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Dawn Chorus – In Surround Sound

The bird song sounds of the dawn caught on video. There are a short few minutes just as the sun is rising when all the birds put aside their differences and pipe in the light. They rise onto their toes in the trees and… Continue Reading “Dawn Chorus – In Surround Sound”

Tane of the night

This was the morning yesterday, clear and cold with a good hard white crunchy frost. Later  yesterday evening Jake and I drove up to Chicago to the United Cargo depot to collect the latest member of the farmy family. After the shortest of waits Tane… Continue Reading “Tane of the night”

New Zealand

I am here now.  Napier. New Zealand. We are there now.  It is spring. The festivities have begun.  I am up too early as usual. In a moment I will pull a few more clothes on and go for a walk up the beach –… Continue Reading “New Zealand”

Why isn’t the list getting any Shorter?

Yesterday I reordered the order, and all the animals went in and out of the barn with ease and no escapes. So now the pens are all sorted out for the period that I am away. It is very lucky that pigs do not… Continue Reading “Why isn’t the list getting any Shorter?”

Farm Days from Dawn to Dusk

Did you ever see that movie Dusk ’til Dawn. Well, a day on the sustainable, self sufficient, old fashioned farm is Nothing LIKE that!!! It starts at dawn. John leaves for work in the dark at 5am.  I talk to you guys and catch… Continue Reading “Farm Days from Dawn to Dusk”