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To catch my flight to California from O’Hare airport this morning I had to come up to Chicago yesterday afternoon and stay the night. Before my dinner engagement, I went through the rabbit warren underground passageways then up to my favourite old watering hole on… Continue Reading “THE WALNUT ROOM”

Finger Tip

I cut My fingers all the time. Fr some reason whetehr my knives are sharp or blunt I always manage to cut into ,y fingers when I am ooking in a hurry. I thought I would leave that sentence be, so you can see… Continue Reading “Finger Tip”

Away, and back

Yesterday I rose at 5am, fed the pigs and filled the waters, shifted the cows and ran the dogs, then changed, put my hair up, found my city boots, searched high and low for a slap of lipstick then jogged out the door by 7.15… Continue Reading “Away, and back”

To begin

For the first hour and a bit of my journey to Chicago I drive up to a station called University Park. There I leave the car. The second half of my journey to Chicago is on the Metra. The Metra. A train designed to move… Continue Reading “To begin”

Are you fretting yet?

As we wandered the streets of Chicago, Fede asked me endlessly – Are you worried about the animals yet? Will they be OK? Are you fretting? I think he was more worried than I was as we wandered about the streets of Chicago. Eating- ( and a teensy… Continue Reading “Are you fretting yet?”

Wrigley Field: a photographic essay: baseball on the fringes.

Built in 1914, Wrigley Park is known to be the oldest original Big League Baseball park still remaining in America.  It is shortly to be cleaned up and renovated a little so John and I went up to Chicago to join Chg John in… Continue Reading “Wrigley Field: a photographic essay: baseball on the fringes.”

The Big City goes all farmy like!

Chicago …. the big city! From the beginning it was all about the food.  John from Chicago met the Matriarch and I at the railway station, poured us into his little super duper car and roared us through the streets from market to market.… Continue Reading “The Big City goes all farmy like!”

Landing in the land of FAST internet.

I left the damp and sepia plains at 6.30 in the morning and drove in  a very bumpy bus up to Chicago. Sometimes I question whether these buses produce their own sneaky versions of square wheels.  The jiggling out of focus red hat of… Continue Reading “Landing in the land of FAST internet.”

And so to these magnanimous awards, for the new year and for the old year, for our year.

We have a story at the end of this post, you will see why soon. But first. The giving and receiving of awards is most wonderful and most terrifying. Choices hurt. How can I possibly choose between you, when I have so many truly… Continue Reading “And so to these magnanimous awards, for the new year and for the old year, for our year.”

Utopian to Utilitarian in the city

I am back. In my cool study. No one is any worse for wear due to my absence. Though Daisy set up such a racket of bellowing when I appeared that I had to go out and visit. She then commenced to try to get… Continue Reading “Utopian to Utilitarian in the city”