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The Last of September – What I learnt from the Challenge.

For the last meal of the Home Grown September Challenge we had roast lamb slathered in a yogurt, lavender and garlic paste.  Roasted baby pumpkin, roasted beets, roasted shallots tossed in rosemary and hot butter and a huge green salad with an olive oil,… Continue Reading “The Last of September – What I learnt from the Challenge.”

Yesterday was more than just a sunrise

You would think.  And to trudge back up to the house, through that sunrise, after feeding the animals and moving them,  and checking who is eating well and who is making more noise and telling Daisy: not long, Honey, not long , and then… Continue Reading “Yesterday was more than just a sunrise”

A gypsy summer day with three new teensy weensy arrivals

First this most magnificent day in chronological order because that is the way we do things. It was like a sumptious spring day yesterday. All cushiony and warm and loud with birdsong. A scanty bright sunrise over the swimming pool.  Fat sheep!! A growth… Continue Reading “A gypsy summer day with three new teensy weensy arrivals”

How to make easy Vegan Sunflower Crackers with Garlic

This was our sunrise yesterday.  Though it turned out to be a calm gentle day full of gardens, food and family. The Vegan Sunflower  Crackers  is more of a method than a recipe.   Heat your oven to 300F. Take one cup of sunflower… Continue Reading “How to make easy Vegan Sunflower Crackers with Garlic”

With no respect for cold.

My CameraMasquerades    As a reluctant poet With no respect for cold. I am a little late this morning because I thought we could watch the sunrise together. So I fed the animals early and had the camera out for sunrise.  In the end I… Continue Reading “With no respect for cold.”

Little Party Nibbles:Teensy Weensy Savoury Pies

You knew I was going to do this didn’t you. Because I am a pastry fiend. I love pies. Not so much the American sweet pie. Though some of those are nice in really tiny doses. Savoury pies.  Meat pies. Vege Pies. You will… Continue Reading “Little Party Nibbles:Teensy Weensy Savoury Pies”

Farm Days from Dawn to Dusk

Did you ever see that movie Dusk ’til Dawn. Well, a day on the sustainable, self sufficient, old fashioned farm is Nothing LIKE that!!! It starts at dawn. John leaves for work in the dark at 5am.  I talk to you guys and catch… Continue Reading “Farm Days from Dawn to Dusk”