Poppy the little pig

.. has proven herself to be a voracious eater, with a lovely friendly temperament  and plenty of gumption, even chewing down on her cabbage (sliced very small with a little molasses).


poppy-003 With Sheila very loudly eating her hay next door as a ‘good example’.


And being watched by a cat. Of course. There is always a cat somewhere, watching.


I called the vet about Daisy being so late and she said take her for a walk. So we did.  We walked up and down Pats Paddock. I said to her lucky they are not making you jump down steps .. a doctor did that to me once.


If there is no change this morning I shall call and see if we need to induce her.  Her udder is so big now she is rubbing herself raw. Nothing is easy this year.


Come on Daisy.
poppy-056 poppy-053



She does have some toilet issues but I am putting that down the change in diet and environment.  She is also very small for her age, but sturdy. Good legs.  She is a climber too, I found her literally climbing the walls!

I hope you all have a lovely day.

I hope I have some good news for you soon.

your friend on the farm




77 Comments on “Poppy the little pig

  1. Go Daisy go! “Would, but could” she replied. I am awaiting the outcome along with your farmy family…good wishes from Tennessee.

  2. Ok, Daisy-Girl…it’s time now! Miss C’s got all those other Babies taken care of, it’s your turn…
    Hope it’s soon, C…and flawless. Poppy’s a great name for the little girl 🙂

  3. Well there’s that little guy – Marcel the happy. Always makes my morning. It’s been a long week. I needed a little dose of that happy little guy. And poppy is adorable. A wall climber huh? Hopefully Daisy will go into labor naturally this weekend. My fingers are crossed for you.

  4. Little Poppy is so precious! And you’ve chosen a beautiful name for her and I think the name suits her perfectly as both she and the name are cute and charming. Icelandic Poppies are one of my favourite flowers. I planted some seeds today, so I hope they will blossom and grow along with your little bundle of joy.

    Poor Daisy – those last stages of pregnancy are tough in any species. Let’s hope that she delivers us a surprise today.

  5. Oof, I remember being marched around when Kaya didn’t come out as fast as they’d have liked. It sure worked for me — I hope things go smoothly with Daisy. Welcome, Poppy!

  6. Tell Daisy she has plane tickets to Aruba and simply must be on the plane, no excuses. Expensive and unbreakable plans always brought my babies.

    Poppy is simply adorable!

  7. Welcome to the farmy wee little Poppy. You are adorable. I hope there will be a calf to join you, today maybe…
    Have a beautiful day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  8. Poppy’s a real cutie! She may be a runt now, but with the Celi treatment I think she may end up as impressive as Auntie Sheila next door. I’ve never liked the word runt. It’s rude. When I was a child, the local term for the small piglet that failed to thrive was the Tantony Pig. I like Tantony much better.

  9. My friend took me for a ride in her mini (with no suspension) along dirt roads with big pot holes – didn’t work though!
    Welcome Poppy – what a beautiful little girl you are. You look like a very small Sheila! And I am sure Aunty Shelia has lot to teach you too.
    Hugs, Lyn

  10. Maybe Daisy has been waiting for a warmer day. Today is going to be a warmer day. It will be warmer than yesterday, so come on and see the world little calf.

    Poppy is such a cute little piglet and looks quite comfortable in her new home.

  11. Poppy feels the farmy love and calm atmosphere, she will do well. Now for daisy, maybe you need to chase her across the yard! 😉

  12. MORNING! Just popping in really quickly.. will be back later. GREAT News! Daisy had a perfect little bull calf with no trouble at all. He took a while to stand up but is dried off, has had a drink and his jacket on .. Daisy is such trooper.. Right! Best I get on and feed the others.. everyone but Poppy had to wait until the Wee Bobby was up and Daisy sorted. She had trashed her bedroom!! Back soon.. c

  13. Oh well done Daisy, the new jewellery worked 🙂 Welcome to the Farmy Poppy – we will be watching you. Laura

  14. OH MY !! If I am reading this right ,we have a new calf!! I was put off by the gravatar. So Welcome to the world little one!!Poppy is a perfect name for a lovely bit of piggyness… Oh happy day on the farmy.

  15. GREAT NEWS ! Welcome to the world little Baby Bull!!!! I am so happy that all went well. You just can not add any more cute critters, C! My husband is worried about me every morning when I am oohing over Marcel, and Marmalade and now Poppy.!!!!! And now a new baby bull—-whatever will I do with another cute baby to ooh and ah over??? My husband will surely commit me!!!!

  16. So many wonderful pics today. Marcel looks like he is gaining weight…or maybe his fur is just growing. 🙂 Anyway, he looks good. Poppy is precious. I wish I could reach through the screen and give her a good scratch! I do so hope there is good news about Daisy very, very soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • YAY! Go Daisy! So happy the birth went smoothly and all is well. You mentioned that Daisy udder is rubbed raw. Do you ever use Bag Balm on her udder? I have a can that I use on my hands occasionally when they are especially abused from excessive yard work. We used to sell it at the quilt store for hand quilter’s sore “under the quilt” fingers.

      YAY DAISY!!!!

    • Dogs are being kept out, as Daisy will rush at them possibly knocking her own calf over in the process, so no dogs until everything settles down.

  17. Well done Daisy! and it’s great news that all went well. I have fallen in love with poppy, how cute is she! Hope all the babies thrive I’m sure they will x

  18. Good news, Celi, and glad to hear Daisy and calf are doing fine. With the arrival of Poppy and a new calf, it’s a good day on the farm. Yay!

  19. Poppy is so darling! Marcel is still smiling. Daisy looks, yes, tired and listless. And the cat looks inscrutable. I love them all! Such dear friends they’ve become.

  20. Wonderful news! The newest addition warmly welcomed, and still awaiting one more! Congratulations!!

  21. Ah. and all’s right with the world has returned with everything properly sorted (as much as possible anyway!) YEA Daisy!
    Cheers to the new little ones. (and bet Poppy can swim, too – an athlete!)
    Smiles sent

  22. Well that’s fantastic news about Daisy’s Bobby, and that mama and calf are doing fine. What a relief. You needed to have something go well in this department. It’s so great to see all of the animals basking in the sunshine. Marcel is growing so fast and Poppy is just adorable. I hope she and Sheila will be fast friends. Happy Day and Happy Spring!

  23. Yaaahhooooooooo, it finally happened!!! The vet was right! Daisy needed a walk!!! So excited about both Poppy and Daisy’s new baby!!! xo

  24. Congratulations, Celi! You must be a whirling dervish on that farm, ministering to so many needy creatures. Just so happy and relieved Daisy has had her calf. Did she have him outside or in the barn and at what time?
    Little Poppy is sooo cute. And Marcel, and Sheila Chowing down her goodies is so charming somehow. Good day today, and it’s supposed to go to 61 degrees F.

    • she had him inside just after dawn.. I had locked her into her dry pen so she did not try to wander down the back, too many coyotes about.. c

  25. Oh, C! Finally! Great job Daisy…now we can’t wait to see photos of the little fella!! Do you suppose you could put up another quick post of the little guy? Do we have to wait until tomorrow? And that Poppy…oh my! C. I’m so envious of all that Farmy cuteness you are surrounded with right now! Has Auntie Queenie seen the baby? What does she think?

  26. So very glad Daisy and the new bobby are well! Poppy is adorable.

  27. Bag Balm is your friend for a sore udder, Daisy! And even plain old Vaseline can be a real comfort.

  28. Whoops! Just caught up on the comments…congratulations!!! Huzzah!!! Will look forward to the pictorial report 🙂
    (And I still recommend Bag Balm)

  29. Congratulations to you Celi and to wonderful Daisy!!! So happy and relieved for you all. Poppy is just a cutie. Take care today and enjoy your day with all your wonderful animals. 🙂

  30. You should be able to see my smile – from half the world away.
    What lovely news all round…now…Queenie!

  31. What brought on the birth of my son was going to see the Guns of Navarone plus a large gin! Sally was born the day after my then husband set the kitchen on fire by trying to make chips. We ended up having to wash all the sooty cupboard contents until past midnight. I don’t recommend that one.

    I already adore Poppy – you are so generous in the friends you provide for us. Those of us who have pocket handkerchief gardens can share vicariously in farmy pleasures. I will try and write a poem for the Poppy pic.

  32. Hooray!! Well done Daisy and Celi. This morning as I was laying in bed just waking up I was thinking that maybe Daisy did not get enough exercise during the cold, icy winter. But, all’s well that ends well. And, Poppy…what a cute. Beautiful way to start Spring, isn’t it? Now we need lot of pictures…..

  33. I’m so glad that things went smoothly! You all deserve that! Congratulations, Daisy (and Celi!)

  34. Congradulations Daisy! Welcome Poppy. Poppy is sooo cute!!!

    I think you may already be doing this, but I will tell you anyway. The cows really liked it when someone would rub their udder up under their legs. They would lean over and lift the near leg so I could get my hand up there and give it a rub. I also could take out the hair and other stuff that was trapped between their udder and their thigh. Happy cows. Everyone needs a hand now and then.

  35. That photo of Marcel has a creepy vibe going on. I feel like he wants to eat my liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Silence of the Lamb. … fah fah fah

  36. Oh my those babies are adorable. Marcel looks quite content, I’d live to meet that cute little face.

  37. What a very pretty pig Poppy is…. I feel so sorry for Daisy..can you do an E section on a cow..I do hope that she will be alright. I am going to sag a special prayer for her tonight after all she is one of God’s Creatures

  38. Great news!! Hey, I guessed Friday and Friday it is…Yay!! Welcome to the Farmy World, Little Bobby 🙂

  39. Sweet piggie Poppy, she’s lovely. and welcome to Bobby, just in time to share his milk with wee Poppy. A lovely day for the farmy.

  40. Such Poppy cuteness 🙂 And your Facebook post of Daisy and the new Bobby heralded the good news. Sigh of happiness here. Now for Queenie…

  41. Lucky you, two new piggies! Love the name Poppy. Hooray for Daisy, I thought you’d have to load her in a trailer and drive back and forth over some railroad tracks, that worked for my sister. (Not in a trailer! in a MG Midget haha).

  42. Great to see everyone looking so cute today especially Poppy the new little pig-she is gorgeous. Like everyone , i am looking forward to hearing news of a new little calf as well. Love your blog and look forward to hearibg from you every day.

  43. Also just read that Daisy has had the calf in the comments – good on you Daisy and the new calf sounds very healthy so all is good on the farm. Bet you are tired Celi- All grest news.

  44. Well I can’t wait until tomorrow so I can see the little guy. Im not on Facebook.

  45. Wow! Great to come on late and read about both mother and babe doing well! At last! At long last! And it seems without having had to be induced? Poppy looks great and I love the name! I had thought of Patty as she came to you so close to St Paddy’s Day, buyt like this better. Being in a somewhat ‘cheeky’ mood after all the good news, from the farmy am kind’of amused to think that Jamie Oliver named his first two daughters Daisy and Poppy . . . .;) [Oh I very much like the guy and what he has done for British cooking, but. hmm, don’t know that he and I would agree as to children’s names!]

  46. Hurray! Bobby is being celebrated all over the world! Marcel, Poppy and Bobby – all sure signs of spring!

  47. Just checked back in and saw the news. Hurray! Daisy does good work, even if she takes her time over it. Looking forward to photos of Bobby when you get time to draw breath…

  48. I just saw your news about Daisy on your facebook page – well done Daisy on the birth of your son! Now we all want to see some photos of him.
    Poppy is a good name for the pig. I love the name and am a little bit biased because it’s the name of my dog, a little shih-tzu, now an old lady of 15.
    Have a wonderful day on the farmy Celi.

  49. I sent you a friend request on Facebook.
    I DO NOT KNOW how it works.
    If you get an odd request from PNth … is me… sigh XO

  50. There is a swine disease causing huge problems, it’s called PED, I don’t remember the acronym’s definition. Maybe someone else has already provided this info? Your lil Poppy is adorable. Still waiting for Daisy’s calf! And we are due for more snow here in VA on Tuesday! How about you?

  51. Poppy is a perfect name. What a sweet oinker. And Daisy’s cheering section is SOOOO helpful. Here’s hoping a few turns around the lot will get her going.

  52. Poppy is adorable! Jumping down steps? Yikes. Those doctor’s orders are hard to imagine.

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