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Dawn Chorus – In Surround Sound

The bird song sounds of the dawn caught on video. There are a short few minutes just as the sun is rising when all the birds put aside their differences and pipe in the light. They rise onto their toes in the trees and… Continue Reading “Dawn Chorus – In Surround Sound”


HOME again, home again. Jiggedy Jig.

Back on the farm.

I am home again. And like every time I come home  to the farm I am haunted by this little nursery rhyme. To Market, to Market To market, to market to buy a fat pig; Home again, home again, jiggety-jig. To market, to market,… Continue Reading “Back on the farm.”

A Watchful Stillness

There has been a curious watchful stillness about the air these last few days. Waiting. “Captive wild animal watching the open door.” – kind of waiting.  This was our sunrise yesterday. In a moment it will spring forth leaving winter in its wake but for… Continue Reading “A Watchful Stillness”

Up before the Sun

There are many things about farming that I love.  One of them is milking. So one of the joys of farming is the early mornings when it is just me and the cow, her calf and the sun rising and the gentle flow of fresh milk.… Continue Reading “Up before the Sun”


I am off to California today. To visit another branch of my family.My third son and his family. If I had been able to get out  to Canada as well this winter, to see my Eldest son, I would have seen all five of my children… Continue Reading “Gone”

Nope, still no calf –

Nothing yet.  Same Cow. Same Spot. Different Day. Boo is entranced by the chickens. He just stands like that and stares around. Waiting for them to start line dancing or something. Oh, it was a lovely day yesterday. I worked in and around the… Continue Reading “Nope, still no calf –”


Yesterday Camera House took a rest day. A hiatus. A break in regular transmitting.  And I concentrated on other things. And this morning I am looking forward to another day and another cup of tea, another bowl of coleslaw, another chat with you, another… Continue Reading “Hiatus”

Sundogs – like bookends for a frozen day.

Yesterday was officially freezing.  Real freezing cold. Not that fake cold when your dressing gown is in the dryer and you have to run to the toilet in your nightie and the toilet seat is cold and you shiver and say God that is… Continue Reading “Sundogs – like bookends for a frozen day.”

How wonderful ..

The first day of 2014. I have a good feeling. The sun rose white and cold into the blue sky on the last day of 2013. There was even a little snow. I still love snow.   I hope I don’t jinx it but… Continue Reading “How wonderful ..”