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Both passed the pregnancy test! Not only were they perfectly behaved for the vet but he pronounced them both pregnant – no need for blood tests to confirm.

Not pregnant today

Lady Astor and I go through this thing –  with me changing my mind every eighteen hours about her status as a pregnant Mum.  Today I don’t think she is pregnant. I mean: her udder did look like it was changing but now there… Continue Reading “Not pregnant today”

No blood tests

We did not test any of the cows for pregnancy last year. I had real trouble getting either of my cow people out to do this. So the way I figure they are either pregnant or not. Aunty Del is not. And within the… Continue Reading “No blood tests”

Poppy the little pig

.. has proven herself to be a voracious eater, with a lovely friendly temperament  and plenty of gumption, even chewing down on her cabbage (sliced very small with a little molasses). With Sheila very loudly eating her hay next door as a ‘good example’.… Continue Reading “Poppy the little pig”


Yesterday Camera House took a rest day. A hiatus. A break in regular transmitting.  And I concentrated on other things. And this morning I am looking forward to another day and another cup of tea, another bowl of coleslaw, another chat with you, another… Continue Reading “Hiatus”


Awake to Dawn Light. Awake. Really Awake. Barely Awake. Sometimes Awake. Oh, there you are. Awake. Yesterday we were simply awake. Drifting through our day and tired at the end of it. Daisy’s udder is showing considerable fullness. And she stood quietly for almost… Continue Reading “Awake”

Waiting Daze

Queenie is waiting. Waiting on Daisy.  Dazey Daisy. Who does not seem to be in any hurry to do terribly much. She now is (officially) a week away from calving .. they say if the calf comes earlier it is more likely to be… Continue Reading “Waiting Daze”

Marcel the Happy

Marcel The Happy has been allowed to go and live in the barn. Sweet as it is to have him pooping all over the furniture I have been waiting for a row of warmish days to get him acclimatised to living out with the… Continue Reading “Marcel the Happy”

The Blood Tests are a Yes!

DAISY IS PREGNANT If all goes well, fingers crossed, touch wood and without walking under any ladders or having any black cats walk in front of anything and with some luck and good management she will be having her calf late May. May is… Continue Reading “The Blood Tests are a Yes!”