that will market ‘their’ blogs. If you want your words out there, I don’t think that you will have any trouble getting most people on the Twitter bandwagon.

    • I really am just reporting back as it were – living on a farm and working with animals we have no idea at all how actual people are communicating.. And you are right in that we still need to Limit our internet time or it becomes a big time waster.. c

  8. I think I Tweeted…I do Twitter but I never know if my tweet is right… and yes it is a brilliant blog is already connected to twitter and as yet I have not had anyone wanted to make a book of me….still we can live in hope!
    International Helpers Day..super! We have had these lovely people from that part of the world and by gum! do they work hard…..they also eat a lot!

  9. So nice to see Aunty Del in Daisy’s field. Looking forward to hearing about your weekend with new visitors. Laura

    • Aunty Del is a biyt unhappy to be over here but she will be used to it shortly.. those boys over there need fattening up and we don’t want a fat heifer.. plus I like her to be home with me.. c

      • /8I went back and looked at Aunty Del. She does look a bit out of sorts, a bit annoyed. Perhaps she misses being the only girl and the attention that comes with that? Like a teenaged girl being sent to an all girl’s school?

  10. I’m going to try to concentrate a bit more on Twitter, simply because “I don’t get it” – but I really want to. It’s everywhere. Two of the bloggers I really enjoyed and followed when I first started blogging moved to Twitter, and no longer blog. I hope that doesn’t happen here.

    • Elizabeth, I have noticed this same thing and wonder on the reasons. I know many writers blog to simply get the word out about their books, then places like Twitter/FB seem to take over as being easier?, more advantageous? to their needs. I think that it’s often too easy to get caught up in technology and while useful, things like Twitter (in my opinion) don’t have the valuable connection that blogs like Miss C provide.

      • I agree, Debs. I don’t blog to sell anything, or make money. I blog as an outlet for creativity, and to communicate with other creative people. And I would be devastated if the Kitchen’s Garden disappeared over to Twitter!

        • That makes no sense to me either as I cannot see how one could Tweet instead of blogging.. They seem like very different fields, though they would a different kid of writer I am sure.. I love who we are over here in WeB-Log land.. c

          • Not to mention the impossibility of enjoying your photography on Twitter… It is essentially a sound-bite medium, and what is written here, by both you, Celi, and all the Lounge contributors, would be crippled by the constraints of Twitter word count. I think Twitter is a marketing tool, and blogs are a forum in which to have conversations, convey information and make friends.

  11. I am all over Twitter. A few months ago, I pointed Freshly Pressed in your direction on Twitter because I couldn’t believe you had never been FPd. Twitter is magical. It’s an easy way to get connected to other writers (and farmers and photographers, and…), and its a great way to engage.

    I have a couple of how-to-Tweets on my blog. If you would like, I can send you the links. They’re under the “how to blog” tab on my menu bar.

  12. I’m not on Facebook, and the only reason I have a Twitter tag is because a friend in publishing asked me to join up and follow her on Twitter – her boss thought she should be tweeting all over the place. She didn’t have much to say, I had less, and let the thing lapse when she left that job. I dislike the lack of filter you get with Twitter, and can’t think of anyone whose very fleeting opinions I’d want to read… I really much prefer blogs, where you get some solid stuff to get your teeth into!

  13. I loVe Twitter and as a matter of fact Twitter got me home for a friend’s funeral. True story. Here’s the link to that post if you want to read :
    You can schedule tweets using schedulers like HootSuite so if you want to get your tweets out there at the right time use one of those. I don’t normally do that but I can see where it would be a good tool in certain cases –for example if you are traveling and really want to get the message out there or if you are doing chores!!! 🙂 I use IFTTT a lot to schedule my social media sharing because you can make “recipes” that are specific to your needs. I will be interested to see how this all develops for you but YES–you need to be tweeting more!

      • I use IFTTT to schedule my posts going to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. It works pretty well since the publicize part on WordPress hasn’t worked well for me since I changed to .org and self hosted. I almost always schedule my posts and don’t write them “live”.

          • I just discovered IFTTT (IF That Then This) … It is a service that offers automated tasks. For example, my daughter is a brand new professor at Rutgers U. She shared her course outlines with me. I set up IFTTT so that it searches daily news stories around the world that relate to her topics. They get sent to my email. I have a folder set up in my email for them – so they don’t clutter up my regular correspondance. I then read them (It filters out the top few that relate to my search terms) and send her the links to ones that her students might benefit from. That is just one simple example.

  14. I, too, love Twitter and vastly prefer it to FB. Maybe because I’m a writer, and as you say, lots of publishers hang out there–so do lots of writers. I do most of my tweeting and interacting in the morning, very little later in the day, though I have a VA who tweets stuff like links and so forth then. I highly recommend Hootsuite (a free site and app) to help you manage Twitter–you can set up streams. And, best of all, you can get a little Hootlet on your browser which you then click when you want to tweet a page–like this one–and it makes it much easier. I love it when I see you on Twitter and we have an exchange, as we did yesterday, Cecilia! So fun. I’ll look for you there more often and retweet you.

    • Thank you Charlotte. I am a personal person – and love to have those exchanges as opposed to dropping info out there then leaving it. Looks like this Hootsuite you and BethAnn mention is the tool i am looking for.. c

  15. I have a very un-used Twitter account. I check it maybe once a week, but prefer it to Facebook. After my blog, Instagram is the ‘social media’ that I prefer most! Can you let us know what your Twitter handle is? I can’t seem to find you on there. Thanks! Maybe I will give it more of a try. (I am @baabean there if you want to find me instead!)

      • Yeah! Found you. Stunning photo at the top of your Twitter page … of course! I love how each time I ‘see’ you (your picture) I see a different person. Short hair, long hair, curly hair, straight hair!

      • Yup, I just found you too and started following you!
        I’m not much of a Twitter user myself, but understand where you are coming from about it regarding using Twitter as a vehicle to get your message out there. I checked out the links from becoming cliche and found them helpful, so now I intend to make more use of Twitter for my own blog, and of course, to re-tweet yours!

  16. I looked at Twitter a while back, but never made sense of it. When I heard a group of teen girls talking and prefacing each sentence with “hashtag ____” I thought it must be mostly for twitter-pated teens, and never went back. I just don’t see myself “tweeting!”

  17. I got a twitter account so I could use it to enter rafflecopter contests and i won something! ha So happy to see Aunty Del’s lovely face again. We can call this the chick field now with all the girls, both black and brown with a little white thrown in. Twitter is a tool for expanding the Fellowship, I think. The blog is home base where we all come together. I don’t see that changing. How great to have international guests this weekend. Much work will get done and much fun will be had!

    • Oh I don’t think you are missing out on much.. just different avenues.. Photos: I was talking to another WP engineer and she said that she pushes the contrast in her images, way more than you should, she said, so I have been trying it lately using the Photoshop contrast.. and it is definitely returning the clarity to the work.. i am pleased with that little tip too.. all these kids were volunteers – incredibly knowledgeable and so passionate about sharing their knowledge with others..

  18. Fingers crossed for Poppy. I’m with Viv, Deb and Kate on Twitter but each to his or her own 🙂

  19. I must check into Twitter to see what it is all about! I knew at one point, but then forgot all about it! So excited about the international students staying on the Farmy! What a fabulous experience for them, and for you all too! Just know there will be lots going on this weekend!!! xo

  20. Sounds like a wonderful International Easter Weekend for you Celie. I too have fingers crossed for poppy. Are the eggs still turning?

  21. I like to think I am an expert “ttweeterer” but confess I have never thought of tweeting links to favorite blogger’s blogs! I just tweeted your post even though my Twitter name is @vashopperdor with a definite Virginia slant. Will also concentrate on tweeting blogger quotes too. Thank you for pushing me one more step ahead in social media marketing. Hopefully, your blog and others will promote sustainable farming and encourage more people to share. 🙂

    • Totally agree Linda! I’m only on FB because I have a bunch of nieces and nephews and they all have kids and everybody’s so busy that it’s the only way I can keep up with what’s happening with everybody! I have always found it hard to believe that anyone would be interested in what anyone else is doing/wearing/eating/thinking at any given time.

      • Totally agree….facebook, texting.all about keeping in touch with my kids, neices, friends kids, only way to see pictres anymore !! Tweeting is above and beyond for me right now !

      • Sherry describes my social media habits, too. I set up a Twitter account, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten with it. I prefer the blog and Facebook relationships.

  22. I have actually considered tweeting a link to your blog out to my twitter universe (which is not huge). I’ll do so in the future. Also, just tweeting a subject with a link to your followers (I blog about once a week, sometimes more) gets more followers, blog visits and retweets. I’ve found the best time to be weekday evenings and weekend evenings (amazed how many people are spending their time on twitter after dinner!). I do Urban Ag/food access kinds of things with ventures into crafts and photography as well as ‘other people’s gardens.’ I think I also grew up near your farm!! About 20 miles south of Springfield, IL, though I’ve been in Virginia (where there’s an active local/fresh food movement) for more than 30 years. On twitter, I’m @arlingwoman and my blog is arlingwords on wordpress. I really look forward to your posts!

  23. Oh my…all this chatting about twatting is making my head spin…I’m with Viv, Deb, Kate and Mad! 🙂 So lovely to see Auntie Del…that portrait shot of her is so crisp, it backlights the hairs on her ears…just gorgeous! And how fun to have your international young guests for the week-end! Wouldn’t it be fun if they would all prepare a dish from their home for Easter dinner?

  24. I have no idea how to tweet and do not read other tweets. I’m still trying to figure out how to correctly send in an email a scanned document!! Of course I work at a shop that only accepts cash or check, we have no web site, and a rotary phone. I have a lot of catching up to do!!

    • We have those old rotary phones too, when lightening strikes this house – often – it always knocks out the modern electric phones – the rotary ones are indestructible.. c

  25. Oh that’s funny/sad. The rotary phone never fell off the lamp table. It had weight! Our replacement was a piece of crap.
    I don’t tweet and am not on FB. And Celi yours is the only blog I read except for The Writers Almanac, which isn’t strictly speaking, a blog, I don’t think.
    this is the first time I’ve seen the Cadet’s face. She is beautiful — and has to-die-for hair! I’m wondering where the three helpers stay over the weekend.

  26. I love the photo of the Cadet. What a “farm girl” expression she has. You captured the soul of this young lady perfectly… caring, taking time to nurture, paying attention, resilience and strength. I can’t explain it but her expression says so much about her inner spirit. What is it about being rooted to the same earth… dirt, as the animals that connects us so strongly?

    I may never be popular and my book (if I ever get it written) may be a flop because I’m such a hermit. I would be miserable if I tweeted. I’ve been on Facebook several times, only to become overwhelmed and disheartened in time. Heck, I have a passionate dislike for my cell phone. I have said it before, I feel most comfortable in the woods with the wild things. All of these electronics and social distractions have me running for the hills!! Are you sure you want me to come for a visit? I think I’m seriously a weirdo. 😀

  27. I have had a giggle today reading about this twitter thing. I have never tweeted/twatted? I’m like quite a few of the fellowship in that I prefer reading blogs, mind you as they say don’t knock it till you try it! Good luck with your new helpers. X

  28. This is all quite interesting. I had a blog 3 people followed it; and I took Writer’s Digest course; which insisted on FB (I had); Twitter and Linked in. I am inundated with email as it is and Twitter became so too much; I don’t have time; but perhaps there is a way to handle excess twitter mail. Linked sent me people I hadn’t invited, so I stopped both. If anyone has suggestions, I am open; I get about150 emails a day; and that’s too much for me; but I am global, I communicate with a lot of people, and I’m also intensely curious. Love to all, esther

    • Hmm.. I have NEVER had that much action generated by twitter..goodness.. for me maybe one or two a day or possibly a week.. I am deeply under the radar! But I think if it is a bother and you are achieving nothing – dump it – life is too short. c

  29. Hi Celi,
    It was lovely to meet you in Portland at WordPress. I really enjoyed your talks and photographs of the farm. I appreciate your words here on the importance of having a Twitter account. I’m slow to all this stuff including blogging so this is a new journey for me but one I think I need to embark on for the benefit of the book I’m writing. Your blog is my first to follow and it’s a beautiful blog. Now soon I’ll have to get a start on mine. For now back to my writing…

    • Carmel – How lovely that you followed me over here to the other side. The Fellowship is an amazing group of people and we welcome new people and LOVE commenters. I honestly think it is best to be Slow at This Stuff.. I was. It is the best way to approach anything new.. when you watch the animals, any of the animals, they approach new things with head stretched out, body way behind, very still, sniffing, checking it out first. It is a good way to be I think. And DO let us know when you start your own blog..what a wonderful place you are in.. The Beginning! c

  30. I love your mission of bringing young people back to farming. I too would like to bring young people to our farm. We raise cows, goats, chickens (both purposes) and garden. I think it is so important to teach the skills of farming because they can be applied to any and everything in life. We should not be helpless humans and have everything, including our food, handed to us without some sort of effort to produce or procure it. I commend you!

  31. I have a Twitter account but never do a daily sweep …..more new vocab….I only signed up so that when there’s risk of the river flooding the SES…..emergency service….Tweet updates and warnings…..about the only useful purpose I an see for it. I think LinkedIn is a pain too, I was also inundated when I joined after someone invited me……I uninvited myself! Pleased to see though we can now Pin straight from your photos 🙂 Now Pinterest, there’s a some social media I quite like 🙂
    Lovely cow photos today, gorgeous photo of the cadet and how exciting to have multicultural Farmy help…..Happy Easter to all and enjoy.

    • oh and I do have a Fb account, but only because I administer a couple of community groups, but I don’t have a page I do anything with. Time consuming stuff, I’d rather be sewing or gardening or doing a bit of blog reading.

  32. I love the faces on your cows. They mooove me. I always wanted a cow but alas, it’s not to be. I’m happy there are people like you teaching the next generation of farmers. I hated that so many chemicals and repeat crops were being used on the farm we owned, (mother-in-law). I couldn’t get anyone to listen to me so we eventually sold it. It was in the tornado belt of Kansas/Missouri. It’s good to know they are coming from around the world to learn how to do that.
    I will probably never tweet. I have 23 friends on Facebook and they are all family. I don’t want to expose anyone else to them. They can’t figure out how to get to my post even when I posted it on my Facebook page. Waiting for tomorrow. 🙂

  33. Oh, again I agree with Viv! And age does not come into it: perhaps ‘wisdom/ and balance do!! Got out of Facebook five years ago: going from 2 FB friends to 780 plus six world-wide foodie groups in one year was frightening and my time certainly ceased to be my own!! I seem to get weekly Twitter ‘encouragements’ – no way: a fulltime paid job, and my studies and hours spent every day on international welfare orgs more than fill my day and barely leave enough hours for friends, cultural events and ‘real’ life’!! Sorry, won’t be there but should I miraculously ever say anything worthwhile you are more than welcome to quote me 🙂 ! What a a wonderful photo of The Cadet . . . again hope you all are having a happy Easter!!

  34. I know very little about twitter but I’m willing to learn. I’m familiar with Facebook and use it for my blog and for staying in touch with some people that I otherwise would not. Happy Easter to all of you, I will miss the big Easter bonfire in my village in Germany this year.

  35. I’ve been “Tweeting” for a few years now and I am in two minds about it,part of me loves the immediacy of it,you know,how your thoughts are available for reading anywhere in the world within seconds,but part of me hates reading nasty bitchy tweets from people who have (or seem to have) nothing better to do than to put down others,but for the most part I think it’s a good thing and I would love to connect with more people who are interested in sustainable agriculture,cooking etc. by the way I refer to my tweeting “friends” as “tweeple” and yeah I use tweeted as the past tense,but does it really matter,it’s just another form of communication.Cheers from downunder.

  36. love seeing auntie del….her markings are exquisite…..fingers crossed for miss poppy !

    twitter, twittered..twitted…. love our fellowship

    thank you miss c for the courage to farm and let us watch !!

  37. To tweet or not to tweet? Thanks for the tip. I am going to look into it having never ventured to twitter.

  38. I, also, have never ‘twittered’. Hell, I don’t even have an up-to-date phone ’cause I don’t want to have to learn how to use a new one….. I know what The Aussie Chef means about ‘nasty comments’. I did receive a few…early on.. when I started posting my recipes on ‘Reddit’ – and they were hurtful. Like Facebook, I think it’s sometimes far to easy for someone to post something they would never say to the person face-to-face. But I can NOT imagine anyone having anything rotten to say about your wonderful blog !!

  39. I hope Auntie Del is settling in. You have an amazing cast of young people. Thank you for offering them this opportunity.

  40. I use twitter but had never thought to tweet quotes from other people’s blogs. I put everyone in lists and admit that while I check my “Family & Real Friends”, “Blogging Friends” and “Farming” list every day, there are other lists that I just glance at. The best thing about twitter is when my husband exclaims about something he reads in The Farmers Weekly on a Friday evening and I say “yeah, I knew about that days ago – it’s all over twitter”. About the timing thing – I don’t really understand, because my after lunch is not your after lunch and surely twitter is global.

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