Not Yet,

Daisy said. Just hold your horses, she said. Soon, soon, she said.ah-004

Sigh, I said. As I brushed her fluffy wintry mane.  It is too cold today anyway, she said. ah-841Queenie Wineti agreed from the ward next door.

Yesterday the wind blew straight out of the NorthEast. Which in New Zealand would be a hot wind but here  in Illinois it is mean cold wind.   Not a good wind for calving. Hopefully it will not be back today. ah-847The chooks stayed fluffed up for warmth. ah-836

And Marcel stayed close to his light. The proximity of Marcel to his nightlight is a bit of an optical illusion. He is actually standing on a straw bale by the wall with his light far away  over a well in the loose  straw in the center (where he sleeps) . All set up for a calf in case he is born in the cold.    Not one draft can get in there. I don’t mind waiting Daisy.  A warmer day is fine with me. ah-011My tiny flock of guinea fowl were looking old yesterday. They are over 5 years old now and this winter has been hard on them too.

The night passed uneventfully which is good. Now we will see what happens today. She has to be almost ready.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


61 Comments on “Not Yet,

  1. Oh gosh the suspense is killing me! One part of me is longing for the baby to come, the other part keeps saying “wait, it is still too cold!”. We have a dusting of snow and now freezing rain which I could here pinging off of everything as I made my way down to feed the hens. Had to tell the girls that they were confined to their hut and run again today, weather not for little feet with no warm socks on!
    Hugs Lyn

    • Poor you, we have a warmer day today.. in the 40’s they say.. so all the doors are opened again, even the chooks later on.. your chooks must be desperate for a little respite.. c

    • It will slowly warm up now I think, last night surely must have been the last of the teens, but it is only March after all.. morning mad.. c

  2. Here in Alexandria, VA, we have over 6 inches of new snow and another 1-3 predicted for today! Where is the warmer weather? I am ready to get back in the garden. And impatiently waiting on Daisy’s baby calf!

    • Amen to the garden, but April is coming, April is a wonderful month! March always feels so long as we get ready for spring.. c

  3. Soon — perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow. I had originally picked Saturday because of the full moon — methilnks I should have picked my birthday (18th)

  4. Years ago we had an AI Breeding chart that gave different due dates based on breed. You added or subtracted days from the average based on the breed you had. Also the older the cow (and the larger the breed) the later she can calve. Hopefully Daisy hangs on til the end of the week when it is suppose to be warmer. We have the dreaded S word in the forecast for Tuesday night. It sounds as though it will just be a dusting though she typed hopefully. Guineas are great to look at but the annoy the heck out me with their voices. I think Marcel needs his own calender or at least some pages, Marmalade too. Maybe even a Marcel t-shirt as he appears to be quite the photogentic little lamb.

    • Morning jeanne, in Sheila’s calendar there are pictures of the others too.. she is a generous pig like that! Daisy’s dates are according to her breed. She is an Ayrshire. Last time she went three days past those dates too. We are at the third day today so who knows what will happen next. And as you know those dates are only an estimate. I am grateful that she did not calve last night, it was even colder! c

  5. Waiting, waiting! Life is full of waiting. The calf and Spring will both be here soon. Although we did ger about 5″ of snow last night! Praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby. Have a great day Celi!

    • March is always such a difficult month in the best of years, But we are almost half way through.. have you sown the seeds for your garden?

      • No. I’m waiting! 😀 I really don’t have enough light for seedlings to do well and I don’t want them all leggy. I am going to start some lettuce. I have a couple of places I can put some narrow containers. One of these days I’m going to have that greenhouse on the south side of my house and I’ll grow stuff ALL WINTER!

        • this is our plan this year, plus it is warming the house so beautifully.. the old people say to throw your lettice seed out into the last snow, but it is hard to tell which snow is the last! c

  6. Oh Marcel. I loved that pic—he always looks so smiley! That cold wind needs to blow itself on out, doesn’t it??? Hope it does soon and that there are warmer days for the calf and mama.

    • You are right. It will all come in its time, i am SO looking forward to the fresh cheeses though! c

  7. Daisy is a Philosophical Cow. When it comes, it comes, she says. What does it matter what day of the week it comes? We’re not ready for you yet. I am cooking a beautiful baby in here, just be patient. Be grateful you’re not out in the big dark windy barn at 4am in your gumboots and nightie. I will let you know when it’s time. Or maybe not…

  8. Yep, hurry up and wait. I thought that was a SA expression! 🙂 My Paddy and I are celebrating our 13th anniversary today – and it was also my guess for the calf’s arrival. Happy St Patricks day everyone. Laura

  9. Every time I see that smily little lambie’s face I go all gooey and a goofy smile appears on my face! He is simply adorable and I wish I wasn’t so far away, cos I would steal him! haha x

  10. Well, any thoughtful mom wouldn’t want their child born on a holiday known for foolishness – what a burden for the child all their life! Daisy is a considerate one. (giggles)
    The Guineas do look fetching even in winter fluff.
    (My husband is enchanted by your pictures – wants to know what camera you are using – I’ve forgotten …and there’s a lot of post to search through for the answers. Nice sharp presentation on the blog with this format)
    Stay warm – it’s grey, 40 and muddy here today…and the visiting German and Molly are energetically rearranging the furniture

    • I have a Nikon d90, a d60 (that I bought for 80 dollars on amazon).. a point and shoot and of course my phone (when i can find it) .. mostly the images are all about light and always having the camera at the ready.. I use photoshop to help boost clarity sometimes because as you can imagine sometimes i am literally shooting on the run. But I do maintain that thy camera does not maketh thy image. Anyone can take good shots if they do it on purpose.. next the German and Molly will be taking sticks of furniture on their walks!
      .. c

  11. He/she will come when he/she’s ready. But I hope it’s soon, for your sake as well as Daisy’s. Those chooks and guineas are beautiful. I’m missing Marcel – my laptop with Marcel on the desktop is very, very ill, and is at the shop with the techogeniuses who are saving all my stuff for me. Then I have to wait for a new one to come – you can’t buy querty keyboards in France, and I’m too old to re-learn how to type – any time I’ever used an Azerty keyboard it comes out in Czechoslovakian or Polish! I haven’t the heart to change the PC desktop pic – it is a beautiful closeup of a poppy with a bee in the middle, so cheering when I switch on.
    Wishing you warm days and nights,

  12. We are happy to wait patiently for dear Daisy.
    Have a happy farmy day C and maybe tomorrow we will be talking about a new addition to the family.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  13. Do cows calve only in the dead of night or can we hope for any time today? I think we will all be checking in often. The moon was so full last night I thought to myself we of the fellowship should agree on a certain time that we will all be looking at the moon in the same moment. Well, those of us in the same hemisphere, that is. It was your looking at the moon the other night that made me think of this.

    • Cows can calve anytime. Last time Daisy calved at a very respectable early afternoon. It was a wonderful moon last night. We may well have been loooking at it at the same time! c

  14. Watching and waiting, watching and waiting… I know how you feel. My sheep Callie is due this week…first time for her and first time lambing for me. So exciting. I have learned so much from your posts…thank you!

    • Good luck with Callie, I am sure you have your towels and iodine at the ready.. how wonderful.. lambs are piles of fun.. c

  15. I hope you get some warmer weather and a baby Daisy…all this waiting is not good for the blood pressure…I can only be grateful that it is not me treading the floor boards up and down, up and down outside the delivery room… to you all

  16. being as I missed my first guess of full moon, my next guess is when the weather changes, somehow storms bring on new critters

  17. Daisy does look like a well loved cow. Your animals are certainly very fortunate Celi, they really are quite beautiful.

  18. Beannachtaí agus siochan la le Phadraig lath. Bain taitneamh as an lá! –
    Blessings and peace of St. Patrick’s Day upon you. Enjoy today!

    I do hope it warms up enough for Daisy to do her stuff.

  19. Can you see Daisy smiling to herself? Such attention and worry about her calving. When the calf is ready it will come into the world and not before. Yesterday one of our hens went missing. We looked and called for hours. Last night we had a cold wind that threatened to blow the house down and I slept fitfully worrying about what had happened to her. No luck this morning….she has just vanished. Never had one disappear in broad daylight with no sign. I was reading a post of yours from last year where you we happy to finally get some snow. What a difference a year makes! Warm hugs for you and yours.

    • Oh G, how miserable.. I hate it the most when an animal (or bird) just vanishes.. you never know what to think. Will you be getting chicks this spring? It is funny about the snow, I still like it in an abstract kind of way, but the unceasing cold is what threatens to break me.. however today we have sun and no wind and all is well.. no sign of a calf either, just two deeply calm cows sleeping in the sun.. c

      • Hopefully, one of the Barred rock hens will decide to hatch out some chicks this spring. They tend to get broody so keeping my fingers crossed. We have two beautiful Roosters, Pixel and Garth, so something should happen, right? I like snow in November and December. By March I am ready for spring and don’t want to see anymore freaking snow and ice. When we lived near Sacramento, CA, March was when everything was in bloom, grass was ankle high and planting time was just a couple of weeks away. Now I feel like we live in Siberia.

  20. My best friend is four days overdue for her son – I’ve told her that your cow is also in the waiting game. Now I think it should be a contest!

    • I grew up on Westshore beach in Hawkes Bay.. Wonderful that you are at Muriwai.. I hope you are having a lovely late summer.. c

  21. Well, at least the calf waited till the worst of the cold passed. I guess this is what they call a “pregnant pause.” 🙂
    Between Marcel, Boo’s howling, and now checking Daisy, your sleep pattern must be a mess. I hope you can get some much-needed rest. Have a good night on the farmy tonight.

    • I will still be checking at 12 and 4 tonight.. but I am blessed with the ability to fall straight back to sleep the moment I hit the bed again.. thank goodness.. c

  22. After your description of the barn the other day I can ‘hear’ it all when I look at your beautiful pictures. Sending good luck your way for Daisy!

  23. Tuesday morning here Down Under. Late to the computer. Too much local life 😉 ! Surely news today: oh no!! Oh well ! Remember my first baby deciding to be born seven days late and coming out all wrinkly skin! Wonder whether calves show when they are ‘overcooked’ also . . . . But Daisy, all brushed up, you do look beautiful!!!!

  24. I’m still thinking today is the day! My kune kune was born yesterday! The one I chose is a solid ginger color, just too cute. Now more waiting til the end of April though if this freaking snow (and the inches of ice packed on the ground under the snow) doesn’t go away soon I’ll be scrambling to set up his living quarters! It was in the single digits the last two nights but should be in the 30’s the rest of the week, 40’s would be nicer but they’re saying 20’s on the weekend. Enough already.

    • Oh I hope it hurries up and gets warm, I pick up our gilt the weekend after next.. how exciting, ours is ginger and black with a little white.. fancy you getting a wee ginger boy.. lovely.. c

  25. I hope those girls are holding off for a day a bit more comfortable for their mid-wife. 😉

  26. Clever Daisy, waiting for a warmer day. Birthing is nigh, but not as nigh as you thought perhaps.

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