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Well, thankfully the thunder and lightning and wild storms never came yesterday, all we had was a bit of dark drizzle so I let Aunty Del and her leggy calf out into a sopping afternoon for a stroll. 

The Big City goes all farmy like!

Chicago …. the big city! From the beginning it was all about the food.  John from Chicago met the Matriarch and I at the railway station, poured us into his little super duper car and roared us through the streets from market to market.… Continue Reading “The Big City goes all farmy like!”

Why isn’t the list getting any Shorter?

Yesterday I reordered the order, and all the animals went in and out of the barn with ease and no escapes. So now the pens are all sorted out for the period that I am away. It is very lucky that pigs do not… Continue Reading “Why isn’t the list getting any Shorter?”

barn windows.. and staying out of debt.

I was in a Big Box superstore  the other day. I try not to go into these places too often as they confuse me. This one was bigger than my wee farmy.  Much bigger. Filled with the most curious collection of useless objects.  AND… Continue Reading “barn windows.. and staying out of debt.”