Why isn’t the list getting any Shorter?

Yesterday I reordered the order, and all the animals went in and out of the barn with ease and no escapes. So now the pens are all sorted out for the period that I am away.

It is very lucky that pigs do not have digits or at the very least Daisy’s height. They would be opening gates in all directions.

Those pigs forget nothing. I gave them the command to run through the barn and up the barn corridor and around the corner entering their winter quarters the old way (without going across the drive, which they are not allowed to do while I am away). The command by the way is Go To Bed. We have not done this for most of the summer. Go To Bed I called from the field. Bam! Off they shot and were piled up at the correct gate before I even got to in to open it! They love their Winter Quarters.

Queenie watched as we opened the interior milking parlour gate for Daisy, now that the cold is here and like a good fat cow she did not try to stuff herself through as well. She is the very essence of patience this cow. She stands ever so quietly waiting for her turn to be fed.

And Daisy moseyed on through her new entrance with a flick of her ever- flicking tail and a smart comment about how it was – about Time someone got around to opening this door, I am so over having to walk through the muck out there, and what were you thinking taking so long about it?

It is one of those lovely double horse doors too, so she can still watch the preparations but from the warmth of her own bed. Lazy cow.

Minty and Meadow have reclaimed the sunroom which they cannot jump out of- and why were there piggies in here anyway Miss c? 

Much to the delight of Author and LuLu.

The kittens really love those little sheep.

As you know my mantra is space and air, not only is this for my building projects but also for my animals. Each animal must have the option to go outside. The  option  for Mama’s flock is a two acre paddock, which desperately needs time without sheep on it now.  So on the list is the fence, to create a small field, that keeps them in closer to the barn, hay and their barn door.

The generator needs it’s yearly overhaul because the power does go out in the storms but we still need to run water and milk twice a day. The generator only runs twice a day during these times.  Also on the list is The List for the Surrogate Milkers of who gets what, when, where, how much and for how long.

Plus I cannot possibly go AWAY in farm clothes and all my clothes have been reduced to farm clothes. Most especially my jeans. And you all know how I feel about shopping! Which is why all my clothes are farm clothes. It just won’t do. One has to think of ones public you know!

And I really want to be wearing clothes that are Made in America.  I prefer to shop from the country I am living in. Why is it so hard to find a little white top that is Made in America? I simply cannot go to NZ dressed in the House of; Made in China.  Do I have to learn how to SEW!? Horrors.

Anyway, I won’t read the list to you. John might see it and run for the hills -which is a pretty long run out here on the prairies.  At least he can cook and I am not reduced to putting meals in the freezer for him to eat while I am away.

Have a lovely day.




52 Comments on “Why isn’t the list getting any Shorter?

  1. It might be a long list, but you’re a Master of Management, Miss C…Your animals (and John!) apprieciate you – even if they forget to tell you that.
    I took myself shopping for the first time in a year a few weeks ago, for some Saturday Night Dinner clothes. I let the shop girls dress me, and had a grand time. Try and enjoy yourself, just a bit 🙂

  2. They’re all so cute and well trained. Even if you learnt to sew, guess where the fabric would be from?! I hate sewing too. All the best with your preparations. 🙂

  3. “Those pigs forget nothing.” — We won’t tell the Shush sisters, but the last boar pig we had on the farm many years ago would climb gates — I helped my father run a line of electric fence across the top of the gate to keep “Pete” in. The kittens are so cute — maybe they know the sheep are good for cuddling. Looking forward to our trip to New Zealand!

    • CLIMBED gates! What a shot that would have made! WoW! lets not tell Charlotte! EVER! The cats are fascinated by sheep, but use cows for warmth, which terrifies me. c

      • I think I hid out and watched Pete do it but no pictures .He got extra corn so I could get him back in — so it was a win-win situation for him. I recall the barn cats curling up with our cows too, but don’t recall any injuries. Cows must be like a large electric blanket to them. Are there any consignment shops near you? I get clothes there for reasonable prices..

  4. Glad your Drill went better with no escapees. How far do you have to drive to go shopping? We’re 1 1/2 hours from anything here. You must be getting excited. You’ll be on your way before we know it! (I hate clothes shopping.)

  5. I also hate shopping. But I love thrift stores. It’s not just the bargains, but recycling clothes counts, even if they were made somewhere else, I think.

    • I completely agree, I dressed myself entirely in second hand clothing when I lived in europe and the outfits were fantastic, there is one thrift shop a ways from here, I should go and check it out, tho I seldom drive up that way.. c

  6. Don’t get me going on the Made in China thing. We had a wee generator which broke down. It just needed a new spring but no, it’s a Chinese copy of a honda and you can’t get spare parts! And as for clothes! I remember that great bastion of the British high street, Marks and Spencer – everything made in Britain. Not anymore. So maybe you’re on to something, we’re just going to have to dust off the old sewing macine!

  7. I hope the list begins to get shorter soon. On a different note, I woke up this morning at 7AM and noticed it was still dark. I’m in awe how you can get so much done before the sun rises.

  8. Our kittens are growing so quickly. Lovely to have everybody sorted, except you on your wardrobe, you poor dear. I hate clothes shopping, never did enjoy it so I feel your pain on that score. Hope you find something American made soon, oh and at a reasonable price too.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • I have found some fantastic american designers, but at a price that is for sure(.which i don’t mind paying for something perfect once in a while) . but there is a dearth of sweat shops in the US I guess! c

  9. I realise your list is probably still growing but there is nothing better than starting to cros sthings off a list.
    Could the internet be your shopping friend ?

    • I could and do shop from the internet sometimes but we are miles out in the country so the little man in his truck has to drive all the way out here for one item at a time and i feel so BAD! Too late now though.. c

  10. Animals are so clever atren´t they..remembering things! And thank god your John is independent and can cook 🙂 I often add things to my list that I have already done and then put a line through them. It makes me feel better!

  11. Are you a worrywort Ms. C? You sound suspiciously like Jen, and she’s one. Seriously though, sounds to me like you’ve got things all sorted out. And no one but you will know where your clothing was made. 🙂

    • But I will know, it is like cleaning the moat, I will know the moat is clean.. and I am trying to dispel the notion people have of the midwest as a cultural desert.. I have a week! And yes rumpy darling.. I am a Worrywort. I am the Fretter.. the Handwringer.. Tell jen I promise to do better.. (Hey that rhymes!).. Oh dear.. c

  12. Oh my gosh, I swear you must be my sister somehow. No farm, but a reclaimed, recovering and restructing yard and garden and 2 dogs and a miriad of wildlife — and all my clothes are yard work clothes. Husband insisted I buy new jeans, and I made it through trying on 1 pair of jeans before I gave up. I just don’t do shopping. Lucky me, my sister’s oldest daughter has recently outgrew a pair of jeans… while the 2 inch zipper is a wee bit short for my age (the age of women who prefer that their undies don’t show out the back of their jeans) I’ll adapt with long shirts in order to not shop. And, if you can find a Made In US white shirt that is thick enough to not need to wear yet another shirt under it so that under wear is properly hidden, PLEASE let me know. I am also of the age of women who prefer their shirts to not highlight and draw attention to one’s bra. 🙂

    • Wear a bright pink bra, this is what I do! I do have nice bras!! ha ha ha .. oh sister from another mother! How much fun would we have sitting about in our frayed and holey farm clothes! oh and the undies that are allowed to show, evidently, are smaller than their own label, so I say to the girls at least cut that label off!! c

  13. And, I soooo wish that I lived close enough to come play with your animals! Especially while you are gone and they need a little attention. They are going to miss you! I’d take my laptop out to your barn and let your skype with all your critters.

  14. Loved the pics of the animals today…especially sweet Queenie waiting ever so patiently! Happy shopping C…..isn’t it fun?? Ugh! 🙂

  15. It sounds like a lot of us farming types have the same opinion of clothes shopping! I can’t stand it. A new hooded sweatshirt is on my list right now…

  16. LOL what a nice post! I love you farmy animals too.
    I have several ‘sets’ of clothes: 1. work clothes, which are most of my clothes. 2. clothes that I can wear when I need to take a train/plane to see my sisters. I don’t wear one to do the other!! My ‘comfy’ work clothes are always in my dresser while my ‘dressy’ clothes are usually packed up just waiting for a special occasion. Made in North America clothing is quite a challenge to find…..

  17. It’s funny you’d mention sewing, Celi. I’ve been wondering the same thing. I used to sew a great deal, but that feels like an art I may have lost. At the same time, I also hate shopping, and have just been wondering…I’ll let you know if I ever move out of the “state of wondering.” I love the kittens. I love all the menagerie and care about their well-being. Your space and air mantra is a gift I wish all could honor. And the photo of the kittens is so sweet. It sounds to me like you’re thinking of everything. Once your big adventure begins, I hope you’ll be trouble free! 🙂

  18. Remember to leave room on your clothes shopping list and suitcase for some NZ clothes… there is a shop I go to from time to time in Sydney who stocks great NZ designers… not inexpensive though.

  19. IF you sew – for goodness sakes buy good material so once it’s done it will hold up and you won’t have to make another one soon. (my mom sewed – that was one of her rules – I can, but don’t very often)
    Made in America is difficult, but there’s some. Not Your Mother’s jeans for one – and there’s some on-line shirt companies that used to sell to big places that now buy out of country. (Maybe get a list to you next time). Once thing you might consider is checking around the community – there may be a seamstress/neighbor/grandmother there that could make you just about anything – and it would help the local economy? (and FYi many fabrics are still made in USA…My mom had a nice suit made in Hong Kong – but the ultra fine ultra suede came from the US mills)
    The farmy will miss you, but all will greatly appreciate you when you return.
    So go with a light heart and have fun

    • All I can sew is straight skirts and I make them out of curtain material, but interesting about Not You Mothers jeans I shall find them. I know I will feel better when i have taken off, then I will know I did the best I could and have to trust other people after that.. thank you mouse! c

      • I think American eagle brand is also US made – but I’d have to check. There’s a little place in the NW that used to sell to Lands End but now only sells on line – mostly rugby shirts and T shirts, but I can’t remember – will have to ask RC – she knows everything, just ask her.
        (PS I used curtains for material in college for halter tops, skirts, and very simple T shaped blouses with few seams!)

  20. Celi, Everything is done perfectly, you know it, so GO, have a carefree vacation, and be glad you don’t own geese. 😉 ~Lynda

  21. I’m so impressed with those piggies. They are so intelligent. Lots of nice summer clothes await you in the NZ shops. Why not wait? It’s always more fun shopping when on holiday. Have you got any icebreaker garments? They will keep you especially warm back in USA, and are made from Kiwi merino. How exciting. The time is getting very close, and I’m sure these well-trained animals will behave beautifully while you are away.

  22. Hate to tell you: won a magazine competition just a month or two ago – two beautiful knitted New Zealand T-shirts: over $100 total, my choice of colour! Oh, they DO look ‘nice’ and are of a good quality, the label says’ Made in China’! Huh 😦 ! So you really think it’s different here?

  23. Dear Celi – is this how Noah sorted his lot? Gosh pigs are intelligent – I was reading an article the other day that said they’re almost as intelligent as we are.. and then you think of how they’re treated – not yours!
    Now : Clothes report from NZ – Don’t worry too much about Made in China…no-one will even know…. here, even the good clothes seem to be made in China. At this moment I’m wearing a nice white T shirt from The Warehouse, it cost $ 5 95. I bought six of them. And a camel cardigan from a sale rack for $ 4. No good worrying about slave labour etc etc. It’s almost impossible to buy anything here that isn’t made in China…… love from NZ

    • Oh dear.. the camel cardi sounds lovely.. I must remember to pop into the WareWhare when I am home! and sometimes when my pigs look at me i honestly think theya re seeing ME, whereas daisy really does see FOOD! Dying to get back home, hoping for lovely warm weather too! obviously.. c

  24. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one in the crowd that dislikes clothes shopping. There is nothing more frustrating than when coming home to Michigan to visit and shopping and finding all the clothes were made in the place I just flew out of. However, tall sizes for my boys that are growing like weeds are just not so readily available here in Asia. I love the pictures of your kitties they are just adorable.

  25. Why don’t you shop in NZ once you have more time? (I also hate shopping and my wardrobe – cobbled together with hand-me-downs from folks who have more fab clothing than they have days to wear it and ill-advised emergency purchases – shows it.) Keep strong Missy! It will get done!

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