and the skies blew in

I spent a lot of yesterday looking up. Watching the sky and tripping over things. For weeks the predominant cloud display has been a complete cover. But yesterday a change came and the clouds were skudding across the sky. Gathering in long curtains. Performing their long languid slow motion dance. Stretching.

On show again. A gallery of fluff and promise.


For me today, after all the chores and cleaning of the barns, I am getting my little suitcase out. Due to the gypsyish nature of this trip  I am only taking a small cabin bag. I HATE travelling with big bags especially when using public transport. I will only be away 10 days. (I think – I need to check that.) Both countries I am travelling to will be winter so that makes it even easier.

There is a high of 29f/-1 forecast for our neck of the woods today with sun, which will be nice. Cold is one thing – cold and sun is quite another. A very pleasant other. We are at 16f/-8c presently with London sitting on 51f/10c.

Today my goal is to get a picture for you of each group of animals.

A proper walk-about post (we have not done one for ages!)

Tomorrow will be my last day posting until I pop up in London on Monday. . I have guest posts all lined up for you. In fact for each of my travel days(when i am on trains or in planes or automobiles) you will be entertained by gardeners and farmers from around the world. And on Tuesday I meet up with another couple of bloggers for lunch in the city.

I lived in London for years ending about a decade ago and though I will be  ducking and diving tube strikes I am really looking forward to navigating  London on the underground again. And walking about with Camera House. I love the big city. And I look froward to writing posts for you from there (and elsewhere!!)

I will say goodbye tomorrow morning with (hopefully) pictures of everyone.

Have a lovely day.


52 Comments on “and the skies blew in

  1. gonna miss you so much, but i really hope that you will have a safe journey and have fun in London… I shall look forward to the guest writers….lots of love  

    Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2017 at 3:06 PM

  2. press F5 and go refresh yourself 🙂 Enjoy, have fun and keep us posted. Safe travels and happy landings each time. Laura

  3. It’s up to 11ºC now! It feels quite warm in comparison to around 0º last week. They say it should be roughly 9 or 10º when you arrive 🙂

  4. Oh, have fun! you are a most efficient packer if you can survive for 10 days on 1 small bag! I just spent a week in MO and had a large suitcase, and then didn’t wear everything I packed! I am going to work on that I think. I would so like to visit London, and look forward to hearing about your trip.

  5. Like a child going to a favorite amusement park. Can’t help but grin. (Public transportation does teach you a well mannered bag is so needed. Soft winds blow you there. Warm souls greet you. Happy memories attach …and gentle sighs as you head home.)

  6. Oh goody!! An adventure!! Put on those gypsy boots and have yourself a fabulous time! It’s always interesting to read the guest writers, so we will be well taken care of!! 🙂

  7. Winter in London… It conjures up memories of freezing outside, then boiling to death inside shops in my warm coat, of waiting endlessly for my bus at Marble Arch, of the mad throngs in Oxford Street from the beginning of December till after Christmas, of dark falling shortly after 3.30pm, and daylight not reappearing till 8.00am. London is a fantastic, magical city, but I can’t live there any more, and find even visits overpowering – too much all-too-present humanity and noise. I lived and worked there for over 20 years, and I left a bit of my heart there, but I’m happier where I am. I hope your fleeting visit brings back wonderful memories and refreshes the city-loving gypsy in you. We’ll be here when you get back, waiting for stories and pictures from The Smoke…

  8. We visitors will manage, but what arrangements have you made for the animals–their emotional needs, I mean. They are so used to the clown suit, the camera house, the instructions (Ton, Boo), the soothing voice while milking, the muttering, the praising, the ongoing one-way conversation (I am guessing you talk to them as freely as you talk to us). They will surely miss you. Or perhaps they have learned from you about self-management, positive spirit, and the beauty in the sky. I have.

  9. Safe travels and give our love to London. Both Jean and I were born Londoners. Jean in Dagenham, a little to the East of London, and me in Acton. But wouldn’t swap Southern Oregon for London for all the tea in China (and, trust me, that’s a lot of tea!).

  10. Quick question – do you roll your clothes for travel or lay them flat? Quick comment – I hate looking like a tourist when I travel, so I only take one ‘nice’ outfit for a special occasion. Quick wish – enjoy your travels for all of us and come home safely! Tata!

  11. Yes I hope you have a wonderful time Miss C. I can’t wait to see London but also the mystery country and don’t forget your ☂️

  12. Almost time to wish you safe and happy travels. London is wonderful whatever the weather…but then as a Londonder I’m just a tiny bit biased 😀

  13. I think you need to do us a post showing how you pack for 10 days with only a small bag! I don’t think I could do it – I am very much an over-packer, being prepared for all emergencies etc! And then not using half what I take. Have fun and safe travels!

  14. we will miss you , thank you for taking such good care of us , stay safe and have a BLAST

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