The March Give-Away

Goodbye, March!

Hullo, April.

(Only a day late). Here are some of my favourite farm photographs for March.  A wee anthology of the month.

And a give-away. I am shortly sending off an order for some prints so I would like to do one for you too. So let’s have another give-away! For those of you who leave a comment on the blog today you will go into the draw for an enlarged signed print of any image you choose from this collection.

Just tell me which one is your favourite. And if your favourite is not even in this collection tell me that too! Here goes.

ONE: Two kittens.

cats in barn

TWO: Elsie running. (Keep in mind that her black face on the black body is hard to transfer without losing definition so it may not print well – but I still love the shot as part of the March collection!)
Dutch Belted cow running

THREE: Snow on Barnsnow on barn

FOUR: Dogs and Tima.

kunekune and dogs

FIVE : Peahens

peahens tails

SIX: Chick in foreground.

SEVEN: Man Walking.
man walking on ice

EIGHT: The Farmy is Mist.

NINE: Cats playing tree.
cats and pig

TEN: Lady Astor at the gate.
cows in mist

ELEVEN: Poppy.
hereford pigs

TWELVE: Godot.

white peacock

THIRTEEN: Playing Goats.
la mancha kid goats

FOURTEEN: Kitten in pot.

FIFTEEN: Four Kids

goat kids

SIXTEEN: Pan. (Though this may not print so well.)

SEVENTEEN: Old Peghorn.old rooster

EIGHTEEN: Portland


NINETEEN: Lady Astor, Elsie and TonTon
Dutch Belted Cows


TWENTY: Tima and Tane sleeping.

kune kune

TWENTY-ONE: Midwest skymidwest skyTWENTY TWO: Three kittens.
cats in barn9

TWENTY-THREE: Godot and train.

TWENTY-FOUR: Chooks and Sheep
barn chickens

la mancha kid

Looking forward to your choices! Choose the image you love the most in your comment. Now I wonder who should do the draw this time. Any suggestions of who and how?

And yes, this works for international readers too.hereford pig

(Poppy has a Big secret that she is not allowed to UN secret until we are quite, quite sure. )

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm,







97 Comments on “The March Give-Away

  1. It’s a toss up between SEVENTEEN: Old Peghorn – love the colors. I’ve never seen such a colorful chicken before. And TWENTY-THREE: Godot and train. I’ve never seen an all white Peacock either :-). Beautiful pictures all the way around.

  2. That is a hard choice to make. I couldn’t decide. Evie decided that she likes the kittens peeking out of the barn best.

  3. How can anyone choose just one picture??? I love them all, but the one that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy is #25, Hazel!

  4. Oh this is SO much fun!! No. 7, Man Walking!! I love them all, but that would be my pick for a print. Fingers, toes and bristles crossed. Thank you so much of thinking of this.

  5. Oooh. It’s number seven: Man Walking. I love all the farm photos but Man Walking feels like a metaphor for my life right now…

  6. Oh my! Once again you have given us the impossible task Celi! lol We have to choose just one favorite? When so many call out to us to “pick me” for various reasons. #23 Godot and train is my final choice. And I’ve scrolled through all of them many times and this was a very hard decision. Even if I don’t win, want you to know how much I enjoyed all the beauty this morning. Thank you.

  7. Here’s a guarded, but very happy YAY for Poppy with fingers and toes crossed in luck. You must know that it is almost impossible to choose just one photo Miss C…and as much as I love each and every animal photo, the one that struck me today, as well as the first time published, is the Snow on Barn shot. Having said that what do you think about a lovely book of photos for the next major printing- either alongside or in addition to the annual calendar? I have a feeling that they would sell out quite quickly and I am reserving one now just in case this idea comes to fruition 🙂

  8. Oh you make it hard to choose!!! I love the “Farmy is Mist”. I can just imagine the peacefulness of that time! But I have to say it was really hard because of the Poppy photo. The back lighting is so cool!! 🙂

  9. I’ve gone through the pictures multiple times and am going with #8 “Farmy is Mist”. Of blog pictures not in this list is the one with Boo Nanny and Marmalade as a kitten. I think Tane should do the pick as you said in your talk that Tima is mean to him and he might want to do something special. How he would do this — no idea. Have a great day C

  10. Farmy in Mist will help me to say goodbye, winter, but also to remember its beauties that you recorded for us and the pleasures of visiting with animal-friends each day.

  11. Oh my!! Just one!? They are all great…. I’m going with # 17 Old Peghorn. I love the colors. Thanks for doing this. And a secret congrats to a certain young lady… hopefully.

  12. 17 Old Peghorn!!! But it was hard to choose….. I love Poppy’s photo, the kitties always tug on my heartstrings…… The sheep and chooks….. The goats, the cows, the pigs, the dogs, Gadot….. OH my LIONS, TIGERS and BEARS, Oh My!

    Happy Thursday!!!!

    Small weather report from Texas – yesterday evening we had soft ball size hail in the area. Sadly a dear friend’s house was severely damaged and she had to come stay with us. There are holes in her roof the size of Tima. We have another slight chance of more storms and hail this afternoon, so if you could say a small prayer for all of us, we would appreciate it.

    And – just 20 miles to the east – a 7.2 earthquake hit at 545 this morning. Spring has ‘officially’ hit with a bang litterally.

    • I’m so sorry, Pat. Texas weather can be so severe. I’m glad your friend had you to help her. We did not even get a drop of rain in San Antonio. Earthquakes in that part of Texas are becoming so common and scary. Take good care.

    • Sending positive thoughts and hugs – hope the wind blows all nastiness away and blue skies and sunshine are in your future!!

  13. Goodness this is hard. I think I’d choose Miss Hazel, number 25. She’d look so great hung some place surprising, like maybe peeking out just beyond a doorway or something. Welcome April!

  14. Oh it’s the kittens! Except old peghorn is pretty spectacular, and the pigs sleeping, and matching dog and cows, and also dogs with Timma, and then there’s more than one of the kittens! Ack, don’t pick me…lol, I’d never be able to chose, they’re all so wonderful! 😀

  15. I love the colors in “Old Peghorn” – he is a beautiful rooster. Thank you for a chance to receive a print of him. Have a great day and a wonderful Easter.

  16. This is an easy one – #15!!!!!!

    Although I must admit that I like #1. And #3. Oh, and #8. Also #14. #21 is also good. Then again, #25 is good as well.

    But I could never turn down #15 – Four Kids!!!!!!

  17. They are all wonderful and representative of the days on the farm. I would chose #22- three kittens in the sunshine. I could just feel the warmth. Could Marcel make the choice?

  18. Number eleven, the photo of Poppy! I’m always a fan of Sheila and Poppy photos!!

  19. Old Peghorn … I feel so disloyal because I love the sheep too. The other stand out photo is Man Walking. Laura

  20. I love them all, but no 7, man walking is very evocative of the flat land around you. He looks like he could be on a beach somewhere.

  21. Oh Heck..How could you? Asking me to chose a faviourite… Well I chose 17 Old Pegham becuase of his beautiful colours. Not because I loved him the most..oh NO…because they are all my favourites but his colours are spectacular and remind me of The Duke
    Like RecyclerSA I feel disloyal because I love them all..and if I could have all then I would….

    Fingers crossed !

  22. As much as I love photos of Godot, the image of Poppy in #11 reminds me distinctly of one of my favorite childhood stories, Charlotte’s Web.

  23. If I were Queen of the World, I would surely have photo #1 proudly displayed on the dais. However did you perfectly capture my love for old barns and cats in one shot? Even should I not win the drawing, I would love to have that photo on my mantel.

  24. Definitely “Man Walking.” That could be my dad walking across my homeland, the prairie of southwestern Minnesota. I loved that image from the moment I saw it.

  25. Fingers crossed for Poppy! No need to enter me in the contest…but Man Walking and Farmy in the Mist are my favorites. Hope you’re enjoying this weather C – the coats have been banished this year. 🙂

  26. I love them all, but I am partial to the Two Kittens.
    When will Poppy be allowed to tell her secret?

  27. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Poppy. As for the photos, I found them all wonderful but something about the old barn drew me in. I could feel an artist studio inside. Silly me who is not an artist but maybe an escapist. I love the kittens and all the animals. The man walking alone reminds me that we all feel that way sometime. The farm in the mist is just beautiful. Nope, I couldn’t choose. Glad I don’t have to. 🙂

  28. Not so easy, but I have had the peaceful “Snow on Barn” as my desktop background, and I love it. My next choice would be the colorful “Old Peghorn.” Quite a contrast between the two. It was just lovely to look through these photos this morning!

  29. I’d have to go for number ONE because it would make me smile every time I saw it on my office wall. But I do love man walking as well…such a great shot with a story. I think you should let one of the kids pick the name, but of course you’ll have to be quick getting it away from them before it gets eaten!

  30. All the photos are wonderful and since I live here, too, many of them look like my neighborhood….oh, wait, they are my neighborhood. The photo of the barn with snow is wonderful, but the lighting on Poppy is fab. Great shots all the way around. Do you carry your camera with you everywhere?

  31. Having had a pot belly pig for 15 years of course any of the pig photos would be fabulous. I might have to think about the one of old Peghorn
    for my Mama since she is fond of roosters and grew up on a farm.

  32. Oh My Gosh!!! What a difficult choice!!! And I’m sure I would love other photos even more from past posts, but I’d have to spend the day reviewing them all! And the garden simply can’t wait for that! 🙂 So…. the choice is now between Lady Astor at the gate, #10, and Good Ole Peghorn, #17. Very difficult!!! But, I think I’ll go with Peghorn, as he is so colorful, and the elder! What fun Celi!!! xo

  33. How do I choose between the farmy in the mist and a kitten? I’m going with the farmy, though, because it’s representative of you as a whole.

  34. Oh gosh! How are we supposed to pick just one favorite? From this group I’d pick #1 and Peghorn. My all-time favorite, though, is the one of the three calves running toward the camera. I can’t find it so I don’t know how printable it is, but I remember how it made my heart smile.

  35. Number One….the austerity of all the colors and you just know there will be movement right after the shot is taken, in or out or down. Today is a better day and I so, so hope that there will be good news on the Poppy front. I was going to suggest that Hazel pick, but as goats will eat anything…that could be problematic..ha

  36. Boy, what a decision, so many great pictures. My first choice is #1 the two kittens. Love the kittens with the boards of the barn. Second choice would be #22 three kittens. Guess I am on a kitten run. Great photography!

  37. Yes, beautiful photos. All of them. Except the running cow. I really hate it when cows run. I’ve seen them run straight through fences and down the road. My fav is the Border Collie ruminating with the cows of the same color scheme. Same direction, Same pose. It needs a caption, but I haven’t got one. I’ll ruminate on that.

  38. Oh dear Celi! There are too, too many fantabulous shots to pic a fave! You are an excellent photographer ❤
    I think my fave is Lady Astor at the Gate
    … closely followed by Man Walking; The Farmy In Mist; Godot & Train; and … Gee – ALL of them!
    Celi, have you thought about selling them? I would absolutely buy some. I would buy high res digital copies in a heart beat! No muss, no fuss = buyers could print/canvas wherever they are 🙂 ❤
    {Fingers X'd for Miss Poppy!}

    • Hmm.. if someone could work out how I could do that easily? I probably would? I like the idea of buyers buying them and having them printed and mailed to themselves.. When I have a moment I will look for a service like this.. wait.. I think i know where.. c

  39. Number Eleven: Poppy. Although the Kitten in the Pot was a close second. And there were so many others that were wonderful. I have been working even more excessively than usual, so I treated myself by saving those two as screensavers. All the credit will go to you!

    • I am always thrilled when an image is nicked for a screensaver.. Love it!! When i print I go back and find the origonal image and they are very hi res, even better!

  40. Oh, wow… so finding my voice yesterday was excellent timing cuz now I get to post today to get in on the give-away — what a thoroughly generous thing to do, thank you in advance!
    My favourites, as much as I have fallen head over heels for the kids, are (a) THREE: Snow on Barn and (b) ELEVEN: Poppy — who could not just fall in love with her from this photo? How to choose? hmmmm… well, because the dark shadows may not transfer well into an enlargement, I suppose I must choose “THREE: Snow on Barn” and now cross my fingers 🙂
    Just a suggestion, but the Cadet may be a good one to pull a name out of a hat.
    hahaha… and if comments were to win the photo, my pick would have to go to Lindsay, equating a running, lumbering heifer to a wild mustang…
    Again, thank you for such a great thing. Have a great day! Mame

  41. I love #19: Lady Astor, Elsie and TonTon! Or #11: Poppy would be equally loved…. and always makes me smile.

  42. Ooh it took me a long time to get to the bottom of the comments! Welcome to April and I’m dying to know Poppy’s secret 🙂 I lvoe them all but especially Old Peghorn and Mist x

  43. Now that brings out even this long-time lurker – and much as I love them all, number 7 is definitely my fav. As to who should pick the winner: how about the cats, or one of them? Little bits of paper with names at the top of the stairs, the first one that reaches the ground floor by cat activity wins?

  44. My favorites, of course, are the pictures of the cats and the “black & white” of the cows with Ton Ton.

  45. Such a hard decision! I’m stuck on both 7 and 8! I think if you forced me, I would choose #8. Just so peaceful and gorgeous.

  46. I can not get the image of Camera House Balanced in Crook of Arm out of my head as I look at these photos. I love them all but would choose #10, Lady Astor at the Gate. It just brings so much calm to my soul. Who to choose the winner ?- The Cadet. How? I don’t know! However is easy for you.

  47. Each is so special and I love the animals, but somehow the farmy in the mist is my favorite. I think it’s because I can hardly imagine such immense unoccupied space! I like to imagine what that would feel like. 🙂 Fingers crossed for Poppy!

  48. Ooh, this is a hard one, I like quite a few! I like 10, 11, 12 and 17!

  49. This is a tough call but since I dream about meeting the Kune, I go with the dogs and Tima. The ones of the barn and several of the cat ones are also great but I gotta go with my girl Tima.

  50. These are all so wonderful Poppy’s is dramatic and full of expression. Such a wonderful portfolio. Children’s book authors/novelists should be clamoring for you to supply book covers and illustrations
    I’d go with the snowy scene with the barn for #1 choice as it is your farm or the man walking. Both classic, universal, and timeless.
    Maybe Pan should pick a number /name out of a hat or off a clothes line with pages clipped by clothespins?

  51. Celi ~ how in the world are we supposed to choose just ONE!!! I live for your pictures!!! I love the idea of a picture book!! I think it would sell very well with your fabulous portfolio of animals in real life!! I’ve looked at these pictures many times this morning and I love all of them! I love the kitties, piggies, cows, Godot, Peghorn, the Kids, Elsie the Horse!! ~ all of them!! OK ~ #13 and #22 steal my heart! #23 Godot! #4 the Kids!! How many can I purchase??? and who draws the name? put everybody’s name in a hat, shake it up and roll ’em out on the floor and see which one Boo picks up!! Great job Celi!!

  52. Good morning!
    I really love all your photos, it’s one of the highlights of your blog.
    I loved the “find your voice” from yesterday…I can so relate to that girl I feel like I go into a tube when I speak in public, my ears burn and my voice is weird….
    Anyway I really think photo # 3 is just beautiful.
    Have a great day!

  53. # 4 dogs and pig…..I instantly smiled out loud. perhaps the Cadet could have the privilege of doing the draw : ) Thanks for giving us a chance at a gift. and I love a pig with a secret.

  54. Your photos are gorgeous and such a testament to life on a farm, but your farmy, of course! Couldn’t possibly choose a favourite photo, so pick someone else…

  55. Godot and the train, but it’s so hard to pick just one – there are quite a few jostling for my number one. Some folk have suggested the Cadet to make the draw: I second, third, or fourth that! I was going to suggest Poppy, but she doesn’t look like she’ll need any extra treats… Will Tima be kinder to Tane once he has all his equipment?! I expect there are loads of reasons why you might not want to sell your pics, but if it ever takes your fancy SmugMug does all the selling, collecting the money, and sending out for you – I expect there are other similar sites. Might make some pin money for dear Sheila. Anyway, thank you for all these treats today.

  56. Number Four: Tima takes the dogs for a walk, please! Hard, hard choice, but you know how I feel about the naughty girl… Fingers crossed hard for Poppy’s Big Secret!

  57. It has been a long day in my world, and I eventually land here to discover Poppy has a secret. Wonderful! Fingers, knees, toes & elbows all crossed for her. The photos are wonderful, I can just imagine them all hanging in a gallery…… Maybe, one day!

    I thought it would be Number twenty three for me – Godot and train, but having scrolled down and up several times… The eyes have it with FOURTEEN: Kitten in pot.

  58. Hard to Choose, they are all amazing. I like # 8 because it reminds me of the first 32 years of my life in Wisconsin. I saw this view many times as I traveled about in my home state. I also like # 21 because it’s as if the Almighty has opened up the heavens for us.

  59. Like Maggie I have to go with Tima the love of my life…. but that’s hard too.. so many gorgeous shots, especially the greys of the snow and mists and barn and man walking… just love them all…

  60. Wow, hard decision. But I like #3 Snow on Barn the best. Very dreamy, romantic, hushed.

  61. It’s Good Friday morning here, so may I first of all wish you and yours a wonderful and happy family Easter . . . . oh, and am holding my fingers and toes crossed for Poppy of course! Then the wonderful array of photos, some of which I had not even sighted. But have a definite favourite in ‘Farm in the mist’ . . .that sort’of takes in your home and you and all the animals and is such an evocative shot!!

  62. C. Like everyone else, it was extremely difficult to pick just one…they are all beautiful, some more stunning than others but still so hard to pick. I’m going to be difficult because two that stand out for me aren’t in this list. One was of the farm in the winter with a bare tree to the left of the farmy. Quite stark but also quite beautiful…the other was of the barn in a lightening storm. Both very dramatic photos! I think if I had to choose between those two it would be the winter scene of the farmy!
    But I love them all!

  63. Kittens are our favorites, of course. But, love Ton with same colored cows. And old Peghorn is so colorful. Love them all!

  64. Since I have a ‘thing’ for pigs and already have a cute kunekune to look at, it has to be the wistful Poppy, #11.

  65. I always love pictures of the kittens, but my choice would be #7 Man Walking

  66. The first picture of the two kittens is my favorite. You have so many good ones! Ooooooo Poppy news!

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