Away, and back

Yesterday I rose at 5am, fed the pigs and filled the waters, shifted the cows and ran the dogs, then changed, put my hair up, found my city boots, searched high and low for a slap of lipstick then jogged out the door by 7.15 am so I could drive North and catch the 8.30 train to Chicago.

My friend and I had a lovely day wandering through China town in the big city. It was like travelling to another country with the language, and people, and by the time I had caught the return train home in time to milk the cows in the dropping evening light I felt quite refreshed by the gentle day. My mind was filled with new sights, and colours and smells and conversation. By the time I had finished work it was quite dark , cool but not cold – gentle on the body, the animals were shuffling about making their beds, or munching the last of their dinner or flying noisily up to their perches,  the littlest of the piglets were gathering under their heat lamp and as I walked up to the house with the hot milk,  the still coolness of the evening after a day in the city had a kind of ruby richness. My little quiet life found its footing again as I adjust from a summer of people and talk and laughter and work to a winter of .quietness and solitary toil in the approaching cold. I needed to get up to the city so I could come back and  resettle myself somehow.

But my shins hurt this morning. I have spent the whole summer on the flatlands, and my muscles are not used to any steps at all. The city is quite close really – only a few hours  travel but diametrically different. Utterly. However I am as easy in the city as I am in the country as I am on a beach. I love everywhere.

About a dozen times I deeply regretted not taking Camera House but we were on a tasting tour through China Town (with a delightful side visit to a splendid and tiny Buddhist temple) discovering new restaurants and sights and I did not feel like being encumbered with the big camera bag.  However the faces of Chinatown mocked that decision.

Everyone was fine (and hungry) when I got home, much to my relief because I do fret when I am away.

Today the weather is great again, We will be in the low 60’s (around 15C) and cloudy with very little wind – I am on a gathering mission today – walnuts and the last of the pears. I have been feeding the cows chopped up pears as I milk them and as well as being a cheap milking treat I fancy that it adds to the richness of the cream.  The walnuts are stored as winter feed for the pigs.

Much love.

Have a lovely day.



30 Comments on “Away, and back

  1. Lovely words to express the contrasts… Sometimes it helps to see the true beauty of your life after a complete break from it. And I’m glad you managed to fit in a day of fun!

  2. A change is as good as a holiday 🙂 Pounding cement pavements in the city will do that to you, hoping your mild weather continues forever. Laura

  3. A change is as good as a holiday. We all need a slight change of scenery every now and then, I believe,

  4. Are you like me and forget that you are carrying a camera in your pocket (or purse)? I have never gotten used to the idea that my phone will take pictures for me even though I constantly provided with proof by all my internet friends.

    • I do use my phone for instagram but it will not converse with my laptop so i cannot bring phone photos into the computer (for the blog) – and unless an image has a viewing objective (instagram, facebook or the blog or to print) I see no use for images sitting in phones. I do print from my phone images though and sometimes the results are surprising

  5. I saw two shots (from your phone?) on IG–looked like a fun day. And stairs! In France last month I about killed my bad knee with all the steps I walked up and down. Its good for everything else, though. Glad all was well upon your return.

  6. Amazing what a day outside of your normal routine can do to rejuvenate the soul. How lovely. Sounds like would have enjoyed your day with you too.
    Have a happy day today .
    🙂 Mandy xo

  7. I can only say that your stamina is amazing…l would have been well and truly knackered after the first two hours and defintely not have the energy to trot around a city. Well done Miss C wonderwoman extrodinaire

  8. What an awesome day trip! I know you don’t get away often enough. It sounds like you had a fantastic time. Did you try any marvelous foods? Do tell my sweet friend. My pot belly calls for great food. ❤ XOXO – Bacon

  9. I will be thinking of you now each time I am out gathering acorns for the deer kids for winter. I love a trip to Dallas (just a four hour drive) but I am always happy to come home to the rural life. I am glad you enjoyed your day outing!

  10. Chicago is a great town. I would like to spend some more time there someday. Please tell John that I wish him and the Chicago Cubs good luck!

  11. I love everywhere, too. And it is always fun to do something a little different for a day.

  12. When I was 8 years old, my mentor took me to San Francisco’s Chinatown. I was hooked but good! The different smells, the different items for sale, the exotic wonder of it all. And that love never diminished over the years. As an adult I found many reasons to return and when I married, I dragged my husband along. At first he resisted but when we went to my favorite restaurant he was regaling folks at nearby tables about how we always go to Sam Wo’s whenever we were in Chinatown. He was hooked as well.

    Much love,
    Your Gayle

  13. We enjoy Chinatowns and exploring places in general and then maybe assimilating some part of it into our beings. We’ve just this morning similarly been discussing that our trip away has supported our process of settling into our new life. It was equal parts challenging & rewarding. Just as being at home will be.

  14. A wonderful Sunday being able to do something totally different : a tasting tour in Chinatown – that and enjoyable company would be heaven for most everyone and you had not been to ‘town’ for so long! Lovely 🙂 ! . . . . [computer gone haywire this morning: wonder whether this will arrive . . . ?]

  15. We’ve been house-sitting in the mountains for thirteen days. I’m looking forward to returning home to our city. Time away, even a day, I think, reminds us how much we love home – wherever that may be.

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