Queenie Plays Possum

Poor Old Queenie is so big and so round and so short the only way she can get comfortable is to lie like that. It terrifies me.


I’m fine, she says. I’m fine. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. (Expectant mothers hate fussing.)

I feel as though I have had my pause button pushed then disabled while I wait for Daisy’s calf to arrive.  I am afraid Queenie’s won’t be that far behind.


While I wait I have been cleaning.  It is hell. I am a sulky house cleaner at best. My barn is better organised than my house. waiting-some-more-022 waiting-some-more-028

The sun was out yesterday and almost all the snow is gone, gone, gone.  So I opened the Chook House door and out they flew. Thrilled to be back out in the Great Outdoors.


Well lets see what happens today then!

Have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy




58 Comments on “Queenie Plays Possum

  1. Queenie looks bigger than Daisy! Or is it because she is smaller and therefore her ‘lump’ just looks bigger? Or maybe twins?? As I lay in bed last night ready to drift off into the land of nod I was thinking of Daisy, and then the song got in my brain and wouldn’t let go – “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I’m alf crazy all for the love of you…….” Though i can’t quite see her on a bicycle made for two LOL.
    Hug, Lyn

  2. The waiting seems like it’s forever!!! It just must be going to happen soon! So good to see Ton Ton by Daisy’s side, as usual. Is he healing and good as new again? xo

  3. Oh my, the picture in your header kills me! Poor thing! Just start pushing Queenie!

    Maybe she needs to eat some Mexican food to get things moving…

  4. Since Sunday didn’t pan out I’m now voting for this coming Friday….during the cocktail hour (just to give us all some added buzz) 🙂
    Warming up today…my lilies have popped thru the cold earth….Yay, Spring!

  5. In spite of the title over top of the photo, when I saw Queenie, my heart just dropped! I can imagine how terrified you must have felt! I wish they would both just get on with the happy business of new babies!

  6. I remember those days! The lying like the dead and waiting for the little one to make its appearance. Soon. I know horses can time the arrival of their foals. Maybe they’re waiting for better weather.

  7. Good morning Celi! So nice to see your snow gone. Those calves may be a week apart and will be good buddies, cavorting about. They will be so much fun to watch. I check back several times a day to see if there is any news.
    We had a beautiful day here, just above freezing. My husband and I cleaned out a chicken coop and the goat pen yesterday. The animals have had to be inside most all of the winter because of the horrible weather, so things were pretty deep. I am getting ready to have a class of kids out from our local high school to see the animals. I feel very lucky to have what we do have and so love to share it with others. Our snow drifts in our yard are still shoulder high so we have a way to go till our snow is gone. My thoughts are with you and Daisy today.

  8. Well, you did ask Daisy to wait for the warmer weather so I guess she is just being an obedient cow. 😉
    Have a lovely day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  9. oh those poor girls. i hated the last days of pregnancy. i am so glad you are starting to see some spring!

  10. We’re all holding our collective breath. There will be a great bit Ooof of exhalation when it’s all over. No snow, but it’s gone back to being cold here too (4 layers of clothes today)
    Keep your chin up,

  11. I love seeing the hay in the trunk (or is that under the hood) of the car in your barnyard! Keeping my fingers crossed for a calf today!

    • It is in the boot. Yes, you would call it the trunk. The cows like it too, the other day Daisy had her front foot in there as she tweaked out the one little morsel that was tastier than all the rest, it was NOT a pretty sight! c

  12. I hope these two cows aren’t conniving … for the same time/day? Laura

  13. Only 2 weeks til you get your piggy, lucky you! Have you a name yet? If mine was a girl it’d be Annabelle but I’m leaning toward Nigel or Cecil.

    • Her middle name will be Moana (this means sea in Maori) but I think I will spend some time with her before she gets her real name. I love Cecil! c

      • Beautiful! Mine means Protector from the sea! My nickname means sea! Or Mother in French! 🙂
        I think names are so important!!! You have them your whole life!!! So a lot of thought must go into them! 😉

        • I had a terrible time with the nuns back in grade school. My real name is Sherry but apparently there is no saint by that name so the nuns never believed me, said it MUST be a nickname. (As if I didn’t know my own name, hmmph.)

          I hate it when my horses lay out like that, fortunately Sally snores quite loudly but when Ember does it I always have to go give her a poke to wake her up.

          It was pretty nice here today but windy again. Sadly they’re predicting single digit lows again next week, it’s truly discouraging.

          • Oh no.. cold again.. misery.. c ps.. the only Saint Sherry they knew was on the shelf in the Sisters Pantry .. I know, i was taight by nuns too .. though of course I was named after a very respectable and well know saint!

  14. Gosh I thought yesterday was the day, but today is warmer. Your gals know best. That image of Queenie is terrifying!

  15. I’m glad at least you have some sunshine for the waiting. I hope today is full of sun and that Daisy decides it is time. I know you don’t want her and Queenie to calve too close together.

  16. Oh my goodness…that poor sweet thing. I would have been nervous to see her all laid out like that but what a great image for your header. The new design is working out so well to showcase your fabulous photography! Keeping fingers, toes and anything else I can cross crossed that babies come soon and healthy and that life on the farmy continues toward spring. I hear it is coming….

  17. Tomorrow’s the day, Celi, St Joseph’s Feast Day.
    My front yard is about 50% free of snow, the back about 75%. The flower beds are way too wet to be touched. Hopefully by this weekend I can get to them and the bulbs won’t be badly affected. They haven’t sprouted yet but they will soon. In year’s past, by this time, I’ve had it all done. What a winter! Good luck in the maternity ward today. 🙂

    • Oh I never thought about the bulbs .. hopefully they all come through! and hopefully now it will continue this tentative upwards trend.. c

  18. Wow! Not too much longer!!! Been busy here…Summer developed Kennel Cough from the Bordatella Vaccine…uffda…
    She sounded so terrible…scared the life out of me! Started with sneezing, then a snuffling sound like she was trying to clear out her nose…this became constant. This went on for two days and the next day we were at the vets. Her breathing kept us up the whole night prior to the appointment. So glad we got right in!
    She is now breathing clear and no more of those horrible sounds! My poor girl…sigh…
    Worries worries eh Celi? Soooo big!!!! Soon!!! Can’t wait til the babies are born!!! Calves and piggies!!! 🙂
    How exciting for you! I’d want to lie down too if I had a huge belly full of baby! LOL Could there be two in there?
    So glad to hear you are getting nice weather! Our snow is almost all gone! Yay!
    Chilly today, but nothing like we suffered through this past winter!!!! Oh Mother Nature be merciful!!!
    Happy Belated Saint Paddy’s Day! I am so full of corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes!!!! LOL
    Take care and good wishes for your mommas!!! Babies too!
    Always, Mere and Summer 🙂 🙂

  19. First, I really like your new blog style! I’ve missed catching up on your daily posts. I dislike how hectic life gets sometimes! Second, Ton Ton looks teeny tiny next to Daisy. I would love to see a picture of you next to her. I had no idea she was THAT big! As usual I enjoyed every word and every picture. Have a lovely day! ~ April

    • I stand on a box to brush her back and i am 5’8″.. that might give you an idea!! morning april.. c

  20. OK, how about this. Both cows have their calves on the same day. That would keep you busy…..not that you aren’t already. Keep the camera with you.

  21. Ah! I hate it when they do that. What a big, fat cow 🙂 She’ll be so relieved soon.

  22. Definitely some nesting by proxy happening. Good for keeping busy and the by-product is a bonus, at least momentarily.

  23. Great illusion of the chicken flying on the end of the chain. I hate it when my animals lay themselves out like they’re dead…they’re always so outraged when you poke them or scream their name loudly …..whaaat!!!

  24. Just LOOK at that sunshine. No wonder your expectant girls are having a nice bask. But the trouble with sunshine is that it shows up dust and dirt so well, isn’t it?

  25. Celi, I do have a feeling spring is about to push that awful winter back for good. Such lovely pictures. And methinks Daisy and Queenie have had a few nighttime talks about their common situation!! And made a few decisions!! Reading all the comments tho’ a line from my favourite ‘September Song’ is singing in my head ‘Oh the days dwindle down to a precious few . . . .one hasn’t got time for the waiting game’ . . . 🙂 ! Yes, I’ll be ‘looking in’ regularly also . . . . Love ‘Moana’, never knew what it meant!!

  26. I hope you’ll have some kinder weather when the calves arrive. And I hope there is a little time between them, too. Last year I had two first-time mothers who were themselves born here two years earlier, daughters of my cashmere herd queen. Well, those darling sisters gave birth within an hour of each other, each with one little girl.
    It was very efficient and convenient…when it was over and everyone was dry and snug! During the mutual labor and syncopated birthing, it was a little more excitement that I really need on a bitter cold night in April.

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