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As you and I browse through these sunny bucolic farmyard photos from yesterday snow clouds are gathering to the east today. They are forecasting a few inches coming in tonight, but we will see. Snow is moody and prone to changing its mind.


We have windy wet weather today. Still in the Hawkes Bay winter, I come from Hawkes Bay in New Zealand and our Illinois weather is so much like home that I am wondering how they cope with this infernal mud!


So, I am writing a lesson plan this week for my course in teaching English as a Second Language. I have a question for you.


Yesterday was sunny and warm – a good day for shoveling the proverbial and getting things in order. Today I awake to pouring down rain – though it would look pretty silly if it was pouring UP. Below is my work of the day….


Slowly the colour is draining from the landscape. Very slowly. Inexorably. Without pity. Even though it is still a New Zealand winter the green is going.


Firstly, thank you so much for your incredible outpouring of support yesterday. It means so much to me to hear such care from so many of you.

A Peacock Train

I was up in the peacock palace yesterday to take photographs of Mr Flowers and his train. There is a particular sound he makes when he lifts his tail feathers up to tantalise the ladies so if you follow that sound you are pretty…

The Northerly

In New Zealand a Northerly is a warm wind. Out here in America a Northerly is exactly the opposite.  COLD!  I won’t tell you how long it has taken me to get used to that. And yesterday The Northerly wind blew rain right through…

Caught napping

I know that the Weather People said there would be snow here yesterday. And I know the Weather People said there would be cold and the high winds. And I know the Weather People (whoever they are) declared a Winter Advisory (whatever that is). But…


Yesterday I swung from one task to the next, achieving nothing, starting stuff and then wandering in another direction and finding myself doing something completely different. Trying to restart the first one again then discovering task number three or four. I left the water…

Flying Turkeys

Did you know – well, who knew –  turkeys fly? They sure love to be all over the roof of my house, but they talk nicely. Though they do not like to be separated. If they are seperated they cry and pace. Then they will…

A Dot on the Horizon

Do you see that Little Dot on the Horizon?  It could be a box, or a bag or a bucket blown in the wind but no -That is Tima. Looking back to the house she is This far from home. Searching the fields for…