Utopian to Utilitarian in the city

I am back. In my cool study. No one is any worse for wear due to my absence. Though Daisy set up such a racket of bellowing when I appeared that I had to go out and visit. She then commenced to try to get her tongue INTO my drink as I patted her bony head.   Which was not a pretty sight. Too young to drink though. I will show you a few pictures of the City then I must get out and get busy.

So I left the green country to take the train up to the city in a massive storm. Mercifully the train was fast, the wet tracks hissing as we travelled.   Wooshed us through the storm and spat us out the other side with very little drama.  Unlike this motorcyclist, who was riding past the train,  I was safe and dry as I travelled.  And so to Chicago. This is one of the ceiling skylights in beautiful Union Station. Then into the city.  I love Chicago.   My brain can download, save, sort its files and reboot in the anonymity of the big city.  The Loop had been washed clean by a torrential downpour earlier that day, so it was clean, sweet,  steaming and in order.

I have a dreadful affliction when it come to associating words with songs. And then the songs get stuck in my head.  Worse i even catching myself humming them as i work. After taking this shot I struggled with that old 70’s disco song – Car Wash.  So I had Rose Royce shrieking it into  my subconscious soundtrack for the day. 

Then as I rounded a corner.  Lost again of course.   I have NO sense of direction.There was a message from home!  Ah, Cheers!

Beautiful.  The design of these buildings by these long dead architects with such vision is still  simply beautiful. 

And then onto the Metra to go to beautiful Evanston to visit with my dear friends and see their farmers market (tomorrow I will show it to you) but Nothing could have prepared me for the Metra. It is raw, industrial, deeply depressing and NEVER go on this epitome of No Frills without an incredibly interesting book or a smart intelligent friend.  Though incredibly as we were packed into our silent rows, even after shooting enduring grandeur in the streets of The Loop, the rawness and toughness of the Metra train car was strangely comforting.  Of course my miserable subconscious soundtrack switched to Pink Floyd at this point with “We don’t need your education,  We don’t need your forced control”. Over and over and over again) Awful.   So maybe a hip flask would be in order for the Metra as well. And why is it that the subconscious soundtrack is always stuffed with songs you never ever  wanted to hear AGAIN!?

And now I am off to don my hat and veil, make like a nun and see to the bees.

Welcome to all the new readers who joined in while I was away.  I will make sure we get plenty of good bee pictures for you.  Maybe even HONEY!  The city was great.  And now I am  back to country living, with a vengeance, picking all my overgrown cucumbers and zuchinni, oops.   Oh and we now have tons of basil so I will make pesto later in the week.




4 Comments on “Utopian to Utilitarian in the city

  1. So far, no more snakes!!! And, we have let the 12 ducklings and 3 goslings (although they are so big now they no longer seem like baby-lings) out of the chicken yard and into our big backyard where they are having a ball. Last night about 1/2 the chicks went back into their hen house on their own and we only had to lift about 25 into it. So, things are improving. Our new strategy is to leave all the food and water in the hen house so that, hopefully, they’ll all go back in at night on their own! I’ll let you know how it goes! D

  2. I used to go to Chicago all the time, almost once a month, as I was managing some work there. I haven’t been in several years, however.

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