Finger Tip

I cut My fingers all the time. Fr some reason whetehr my knives are sharp or blunt I always manage to cut into ,y fingers when I am ooking in a hurry.

I thought I would leave that sentence be, so you can see what I do when I work in a hurry with a cut finger tip. Such a tiny cut too.

The lilacs and magnolias are budding but it is March. Only just. But March never the less. This is my least favourite month – anything can happen. And it is so long.  It came in like a lion though.

Yesterday was windy and cloudy and cold and it will be about the same today I think with a high of 39f/3c.  The forecast says we will start with a little sun though – sun is good.  It is just below freezing as I write.

There are little bits of green appearing and as long as the weather does not dip into some awful sustained deep cold or we get a nasty snow fall, the spring might continue to spread.

March 2 2015

I scrolled back to a few Marches this morning just so I could see what it was like other years and  it looks like we have had some miserable freezing storms in March in the past. Cold.

Marlene commented yesterday that she had read that Chicago  had just completed two months without snow cover (they need an inch of snow on the ground to be counted as snow cover). The lowest on record. She read right and thanks to chgjohn you can read that article here.  We received more snow than Chicago this year.

Now that we have got this far let’s hope the trend carries us through to an early spring. My hay pile is getting low. As are my spirits I think but I don’t know why. land

And this garden is being prepared for planting next month. The seeds are sown and in the little glass house. More seeds and plants are on the way. Three wwoofers will be arriving in five weeks to plant the spring gardens and get summer on the way. This year I will be selling pork and herbs to the restaurant for the first time, so I have to spend some money to make money and this worries me. This time of year supplies of everything are low.

But the sun is out for a while and my coffee cup is empty, so I am going to get out there with my animals.

I hope you have a lovely day.




59 Comments on “Finger Tip

  1. I find as the green bursts forth all around, my spirits lift….almost in relationship to the increasing amounts of green! Once those Woofers arrive you’ll be shifting into overdrive again! I”m thinking that with this early spring, March will zip by! xo

  2. i started to read..then stopped and went back to the beginning again, and then on to next sentence…I thought ' She has been on the bottle'  but really its only a cut finger…thank goodness….  

    Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2017 at 2:49 PM

  3. I abhor blunt knives, but sharp ones do cut fingers. I dropped my large and very sharp kitchen knife while washing up. Having fast reflexes and fearing the stone floor below, I caught the knife by the blade. I saved the knife but there was blood everywhere! I consider cuts to be an occupational hazard – avoidable most of the time, not not always 🙂

    • Yes, blunt knives are the worst, I have no time for them – which means of course that I do knick myself – but seen as an occupational hazard makes sense to me. I read your story of catching the falling knife and physically cringed. and fingers just bleed and bleed. That must have been a nasty cut.

      • I’ve cut myself a few times late at night, preparing supper when I’m very hungry. Rather than sit in A&E (starving) for 4 hours waiting for a stitch, I swear by duct tape, surgical spirit and kitchen towels. The worst one was dropping the knife when drying it and having it land in my foot. Fortunately it was the point – a bit of pressure and the above ingredients stopped the bleeding.

  4. March is not my favorite month either (with the exception that it’s my youngest’s birthday month): too late for real winter and winter activities, too early for spring. We’ve had some wicked storms in March~ icy winds, blowing snow. And this year we are still under 2 feet of snow. Bleck. Sometimes I sneak down to my garden in the basement and just breathe the moist soil. Your garden space looks large and wonderful! What type of veggies are selling?

    • TWO feet of snow is a lot of snow. I will be growing herbs for the restaurant. He has his own gardens too so this season we will kind of feel our way through it. I will grow twice as much as I usually grow of my usual vegetables and go from there. Much of what I grow I feed to the workers who I are here to grow the vegetables they will eat. It is a very sweet catch 22.

  5. Oh please please let that yellow magnolia bloom this year, we were cheated by a nasty hail (snow?) storm last year. Sigh, I am happy that spring is heading your way, but that means that I am going to have acknowledge winter is heading this way. Hope the sore finger heals quickly. Laura

    • I am thinking the same thing and if a bad storm comes in I am thinking of throwing a tarp over that magnolia, but the tarp might knock off more blooms than it saves – it is such a small tree.. just have to cross our fingers.. c

  6. 🙂 I have sticky keys on my computer and I loose T’s and F’s quite often. Add a cut – and you can not read my typing. 🙂 FAST = as tart = ar Taffy = ay….. Luckily – I don’t use f’s that often (oen) – or maybe I do….

    So you are feeling ‘blue’ – out of sorts – in the dumps – I am sorry – we do all get there sometimes. We are allowed, just don’t wallow and I know you won’t. I’m excited about this years Woofers – You need company out there….

    • Yes, this is the good thing about a DAILy blog – we get to have those misery loves company morning chats over coffee too – not oFten oF course – but you are right – it is allowed

  7. I was just commenting to my husband how lovely it is to see the trees starting to bud out. But things are late–usually the flowering plums have bloomed by now and I’ve not seen any out yet. We had a much colder and rainier winter than usual here. And I’m ready for it to be spring.

  8. March is probably my least favorite month also. It’s the grey of the landscape and skies that draws down my spirits. And there’s that uncertainty, that apprehension of another major snowstorm just as March teases spring.

    • I have that feeling too – all winter we have been waiting for the real winter weather here – I know it is out there in the wings but even a good snow storm now would melt pretty fast i think – the ground is so warm already.. c

  9. The thing about Chicago’s lack of snow for Jan/Feb is that it has never happened before since weather has been recorded. It said this morning that’s a 146 year record. The weather is off everywhere and I think our bodies are reacting to it. So many are feeling a bit off and struggling to get their energy going. Watch those fingers. We’d hate for you to lose any. 😦

  10. After burning my hand while preparing Thanksgiving dinner, one of my guests mentioned that there are 2 kinds of cooks: those who burn themselves and those that cut themselves. I’m firmly n the burn group and currently sport a nice one on my arm from fetching a hot pan from the oven.
    All this talk of no snow and, sure enough, there was a light dusting on the ground this morning. Hardly worth mentioning here in the city but some of the roads in the far suburbs were icy. C’mon spring!

    • An occasional knick happens via caution exercised after the knife & pumpkin incident I still have a scar from 30 years later, but another burner -arms too- here as I often work at speed & multi-task, and never seem to learn. My first aid kit is ice, Medi Quattro cream and aloe vera leaves.

    • A definite cutter here 🙂 ! Love Manuka honey and aloe vera to overcome my sins, oh, and ice and pressure . . . . with no glands after breast cancer ‘prevention is better than cure’ every time tho’ . . .

  11. I noticed that our ornamental pomegranate has large grape sized buds on it already. That’s early, even for Texas. We have sunshine and a soft breeze with cool air this morning. Have a couple of eggs, the yolks are supposed to be Vitamin D rich. That might help a bit. Or have a chat with Sheila, the wonder pig. oh, and Bag Balm for the finger! 🙂

  12. I love March…it’s the beginning of Spring for me…calves and cows will leave soon and tractor work will start. Yes we will have some cold and snowy days, but those are there to give us a rest. Then we begin again!

  13. I’m with you, Cecilia. I hate March and always have. The longest, dreariest month of all. And supposedly spring starts. What a joke!!

  14. Correspondingly, we in the southern heminsphere are contemplating winter, relatuvely mild comparatively, but it will be my first for a long time in the ‘real world’… not in a warm office, or travelling up north in the tropics. After a very hot, record breaking summer, cooler weafher has appeal but I forsee similar to what you are experiencing now, as we emerge from it I will be looking for light & warmth… a natural human conditon especially for those of us who hale from milder climates.

    • If i were to describe our winter I think I would say dark and dreary. We will be so very grateful when the sun comes back out. Light and warmth – such a wonderful thing.. c

  15. It’s been an unusually mild winter here in the mid-Atlantic USA too — almost no snow in the greater Philadelphia area and my roses are threatening to bud already! Very unnerving; makes me wonder what the summer will bring in terms of heat and humidity… As for cooking, I alternate between burning and cutting; not sure what that says about my abilities!!

  16. March is a strange month of gloriously sunny days with cold and then damp and windy ones (that’s what we’ve got here today). But I love to see the first signs of new life in the garden…our hydrangeas are pushing out some very pretty buds right now.

  17. J > The thing about March is that anything can happen. That’s why I love The trouble is that much of what it does is what we’ve already had more than enough of, thank you very much!

  18. My best friend in the US sent my husband a metal-mesh glove, because he constantly cuts himself when cooking. The last time he was doing something dodgy, I shouted out, ‘are you wearing your glove?’ ‘No, I’ll be grand…OW! Plaster, please…’
    Ireland is so different as regarding seasons. Feb 1 was officially spring, and all my bulbs agree. I want to start seeds but have limited indoor space and of course a 9mo old kitten to contend with. We will see. Nothing but rain predicted for this weekend, anyway.

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