Taking the Lead

I milk the cows every evening.  There are two cows, Aunty Del the young Ayrshire and Lady Astor the older Holstein/Dutch Belted cross. Up until now Aunty Del has always come into the  milking room first, in fact when I open the door I have to leap back so she does not run me down. She literally jogs in, turning the corners at speed.
kunekune - tima

But in the last few evenings Lady Astor has been unceremoniously shoving Aunty aside so she can get into the milking room first. She positions herself at the door so she is first in line, she uses her bulk not speed, cutting Aunty Del off and steaming steadily into the milking room.
lady astor

She always takes much longer to milk, as well as having more milk it flows much slower than youthful Del.

lady astor

I think she is hurrying in so she can get to eat most of the pears that I chop up for their milking treat. Maybe she knows that we are on the last few buckets. She is a cow and cows don’t like to share!
steer - hereford

Bobby Two wishes he could come in for pears too but a steer in a milking room is not terribly useful.

Raining and windy here –  though we expect a warm high of 62F/16C  – which means Poppy has to stay inside all day much to her disgust but the wind drives straight into her East-facing Suite and the babies do not need cold wet blowing rain.

I hope you have a lovely day,



36 Comments on “Taking the Lead

  1. Oh to be one of your cows! I have lost touch with blogging lately and only post haphazardly but every time I dip into your word and images I am refreshed – thanks so much C

  2. We’ve only one milk cow, but I remember when I had milking goats – definite hierarchy there in the order they lined up. It never changed 😊

  3. Maybe Lady Astor was feeling left out when it came to pear treats. Hopefully she is leaving some for Aunty.

  4. Good morning! I am worrying already about the time you run out of pears. I don’t expect animals have any concept of something simply running out and may get rather upset when you do. Much cooler here today, right now at just 2c (35 f.) with an expected high of just 6c (43 f.) later on. No rain expected till tomorrow but I am seriously not excited about having to go out this morning. Poppy needs to be told to count her blessings! Our autumn has been beautifully warm till now so no complaints allowed but it is just so sad to see a summer leave us. Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  5. Milk room antics! My goats have a very specific pecking order when it comes to milking, and sometimes someone will upset that apple cart. Lady Astor knows what she is about!

  6. I can hear Lady A telling Aunty Del that she can have the tomatoes but the pears are off limits 🙂 Such a pity we can’t live in Camelot and set the weather to our preferences. Laura

  7. Cows meet at dawn..with eyes on the pears..which one will draw first?

  8. Oh I ‘m really glad to hear that someone else’s milk cow runs to the stanchion. I have lectured Maisy all summer on her lack of manners as she just about plows me down trying to get to her milking treats. Naughty cows! Don’t we love them?

  9. My goodness… it IS about the food, isn’t it? What you described reminded me of dinner time when we were little kids. There was always a rush to get to the table and get first dibs on this or that. And poor Bobby Two. I would have had to sneak him a half of a pear at least!! 😀

  10. I’d like to borrow some of your weather today Cecilia – it’s 42 degrees F here with a mix of rain, sleet and plenty of wind. The yucky days are coming!

  11. I do not like to share, either.

    May we have some of your rain? Just a few hours south of you, there is a veritable drought. No real rain in months.

  12. That phrase is so descriptive of a determined cow: “steaming steadily”. Makes me think of a laden ferry coming into port. I think it must be the pears doing the trick – animals have their favourite treats too. Lovely photo of Tima, by the way, I’ve always thought her ‘tortoiseshell’ colouring so pretty.

  13. Tima is looking well, I’ve missed seeing her. I’m sure Lady A is more interested in the pears than in being milked. I know you make sure Aunty gets her fair share. Stay dry today, better weather coming.

  14. Crafty cows! I guess the treats of pear is a fair exchange for fresh milk. I’m visiting my son’s family in BC. Dull and rainy here as well. I’m praying I can avoid a major snowfall during my visit. Hoping the farm keeps warm and dry.

  15. I milk an Ayrshire too! Her name is Jane, and I milk her twice a day, but right out where she is grazing. Most of the time, she is very cooperative. I very much enjoy your blog.

    • That is great , milking in the field that must be so peaceful – I use a milking machine – I am way too lazy to hand milk. I love the Ayrshires – they can be so naughty!

  16. Just love the picture of Tima!!! But I have to say that she looks a little…..well, can I say …portly… and still be kind? 🙂 🙂 🙂 xoxoxo

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