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Walking the feet in Milan

With just under sixteen thousand footsteps we saw a lot of Milan. I took many photographs but only a few passed the final cut.  But these few describe my day beautifully, I think. I took some of Il Duomo which sits in the very… Continue Reading “Walking the feet in Milan”

So, you’re going to Italy …

Hello, everyone. Celi asked me for some helpful tips for her upcoming holiday and I was very happy to oblige. I’ve since learned from a very reliable little bird that MILAN is the destination for our friend. With that tweet in mind, I’ve included not just travel details… Continue Reading “So, you’re going to Italy …”

Treasures from California

Before I take you outside for an inspection of the Farmy, I want to show you a treasure I found in California. A beautiful girl took me to a Fantastic Second Hand Shop, I think it was called a Consignment Store. Look what we… Continue Reading “Treasures from California”