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Twitter for Bloggers – Can I Quote you?

When I was at the Press Publish conference in Portland each of the speakers names was written up on the board, and screens, with their Twitter address next to their names, not the URL for their web-site or blog but their Twitter moniker. I found this interesting.… Continue Reading “Twitter for Bloggers – Can I Quote you?”

The kitchen

Yesterday we finished straining the yoghurt, Made farmers cheese for tomorrows pizza. Pickled gherkins, Started a dough for pizza bianca, shifted chickens, loaded the plonkers for their final journey (with their beer dinner and beer breakfast this morning, drove the tractor around the block to the… Continue Reading “The kitchen”

Chook Tricks

I was half way through Daisy’s lunchtime milking when Allison called out from above my head. “There’s a dead chicken up here.” Allison had decided to take a bucket up into the loft of the barn to collect all the old eggs that had been… Continue Reading “Chook Tricks”

The Barn Across the Way

Yesterday the children and I released the old chooks into the big barn across the way. They gravitated towards the central area, where there was straw and with the children playing amongst them they all looked so natural and happy. The children are delighted with… Continue Reading “The Barn Across the Way”