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When we got home from Rushville, Indiana, arriving with our lovely cargo of two corrugated iron huts for assorted animals (three hours there and three hours back), I found all the cats milling about on the barn table waiting for dinner.


There is no point in attempting to herd cats as you know so I just grabbed the camera and took shots of them for you – all willy nilly. (We even have a bit of Big R product placement there.. ah well). Wrong settings, wrong lens.  Wrong brain apparently. Car-merized. However it is not often I see them grouped all together – SIX ginger cats.  Worth a wonky shot.

It was four pm: dinner time in the barn with the snow in the forecast darkening the sky, and a wind whipping up out of the East, ruffling feathers –catsfeb-024

so being in a hurry I did not check Camera House and continued with the wrong settings and wrong lens because when I looked to the left into the field I noticed something else interesting, Elsie’s udder has begun to thicken.catsfeb-029

Not a lot but I have xray vision when it comes to changes  at this time of year and have learnt to look closely at anything that catches my eye. Even the smallest change, even the feeling that there may be a change, is inspected and  written into the book. The camera is a useful tool for this too. I can grab the shot and study it later. Once documented, (one of the reasons I started this blog as you know) over the weeks these build into a big picture.  It is all pieces of a puzzle.

This is very good news. She is such a different shape from Lady A who is high and round and wide, Elsie’s belly is lower, looser really but she is an older cow and not very big. So I was beginning to wonder if she was pregnant at all. But she is shiny and bright eyed. catsfeb-036

But I think we can relax for a month or so though every cow is different so don’t get too relaxed.  I will watch her and see if it continues to fill and how fast.  Now we will learn Elsie’s way.

Godot’s tail is definitely thickening and growing too, did you notice? Much fuller.  I was taking that shot of his tail and remembering The Duke of Kupa sitting like that with his tail flowing so far down that it got into the walkway in the barn and I would have to part the feathers like a curtain to get through. Do you remember?


Here are the new huts – one on top of the other. They are a perfect size, two people can move them about easily and they are designed to fit perfectly into the bed of a pick up truck. (If one had a pick up truck that could drive to Indiana and back that is).


The first hut will go out tomorrow for the  kunekunes.  I just need this cold to lift a little and they can be outside. They are such lard arses. Walking seals! They don’t mind the cold at all actually.


The sheep want one too so they can move out of the salad bar field.  I will be needing two more I think,  one for Poppy and one for the goats (though if we do get a couple of kids it won’t be for months yet and I am still doing the research).

Life is exciting isn’t it. It is THAT time of year! Soon the place will be humming. And the Farm Stays will be starting up again in a few months too. So book your room if you are interested. I could do with the help!

Did you notice how much faster I am typing? That is because I finally have my new keyboard set into my laptop. Thank you Computer Man.

Have a lovely, lovely  day.

Your friend on the farmy




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  1. I was looking at Tima’s coat and thinking how thick and glossy it looked. Does she still have bald patches or have they all retreated? If I ever saw a piggy who was a picture of rude health, it is she. May I please beg for another photo of Tane’s cute teeth, when you get a chance. Lady A is a matronly cow, calf-bearing hips and 1950’s hairdo and all, but Elsie is a different proposition, something of the reformed chorus girl about those slender black stockinged legs… She has a knowing look…

    • well it started to grow back then stopped, it seems to only be the black hair that fell out.. Love the idea of Elsie as a reformed chorus girl.. she certainly has the legs.. c

  2. Of course I remember Kupa’s curtain – I am looking at a bit of it now on the high shelf across the living room. Don’t Kune Kunes come from Korea? It’s very cold there, too.
    I’m glad Elsie is making progress.

    ViV xox

  3. Brilliant cat shot, quite a posse 🙂 Sometimes my two ginger brothers feel like 6 cats! Lovely picture of Minty, Tilly and Marcel – I am going to miss those sheeps. Looks to me Tane has picked up more weight than Tima. By the way when I opened my door at 5am this morning it was quite dark and chilly, that must mean autumn is moving in here and Spring is heading your way, hope you warm up soon. Laura

  4. Such ‘expectant’ faces on so many animals in this post, for so many varied reasons…the sheep are especially wanting in their photo, aren’t they-all tight together there and waiting. The hoard of cats has to be my favorite though, I can just here them all saying, “Now, where has she hidden that food…”

  5. Don’t forget to anchor down your little huts, so the Great Midwest winds can’t toss them about. You can throw in photos of that gorgeous peacock whenever you want. It doesn’t even have to relate to the story of the day. He is just so breathtaking.

    • The huts actually come with rods to anchor them into the ground, (so well deisgned. or Sheila would take one for a walk along with the wind.. and yes, those spring winds will be showing up soon!

  6. I can’t imagine 6 ginger cats, all in one place. Just as Laura said, one or two of them seem like a large bunch sometimes. My own orange cat is full of “tiger” and continually pesters sleeping dogs. I always have to be on the watch for him, to make sure he doesn’t find himself surprised by his smallness. The dogs have been trained that they are not to eat the cat, but that doesn’t keep them from lashing out when they are bitten.

  7. I imagine those new huts will populate themselves without training. I just noticed PaulaB’s comment above and had visions of Oz 😉

  8. Yes i could see how fast you were typing…getting a good speed up there!!! The Duke of Kupa was a beautiful bird, proud and elegant in his beautiful long feathers and I think Godot will look like a bride in all her finery except she is a he… To me it matters not one jot if Camera House is on the wrong setting loved all the cats together..what a lovely bunch

  9. Your photos just make my day. All the 36 years I lived on the farm I never took photos like this. I am scrambling here trying to find a photo of one of our Jerseys for one of our granddaughters and I can’t find one good face photo of our cows. I was in the barn at least 3 times a day and not one photo. I have lots of photos of our wins at the Calgary Stampede and The Royal Fair, the PNE but not one colour photo of one of our cows face on. Keep up the good work as I am pee green with envy.
    Have a good day.

    • Good morning Donna. Recently I was asked for photos of MYSELF and cannot find more than three.. it seems (like many mothers) I am always the photographer not the photographee.. funny isn’t it! c

  10. What cute cats of your 6 cats . They look healthy and happy and want their evening meal. Gordot looks fluffier , especially his tail.

    • I am looking at a few varieties of goat, the biggest problem with the Nigerians is that they usually only milk about a quart a day And are so small they escape easier.. so I have started researching the La Mancha goats who are reported to be very sweet and calm and give piles of milk.. (not to mention being very resaleable) we will see.. i am enjoying the research.. c

  11. So excited about Elsie, love how you say “now we learn Elsie’s way” you are so observant, and it’s true this time of year….the anticipation, the little minute changes, so exhilarating. However, I have to chime in on goats, not sure where you are on that topic but- they will really change things on the Farmy. Your fences primarily, and they will eat any trees they can see. I just think you have such lovely cows, why go backwards? Sort of “kidding,” I am leaving goats behind after 11 years in favor of a cow soon. Goats are adorable troublemakers. All the best either way, thank you for sharing your days!

    • yes, there is that.. not to worry about trees though as I have none, all the new plantings are outside the fields.. but yes, that is a good point.. I am SO looking forward to milking the Dutchies, we have been without milk for so long now!.. c

  12. Brent has a soft spot in his heart for the ginger tabby. so cute!

  13. Those huts are nice-looking. I hope they serve you well and are worth the long drive to get them! I just love seeing everybody, including the sheep. I wish their wool would pay for their keep. Remember their sweet little faces. And of course we remember Kupa. When I visit Brookfield Zoo, I am reminded of him, as there are peacocks wandering the premises, even the parking lot. We have to be very careful!

    • At four dollars a fleece sadly the sheep are not paying their way at all.. not to mention the butting problem with Marcel.. I think that when Mama died the heart of our sheep enterprise went with her. I do miss that old sheep, such a good girl. But it is a good thing to start new challenges but as I said, still in the research stage.. goats are a big project to take on.. c

  14. I love that expression Willy Nilly. My two best friends and I get together a couple of times a year to drink champagne, gossip, laugh and cry and most of all, we get all WIlly Nilly!! I thought you were typing faster today…slow down miss c 😉

  15. That is a great Clowder of cats! Celi you are certainly a lady in waiting at the moment – chicks & calves and have not hit Spring yet, who knows who else might join the farmy before the year is over.

  16. 6 adorable gingies and a photo bombing pig….little glimpse of Sheila there. And a lovely pic if Boo Boy…..he colour matches the kunes 🙂

  17. Yes! Your typing was very fast this day! I do remember Kupa’s royal tail. You do have lots of ginger kitties!

  18. Celi – I don’t think most of us worry an iota about the exact quality of your photos: we just want to see what is on them 🙂 ! And there is plenty of happiness there!! The kitties are gorgeous!! We are entering the autumn months this weekend: not used to it getting light well after 6 am! Daylight Saving over in another couple of weeks . . . Love sleeping nude over summer: well, had to find my nightie at about 5 am to snuggle down for another couple of hours . . . . the nature of things . . . but the almost daily showers have been such a boon . . .

  19. Six! ginger kitties… hungry… was the noise deafening? A good keyboard is like a good car, you can operate & navigate without even thinking about it. Despite some lingering summery sultriness Autumn is poking its nose around here. Summer is throwing a few items into its suitcase ready for the voyage across the globe 🙂

  20. My reading of your blog was faster than usual as well, so of course, I suspected the speed of your typing! (Love that Computer Man.) 🙂

  21. I’ve missed reading your lovely posts about the farm! And am tickled to bits to see you being featured and celebrated so prominently in the WP community now! CONGRATS C – couldn’t have happened to a nicer blogger!! Best of luck w your upcoming talk. So wish I was going. XO!

  22. So many changes. I’ll hardly recognize the farmy during my next visit! It’s all good, though, and sure to help you fill those spare 15 minutes you have every week. 🙂
    You’ve got your wish. Tuesday we may hit 40˚. I won’t say more of it lest The Fates be listening.

  23. I love your photos… and I appreciate the extra work it takes to haul the camera around, and then of course the process of presenting them to us. I’m so happy things are looking up a bit. This was a cheerful entry for another one of those blustery days. Thank you! 🙂

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