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The Diet Chain

When we were children growing up on the beach we had a dog, her name was Tessa, she was a Golden Labrador Cross (no-one was terribly sure what she was crossed with) – often she would run off up the beach road and up to… Continue Reading “The Diet Chain”

Every thing in its proper place

This time of year, as we gear up for the busy season, everything is re-placed in its proper place, House AND Barn and woe betide anyone who borrows something and does not return it.  I work alone  – so that would be ME whose… Continue Reading “Every thing in its proper place”

I had a thought –

– running through my head all day yesterday. For you.   But I did not write it down. Roger and I have similar problems, whereas he cannot remember a word, I cannot remember an entire concept. There was something I was going to tell… Continue Reading “I had a thought –”

Kids Love Kids

Yesterday was a wonderful day on the Kitchens Garden Farm blog. We  all stepped over the divide from the written word to Barn Yard Sound Bites! . That is actually a  big step you know. Ground breaking. We cannot go back. You have HEARD the farm… Continue Reading “Kids Love Kids”