Speaker Spotlight: Cecilia Gunther

FYI. An interview with Miss C. Priceless! love celi

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Cecilia Gunther headshot Cecilia Gunther

Once upon an time, in a land across the oceans, a girl named Cecilia was born. If that sounds like the start of a fairy tale, it’s on purpose. Though speaker Cecilia Gunther’s life hasn’t actually been a fairy tale, its zigs and zags have been so fascinating that it could easily be written up and sold as fiction.

Mother of five. High school drama teacher. Director. Photographer. Film industry professional in London. Quite honestly, any of those roles could be easily be a subject tackled by a script developer (another former career), but the shift from where she was to where she is now — down home on the farm in Illinois, growing her own food and raising animals with the moral support of her blog’s community of farmers — sounds like the kind of Amazon or BBC series I’d binge-watch in a weekend (well, if the writing was…

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15 Comments on “Speaker Spotlight: Cecilia Gunther

  1. May I be the seemingly first from Down Under 🙂 ! Around, around, around we go . . . hello from Sydney!!

  2. Much hand clapping and cheering here from Gig Harbor, Washington state U.S. But you were a celebrity before this happened..we all know that!!

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