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My friend said to me …

“My  Grand-Daddy was a gambling  man,”  my friend said to me yesterday as we were packing her fresh eggs into boxes.  We had been talking about drunks.  The weekend kind who had a drink and went to sleep.  My friend does not drink.  But… Continue Reading “My friend said to me …”

The Great New Zealand Barbeque

All us expats live with two homes. Lucky us. Unlucky us. We can meet and eat and laugh and drink with some of the most important people in our entire lives at the great New Zealand barbie, set in an urban vegetable garden with wine and… Continue Reading “The Great New Zealand Barbeque”

Rain on the hay – my language could be stronger…

This year, every time we cut the hay it rained. This time it rained then it snowed then it dried beautifully. My friend and I walked out to the hay makers field before lunch yesterday. She had come down to help me with the… Continue Reading “Rain on the hay – my language could be stronger…”

The Big City goes all farmy like!

Chicago …. the big city! From the beginning it was all about the food.  John from Chicago met the Matriarch and I at the railway station, poured us into his little super duper car and roared us through the streets from market to market.… Continue Reading “The Big City goes all farmy like!”