New Zealand

I am here now.  Napier. New Zealand. napier-new-zeland-040We are there now.  It is spring.

The festivities have begun. napier-new-zeland-035

I am up too early as usual. In a moment I will pull a few more clothes on and go for a walk up the beach – today we have the wedding rehearsal.

But for the moment: here is my view from the bedroom window,  as I write in the New Zealand dawn. napier-new-zeland-042

I hear that all is well back on the farm. Now that I have surfaced I am sure we will get a bit more news from there soon.

Love from




60 Comments on “New Zealand

  1. Hooray!!! What a beautiful view you have to greet you each day. I so miss the ocean, too.

  2. Enjoy your walk. I have a nice warm jersey for you to wear! Its Finished

  3. You lucky, lucky thing! Have a wonderful time and soak up lots of sun and sea breezes. I am sure it will be a whirl of ‘happinings’ from here on out, don’t forget to breathe!

  4. So very glad you arrived safely! How beautiful New Zealand is! Have a wonderful, fabulous time.

  5. What a great view you have! We have had some rain here the last couple of days but the sun is shining right now and the temp is 57. Cool but nice. Looks like showers the first of the week though. Glad you made it ok! Kick back now and enjoy yourself.

  6. Oooooh, Cecilia, I was getting more and more worried. But all is well, I see. Beautiful place. Enjoy your mother-of-the-groom status!

  7. How beautiful it is , the sea, the land, the sunrise………but not as good as home xxxx glad all is okay on the farmy

  8. What a glorious view 🙂 Soak it all in… sun, sea, sand, Spring, family, friends… to your pores and spirit, and enjoy.
    P.S. Finished reading Letters for my Little Sister yesterday… the timing of access to the wisdom was magnificent, but more so was the feeling of being embraced by The Fellowship…. somewhat life altering. I don’t feel like I’m walking that road alone.

  9. Enjoy returning to your roots and have fun. I also just finished reading Letters to my Little Sister and loved it. Where is Napier ?

  10. We have home and home. Such a beautiful view. I am sure knowing the Farmy is well makes it even better. I am sure on your walk you are infaling the ocean breezes. Havew fun, with old memories and making new ones. Thankful you have arrived safely.

  11. Oh, how lovely, a return to childhood. Waking up to the smell and sound of the sea, dawn breaking over the water – and the birds! Birdsong in NZ is the best in the world, I’m told. Do you feel something tightly wound unravelling and relaxing? I hope the next days are filled with laughter and happiness for you and your family.

  12. Ah, the sea. Stretching out with such grace. I’m so happy to imagine you walking along the beach. Have you made a little hut for yourself already? (the wigwam like structure beside the seat)

  13. Beautiful views Miss C, quite different from waking up back home – but then again, you ARE home! Like me, you are lucky in that you have two countries to call home, so vastly different from each other. Enjoy your time there with family, and soak up the warming rays of the NZ sun.

  14. I am going to echo all the other comments — what glorious views!
    And how strange it must be to cross a few thousand miles from one place where it is the season of winding down before the long winter, to another place where everything is bursting with renewed life.

  15. Oh, Celi….it is so beautiful where you are….I love the sea even tho I was never lucky enough to live very near it……..and spring all over again for you….how wonderful!! We Farmy Fellows missed you and now it’s wonderful to hear from you :)……..have a fabulous wedding celebration…….we are there with you in spirit (see all those sparkly things flying around you? That’s us! 🙂

  16. The beach in the morning is the best time of day in my opinion. Fresh salt air and gently lapping waves. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Looks like a bonfire is in your future. 🙂

  17. Oh Celi….such beautiful pics from your window! And you’re having spring, again…..lovely! Celebrate a wonderful wedding! See all thise sparkly things flying about in the air? That’s all of us FarmyFellows along with you in spirit! 🙂

  18. Oh… beautiful. My woodlands are wet today from a little rain – no sitting or laying beneath the falling leaves. I think I will close my eyes and bathe in the warmth and breeze of your lovely beach.

  19. Your view looks lovely. I too have traveled for a wedding. Not near as far as you. From Virginia to Colorado. Can’t hardly wait to visit with family and friends. I’m also craving a farmy fix! Good to hear from you

  20. That view has been waiting for you. I am afraid I guzzled up the book in one sitting like a greedy person – thank god, I am not going mad…everyone else is going through or has been through it too…what a relief!

  21. Gorgeous photos Celi! I remember how gorgeous Napier is!!! We spent on Christmas there with Chrissy and her family! So wonderful! So happy you have arrived and settled in!!! xo

  22. I have never been to New Zealand before. I didn’t know what I was missing. Thanks for the ride!!

  23. Lordie – I thought your first stop was going to be Wellington! Had a cousin working longterm in Gisborne so kind’of familiar territory!! And the sun is out to smile upon you – have a heartwarmingly wonderful time!! And I have finished my ‘Letters’ also and so echo EllaDee’s feelings 🙂 ! Hugs across the Ditch!!!

  24. What a beautiful place. Have a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see more. 😃x

  25. Welcome back to the Southern Hemisphere …. and your beloved ocean 🙂 You are rushing into tomorrow while we are languishing in today or is it yesterday? Laura

  26. gosh what a beautiful view! – I would never want to leave (love the ocean)

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