Goodbye Pictures

Lots of them!

home barn

First the inhabitants in and around the Home Barn.

Egoli trying to stop Geraldine from pecking at his haunches.  That is one mean peahen when she wants to be.



Tima and Tane. I have just realised I forgot to shut their gate to the inside of the barn so I bet they got up to no good in the night. It will be shut the whole time I am away so this is their last mischief day.

Little pigs.


Boo trying to work out exactly what that black shape IS that was following him about yesterday.


The steers, taking the sun and looking large. I saw the merest suggestion of a sundog yesterday. It was cold.

Do you remember the Bad Winter of 2014. That winter we had REAL sundogs.  Terrifying mages.


Anytime, anyone complains about the cold I think of the winter of 2014 and think Nah,  not so cold. 2014 was COLD.


The West Barn.  Here are the cows who live at the West Barn. Little Alex is there just inside the barn. Shy as usual.  Lady Astor, Aunty Del and in behind Aunty Anna and Carlos behind her. Taking the sun. A little sun and they all come out.

On the East side of the West barn Manu, Poppy and Molly live.

Manu (above) our beautiful Hereford boar.

Poppy the sow.  Molly the younger sow is there too but at my feet barking at me as I took these shots.

Back to the Home Fields again.


Above (from left) is Txiki, BobbyT3 and Our Tia. Thank you again to those of the Fellowship (you know who you are – your privacy is safe) who donated money towards Tia’s vet bill and Sheila’s winter vegetables.  I love that you want to be so involved and i am glad that the donate button enables you to do so. The animals and I are so very grateful.

Yesterday Sheila ate all her carrots and apples in porridge then went back to bed for the morning. It was that cold. And blowing.

OK – that is all from me for a few days. You will have three guest posts then I will be back with images of London in the late afternoon for you. On Monday, after an overnight flight from Chicago to London, Camera House and I will be travelling via the underground and the feet (maybe a cab at some point) from London’s Heathrow International Airport to Islington, London,  with a few stops along the way.

There is another Tube strike being called but it is not across the off peak hours I will be travelling – it will be busy but running – another good reason to have small maneuverable bags.

I hope you have a lovely few days.

See you in London in a couple of days.

Love celi

ps. For those of you too busy to follow the link – here is that picture of the sun dogs from 2014.


We were a land forgotton that winter.



44 Comments on “Goodbye Pictures

  1. Good morning Celi! Have a lovely safe trip…enjoy your time and space alone zipping across the ocean. We will be thinking of you. Thanks ever so much for all the pictures. It’s like an animal soap opera unfolding…x

  2. The pigs are all looking very happy (assuming Sheila is happy asleep). I can’t imagine who’d win in the cat vs peahen contest – that could be quite nasty 🙂

  3. Loved all the pictures. Safe journey and have fun. You never know they might call the strike off. Fingers crossed.

  4. Loved the action shots of Egoli and Geraldine, thanks 🙂 Wonderful to see all our Farmy friends and family on one page again. Now go have fun. Laura

  5. Fantastic photos, the one of Book really made me smile! Sometimes they call off the tube strikes at the last minute so I will cross my fingers for you. Buen viaje!

  6. I know Islington. Our son and his wife have lived there for the last eleven years. Two years ago their daughter was born there. We have visited the area several times. They are moving back to the US very soon so I guess my visits to London are over. London is my favorite city.

  7. So much fun looking at all the animals!! Have a FABULOUS time on your trip! I’d never heard of a Sun Dog… talk about one hell of thing haning there in the the sky… ; o )

  8. I’ll keep good thoughts for a safe journey with lots of fun along the way. Wonderful photos of the whole gang. I had to look up sun dogs. Have never seen one. Think I need to get out more. Learned something new today. Thank you.

  9. Have you ever seen the videos of the dogs who won’t walk near a cat? These big, fierce looking dogs who are too afraid to cross the path of a tiny little cat makes one realize just how fierce a cat can be. Seeing the pictures of the cat, fearful of the peahen, made me realize that I’ve had the order all wrong all these year. I’ve always thought it was dog, cat, bird. Apparently, it’s bird, cat dog 🙂

    Safe travels and good wishes for a wonderful trip!!!!

  10. Ahhh, London! Like Carol above, I was thinking it was my most favourite place until I remembered a couple of others. We can say it’s one of my most favourite cities… I do love it and have returned a number of times. All of your animals are looking grand. They will miss you, as will we too. Have a wonderful time and keep safe! ~ Mame 🙂

  11. The tube strike has been called off! Lovely pics thanks. Safe and enjoyable travelling, and a wonderful trip.

  12. What will we do for smiles while you’re away, and for little visions of the real (the down-to-earth and the displays above)? But maybe this is a spur for me to find something of that here in my yard or up there through the bare tree limbs. I’ll try. Still, I’ll miss the antics (Egoli and Geraldine,) the pig escapades, the thoughts of the cows, the presence of Ton, and everything Boo. I’m guessing you might too. On the other hand, there’s London . . .

  13. I love all the pictures of our Farm Buddies!! Sorry to read where Tia was so sick ~ I’m behind here on the Farm ~ had a very tragic loss in my Family ~ my niece was in a bad accident with her 9 children, (their friend ran a stop sign). Maria(9) was thrown out and after 5 days on life support and brain dead she passed away. So it has been a difficult time.
    Glad to see you are taking a break to England ~ the Kids will miss their Mommy but John, Boo and Ton will do a good job!! Enjoy your trip with your Friends and just take it all in! Safe travels!

    • Oh you really have had a major tragedy in your life. I’m just a lounge member, but I’m sorry to hear of your family’s difficulties.

        • thanks Celi ~ yes a tragedy ~ will take a long time for them to heal. Maria’s Dad is an accomplished carpenter and he made her casket ~~ and he helped carry her to her grave. A very loving closure. Friends n Family are doing much to help them ~ every evening dinner is being brought in for almost the 2 months ~ and much more. So we are greatly appreciate for the love being shown to them ~ and the other driver too. Have a nice trip.

      • thank you for your thoughts ~~ it has been a difficult time for TAnne and her Family ~ but they have a deep faith which is carrying them thru.

  14. wow. it’s on. let me know if you’re in the foody, sunny parts of France. We’ll leave the light on fer ya

  15. Have a wonderful time here – shame you will be so busy, we could have met up for coffee somewhere!!

  16. [J] A delightful goodbye tour! Before reading this, I had not heard of a sun-dog. Then as I read I discovered it as something that appears in winter. Was it a wild animal driven closer to human habitation through hunger. And then at the end I understood – well, understood what it is, but not why the phenomenon (created by ice particles in the atmosphere) is called a sun-dog! Ah, the joys of transnational blogging!

  17. Safe travels and enjoy yourself while you’re off in London and elsewhere. So nice to see everyone on the farmy.

  18. That’s how I chose the name, Littlesundog. People think it’s a Native American name, but no. I have been fascinated by sundogs forever, and many people have never seen them – they simply go unnoticed. What a great collection of photos. So many beautiful, robust figures out there sunbathing… Oooh, la LA!! 😀 Have a fabulous trip!!

  19. Another thing I really like and admire about you is your balance of dedication to the farm and your love of travel. I think it’s so important and healthy to have both. We are traveling a lot this winter and I’m loving it- once our goat kids are born in April, we’ll be settled in for much of the year.
    I’ve already viewed your trip and it looked lovely! cheers… wendy

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