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The Diet Chain

When we were children growing up on the beach we had a dog, her name was Tessa, she was a Golden Labrador Cross (no-one was terribly sure what she was crossed with) – often she would run off up the beach road and up to… Continue Reading “The Diet Chain”

Do what you can –

– because sometimes it is going to rain on your life and then you can only do what you can. And sometimes it is Cold hard rain. And sometimes it is on the day you had pegged to cut hay. And that is what… Continue Reading “Do what you can –”

Hay In, Dinner On, Bees in The Basil

Look what I found while harvesting celery to dry. Bees in the Thai Basil. The celery will be cut and dried and used in soups and stews in the winter.  I love it when the harvest table carries a selection. This is how I… Continue Reading “Hay In, Dinner On, Bees in The Basil”