Half way to somewhere. In transit.  Betwixt and between.

When I travel between where I have been and where I am going, I descend into a deeply organised stream of consciousness kind of existence that has no tether. I seldom speak now except to thank the air hostess as I glide off the plane, my shoulders balancing bags, cameras snug. To thank the concierge for carrying my luggage my room key in its proper pocket. To thank the barman for a glass of wine my eyes barely lifted. To thank the waitress for a breakfast as she whisks the plate away. My smiles are considered and gentle. I do not invite conversation with strangers.  There are those tiniest of eyes widened to the woman alone at another table as she fans herself with her napkin. The eye to eye nod to the old woman whose bag you put into the over head bins. The small real smile of thanks to the driver as he lifts the luggage  – Bricks? he asked. Books, I answered. My only real word in 24 hours. Books.

It is not as much people watching as people awareness. I listen to their conversations, sometimes even writing them down. I note how their bodies are angled towards each other or away. How she rolls her eyes at him and he leans in trying to make amends but will always fail. How the roving eye tries to gather hers. How the child’s hands reach to touch but her chariot is pushed too fast.  How the waitresses pause together, hands busy at their stations, quickly discussing new shoes in Spanish as their eyes rove for the signs of meals finished or diners with a question. Father watching son reading the paper, and smiling as he reads something aloud. The dark hand turning her from the small of her back. The twist of heels in morning shoes.

Words drift down into an amalgam of gentle sound.  The aluminium jangles of conversation fade and mute. English is no longer of use. Language is not necessary to travel.  Movement becomes ones language. The way he speaks. The tip of her head. The guidance of a hand.  This way.  Doors open. Doors close. Planes drift down from overhead.  We are herded in. The planes rev their motors and take off.

My satchel and suitcases are packed with a nurses precision. Everything has a place and is always strictly returned to that place lest the flux of travel swallows a possession whole.  All the most important of my belongings are  with me in my bubble of slow motion. They are carried on my snails back as I carefully wend my wordless way across the world.  Rolled into little bags and stowed away in bigger bags.  Quieted for their journey.  The best underwear, the saved tops, bottoms from the top shelves.  The good dress. The heels and stockings. The unblemished fabrics, folded into tissue for their  journey. Stilled. Packed. Inanimate. Blocks of stalled conversations. Cocktails in their hems.

My mind slowly slips its slippery ropes, hand over hand – and without a sound or even a backwards look I reach the place in which I drift out into the sea of pause.  The place between. The flux. The place where the tiny bags I carry become my whole world. Where this is all I own. This is all I am.  Where I have been gets misty and where I am going awaits in its cloud on its islands.  Flux has a darkness. I no longer know if I will ever return or whether I will  ever arrive. If I will succeed in my travels.  If the gods have another plan as I drift through the skies of blue promises. Flux is a nebulous place, its threat is hidden far down. I slide into that veiled cossetted place where one can forget, and settle and allow oneself to be gently towed by the benovelent monster across the planet and allow the air its say as it meets the ocean of your breath.

My fire burns low now as I travel. In transit. Between the betwixt.

Love celi



40 Comments on “Flux

  1. Thank you. Slowing myself down, breathing slightly deeper, appreciating. Thank you.

  2. Your thoughts flow as mine do when I am in the dance of travel. It is reassuring to know I am not the only one who let’s the words dance as I move through spaces.

  3. I think in a way it is a blessing to travel alone, responsible for only you. Then you can burrow down into your own psyche–as you have already. It’s a snug and welcoming place to be.

  4. Safe travel and time as you celebrate life there – and a thought from way up here, not really so far from your farm. “My fire burns low now as I travel. In transit. Between the betwixt.” sounds like the beginning of a most remarkable poem. 🙂

  5. Thinking of you in The flux…. and awaiting your entrance into the future enveloped in the loving arms of your family. xo

  6. “deeply organised stream of consciousness kind of existence that has no tether”, “Quieted for their journey.” “Blocks of stalled conversations”
    There’s so much good in here – what a writer. What an observer of life, self, and others.
    May you be “gently towed’ (Take care of our Celi now!) and soon be docked with joy, happiness, and delight.

  7. You are a master of words, I envy you. You described exactly the way I feel when I travel. Thank you and have a wonderful trip.

  8. Your journey reminds me of something Aldo Leopold wrote in Sand County Almanac – “…hitch your wagon to a star and drop the reins”.

  9. I believe that people who fear flying or get sick when flying is all fear of this FLUX. Unusual surroundings, a closing in during flight, a loss of ‘ground’ nothing above and nothing of substance below, but yet knowing what is below would not be soft to fall into. For me – I love flying – the ability to fly somewhere is fascinating and I love it. or shall I say I loved it – before the herding and lack of room. (my LONG legs do not fit in their defined space on an airplane)….

    Be safe and be happy. The beach is not far now.

  10. Love this post. Safe and contented journeying. It’s interesting, after all that activity and organising before going away, where you’re the one doing and organising, to be in a place where the onus is on others. A transition from one place to the other. Hope it’s an enjoyable one.

  11. Time to do your big thinking, Miss C. Time to breathe slowly, let the heartrate slow, let memories swim up through the levels. Beware of soul lag; the feeling that your essence is somewhere far behind, trying desperately to catch up with your body. I don’t think humans were designed to travel such long distances so quickly, but modern life has no leeway for the long slow amble of sea travel any longer. We have to be there NOW. Stay well, eat well, sleep as well as you can, and we’ll look forward to hearing more when the long flux is over.

  12. Read this slowly and shall go back later . . . . beautifully put down as an observer who misses nought. . . . You and I agree on so many matters: perchance not here. I love being in new surroundings oft doing unexpected things so very very much that I want to talk to all I meet . . . meet, speak a dime-a-dozen, learn, share verbal thoughts hopefully with a lot of laughter . . . God speed: glad to see you getting closer from your posting times!

  13. It’s a bit of stepping into a parallel universe where you are still you and yet not really. Have fun, let go and have lots of fun.

  14. The space between brings the muse forward. Your writing is beautiful, full of listening, observing, and poetry. Travel well.

  15. Such careful words ought not to be lost. A dear teacher helped me learn ages ago in Latin class the importance of writing, when he commented on this bit of ancient wisdom: “verba volant, scripta manent” (Words spoken fly off, but what is written stays). Your words stay, Miss C, and they should not be kept in one place. Permission to copy this piece & share with family, friends, fellow-fliers (please)? And I hope you are making your own book(s) out of words like these!

    • sorry for the late reply albert, YES, of course you may copy my words and pictures.. we share them after all. Have a lovely day.. c

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