Chook Tricks

I was half way through Daisy’s lunchtime milking when Allison called out from above my head. “There’s a dead chicken up here.”saving-the-chickens-001

Allison had decided to take a bucket up into the loft of the barn to collect all the old eggs that had been languishing up there lost in the hay for more than a few months. If we get rid of them all she reasoned then any egg we see will be fresh. (Having those layers wandering about the barn had become a nightmare when it came to gathering eggs.)

So she was in the loft above me with her little tin bucket and her gloves, keeping in mind my dire warning  about light eggs being highly explosive and was she sure she really wanted to be doing this on her vacation.

Daisy and I looked at the ceiling of the milking parlour as we heard Allison trot in her boots to the edge of the loft then her face appeared upside down and looking perplexed.” There is a dead chicken up here”,  she said again softer this time. “It is a brown one”.

“Weird,” I said, “I have not smelt anything.” I was sat on my piano-stool milking- stool (with the little glass balls on the base of the legs) hand milking Daisy’s damaged teat ever so carefully and Daisy was at the shifting and snapping and let-me-out-of-here stage.  But her stitches were holding and not wanting to ruin the vets embroidery I was being extra careful and taking my time.

“There you go, Daisy,” I said. “There you go, not long now.” She rattled her chains in reply.  I raised my voice just enough to be heard.  “Grab one of those rubbish bags,” I  said. ” And see if you an collect the body in that.” Allison nodded, her face bright with apprehension as she came down and took the bag. She was obviously gearing her spirits up to pick up the body. “I can do it, if you like.” I said.  (After all she is a guest.) “No, No, she called over her shoulder as she gulped and climbed back up the ladder. ” I can do it!”saving-the-chickens-009

Daisy and I listened carefully above the ring of the hot milk hitting the side of the pail, as Allison,  the bag rustling and her footsteps hesitant, crept back across the loft towards the dim corner where the body was.

There was a pause and then suddenly an awful shriek. Two shrieks, I grabbed the pail of milk out of her way as Daisy stomped in fright from the second shout. Dust swirled through the cracks in the ceiling at the flap of wings and screeching above us. Allison screamed again. We heard her stumbling over bales of hay.   “Its alive!” Allison called out. “It was crouched so low in the corner, it looked dead. I put the bag on it to pick it up and it flew up into the air in front of my face! That chicken is alive!”saving-the-chickens-031

She was laughing with fright and coming down the ladder at speed, the empty bag trailing from her fingers. “I was so sure it was dead but it is alive.” She was breathless. ” It was sitting on eggs! Frightened the life out of me.”   She paused, taking a breath. She put down the body bag and picked up her bucket again.  She looked at me, then looked at Daisy.  Then grinned. “I will go search on the other side,” she said.

The little brown chicken launched itself through the air above her, flying from one side of the barn to the other,  alive and well. And cackling with delight at getting one over the human!

“Damn chicken.” she mumbled, as she once more ascended the ladder to the loft.saving-the-chickens-019

Have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy.


P.S. If you want to see a few of the photographs Allison took yesterday pop over to her red door coop.








28 Comments on “Chook Tricks

  1. Well, thank goodness. I think the Farmy has had rather too generous a share of tragedy and distress recently. And how lucky that she didn’t step on any explosive eggs in her mad rush, or you’d certainly have smelled something!

  2. Good morning Allison and C. Sounds like all is well on the farm. Allison was very brave to go searching for egg bombs and got a chicken bomb instead!

    Have a glorious day on the farmy.

  3. Nothing like a broody hen being ‘disturbed’ to get you riled up in the morning! 🙂

  4. “Damn chicken” Indeed! I would have said the same thing and perhaps more! I love how you paint such clear pictures with your words — Allison shrieking, Daisy stomping and the chicken cackling with delight! Thank you for the day brightener!

  5. Hahaha, Farming 101 How to tell dead chicken from broody hen. 🙂 I might just have flown around the barn loft myself! Laura

  6. Nice! We actually did find dead hen in one of the coops not too long ago (still haven’t gotten to the bottom of that one) so I was ready to sympathise. Glad it wasn’t needed, and thanks for a good laugh!

  7. I dunno, Celi. You’ve got a pig that acts like a dog. A cow that you say tried to jump a fence but I think she was trying to “jump over the moon.” And now a chicken playing possum. I’d keep an eye on the bunch. I think they’re up to something. 🙂

  8. Poor Girl,It’s a little unnerving to be frightened like that.

  9. Our chickens are roaming the farm here in Germany, my mother , the cat and the dog are resting. My brother is doing the hay, hoping for another dry day. The swallows are catching flies. Life is good.

  10. That’s a good one! And I love Allison’s pics of the muddy plonkers. Someday I want to work on the Farmy!

  11. Love the story!!! Got everyone’s, including Daisy’s, adrenaline going, that’s for sure!!!! And lots of laughter!!! xoxoxo

  12. Ha ha …..never a dull moment at the farmy. I bet Daisy just rolled her eyes at the antics.

  13. Gloriously funny happening after the sad days just past! Travelled to Allison’s site: lovely extra photos of the farmy and the great one of the dogs . . . happy days I hope!!!

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