Nope, still no calf –

Nothing yet.  Same Cow. Same Spot. Different Day.


Boo is entranced by the chickens. He just stands like that and stares around. Waiting for them to start line dancing or something.


Oh, it was a lovely day yesterday. I worked in and around the barn all day. It was just wonderful.  The Milking Parlour awaits and I can wait too.  Though poor old Daisy’s udder it so big and so tight.  Hopefully her calf does not wait too much longer, for her sake. Sometimes calves come early sometimes they come late.  Though there are no guarantees, last time she calved with no problems so she should do alright this time too.  Touch wood.

Pigs!. Yesterday I talked to the banker about buying a few feeder pigs for this summers pork.(Plonkers)  No, I was not arranging a loan, his children breed pigs to help pay for their college.  So I will buy a few barrows to fatten on milk and eggs and grass/hay.  (You will remember that a barrow is a castrated male pig). He said it is a bit cold for them to leave home yet, (his barn is heated) so we are shooting for the first week in April.


And don’t forget that on the 29th (if all goes well) we will be driving down to a town close to Springfield, Il, to collect our wee KuneKune giilt ( a gilt is young girl pig who has never been bred). She will be 6 weeks old and her middle name will be Moana. She will be the founding member of my KuneKune breeding program. I am not sure what we will (actually) call her yet.  Names are tricky.  Anyway, that will be a fun day.   I have not been anywhere in so long that I am looking forward to the excursion. Her pen in the barn is under construction.  It is right next door to Sheila so they can talk to each other.

Another quiet night for Daisy. Maybe today is the day. Remember that if anything dramatic does happen, I will probably pop a picture on facebook. But all the good shots will be saved for you to view at dawn.  The blog always goes out across the world at dawn, my dawn. All the images are from yesterday. Everything is current and honest; bare faced (as opposed to bare arsed which would be unsettling).

Thank you all for reading and sticking with me through this dreadful winter. I can see the light now! I hope you can too.

Have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


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  1. Fans of the farmy wait breathlessly all over the world for news of the latest members of the menagerie. Are you going to open up for suggestions for a first name for Miss KuneKune? My vote is for Tīmatanga, because she’s going to be the start of your dynasty of gorgeous woolly piggies.

  2. i wonder if there has ever been a more anticipated cow birth? i can’t wait to see the wee kunekune!

  3. I think we all made it through this “dreadful winter”… and now it becomes stories/memories/history. So we move on to happily awaiting babies & green & balmy winds. Note to Daisy: Honey, hang in there. It’s got to be over soon! Our cows are dropping babies like crazy.

    • Wonderful that your cows are doing what they ‘oughta!’.. maybe somecow should have a word.. she is a big girl though. We have storms coming and going today, making my face ache, so maybe that will set her off! I don’t mind waiting for a calf but i am DESPERATE for my milk again. c

      • Maybe he’s deciding which one to eat first!!??? hmm, no, I’m sure he wouldn’t eat your chookies 🙂

        • Our Eli points the chickens and then can’t understand why his master doesn’t shag them into the air and shoot them! Our Mac, on the other hand, would probably just like to eat them.

  4. I love all the new creatures that start appearing on the farm this time of year. All the calves are born down at my bosses home place here so it was such a lovely surprise when a heifer calved here last week! The calf sported a perfect heart on his forehead 🙂 I don’t usually have much time to wait for my kids arrival. Always one step behind getting things ready. Blessings (especially for Daisy).

  5. Well the way the wind is going at it, Mother Nature just might stir that baby out of there. I know I’ve probably lost a few buckets around the place. Hope you have a beautiful sunny day for your new calf to appear!

  6. We are all waiting impatiently for those first photos!!!! You are so good about keeping your farmy fans updated and we know how busy you are! Thanks, C and good luck with all that is ahead of you!

  7. Love the Timatanga idea of katechiconi! 😉 I had to laugh when your title popped up this morning … I realized as the split second between ‘click’ and ‘view’ stretched I was holding my breath! Sounds like the nice weather is helping you to take nice long breaths of fresh air! Good luck today!

  8. I’m glad I wasn’t holding my breath. I’d have turned blue and passed out by now…Daisy looks frustratingly well contented under that tree, or maybe she’s just stuck. I hope the calf comes soon. I remember big, tight udders, and that IS motivation for getting the calf out! As for the winter, you aren’t kidding. It’s been a long, long, loooong test.

  9. Poor Daisy. It is hard to be patient when you are so uncomfortable. Her udder looks so tight. And Boo with the chickens made me laugh. Of course, if they DO start line dancing please be sure to get a picture!

  10. It is amazing how one day everything is covered in a thick layer of snow and the next, its all gone and there is colour everywhere. Awesome stuff.
    Your dawn is my mid afternoon, no matter though, as I still sit and enjoy your posts with a lovely cuppa tea. 🙂
    Have a beautiful day C and tell Daisy its time already. Poor dear must be most uncomfortable.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  11. Lots of fun stuff on the horizon on your little farmy. Just let us know when you’re ready for us to come out to visit and talk plans 🙂

    • we will deb, just as soon as this dreadful mud is covered in some lovely grass.. I so want the girls to enjoy themselves.. c

  12. *pauses while picturing Line Dancing Chooks!
    Glad you can see the light at the end of your looong cold winter … I can’t see the light at the end of our looong hot summer yet! 🙁 3weeks into Autumn and it’s still scorching hot here in Queensland! Can’t wait to see pics of new piggies! 🙂

  13. The baby kunekune in the barn?? Gasp! You mean not in the house with Nanny Boo for awhile?? Gasp! Not if he has anything to do with it? 🙂 I’m so glad your blasted winter is finally letting go there…Ugh, it’s been a tough one for you! Spring is almost there…Long live Spring!! And light, how we crave the light, especially here too! C’mon Daisy…the suspense is killing us!

  14. Every morning I search my email looking for news of a calf. Your blog is such a cheery way to start the day. Did Boo not see the chickens last year? So happy for you that the snow is gone. Can’t wait for more piggy pictures!

  15. Watching Daisy is kind of like “a watched pot never boils”….it does, of course, but it just seem to take so much longer. And here we are…hundreds, if not thousands of us watching at the same time.

  16. I think Daisy is waiting for the first daisy to appear in the field before she calves. How lovely that your snow is gone – though it was a pity that you sent it to us instead 🙂

  17. I don’t think there is a calf more anticipated! Nor can I even fathom how many happy hearts he or she will inspire 🙂

  18. It poured here this morning and I was sure hoping Daisy wouldn’t be calving out in this raw rain. Most of our snow is gone but not all. Still piles of it around, especially around parkng lots.
    Boo among the chickens–very funny. I’d give anything to know what animals are thinking. You can’t tell me they don’t. Animals think plenty.

    • If I know Boo, he was thinking.. which one is mine? The city must be awash with melting snow.. c

  19. It really is looking beautiful in here. You’ve probably sorted your t-shirts but I just stumbled on something called cafepress that might be of interest, Poor Daisy. Waiting is never fun. 🙁

  20. Emily Summer managed to ‘steal’ my proposed line 🙂 ! If we all PRETEND nothing special is in the pipeline both the girls will assuredly end up in the maternity ward!! Meanwhile think of the nursery to which to look forward!! Calves and kunekunes and plonkers and eating chickens I bet and you promised us a new peacock . . . . soon you will be feeding them with one hand and using the camera with the other whilst we cheer!!!

    • You have hit the nail on the head Eha! The chickens are ordered too! It is all out from now on. Oh how I wish you all were ACTUALLY here.. it feels like you are down the road.. I could grow your food too.. c

      • Oh Miss C – I could hug you to bits at the moment 🙂 ! Yes, and tho’ most of what you do would be physically very slow going for me, I could keep your vegetable areas weedfree !!!!! Actually, Celi, I think we ALL feel we are just down the road from you . . .

  21. We’ll all be line dancing with the chickens in delight of spring! Poor Daisy, I wouldn’t lug all that around, either. I’d just lie there and wait.

  22. If you look cross-eyed at a peep of chickens, a 3D image pops out. Boo knows.

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