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So, you’re going to Italy …

Hello, everyone. Celi asked me for some helpful tips for her upcoming holiday and I was very happy to oblige. I’ve since learned from a very reliable little bird that MILAN is the destination for our friend. With that tweet in mind, I’ve included not just travel details… Continue Reading “So, you’re going to Italy …”

bus, train, tram, lunch

Yesterday Fede and I climbed on a bus in Apollo Bay and it carried us to Geelong.  It was a windy road along a series of beautiful beaches.  But a windy road in a bus. Enough said. Then we ran, laughing with relief at being… Continue Reading “bus, train, tram, lunch”

To begin

For the first hour and a bit of my journey to Chicago I drive up to a station called University Park. There I leave the car. The second half of my journey to Chicago is on the Metra. The Metra. A train designed to move… Continue Reading “To begin”

Utopian to Utilitarian in the city

I am back. In my cool study. No one is any worse for wear due to my absence. Though Daisy set up such a racket of bellowing when I appeared that I had to go out and visit. She then commenced to try to get… Continue Reading “Utopian to Utilitarian in the city”