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Poppy the little pig

.. has proven herself to be a voracious eater, with a lovely friendly temperament  and plenty of gumption, even chewing down on her cabbage (sliced very small with a little molasses). With Sheila very loudly eating her hay next door as a ‘good example’.… Continue Reading “Poppy the little pig”

The starlings have come

When the field corn starts to sweeten and the insect population starts to strengthen the Starlings come. They line the overhead telegraph wires like fat black pegs on a clothesline. They fly into the fields by the thousand feeding on the pests feeding on… Continue Reading “The starlings have come”

Daisy the Watched Kettle

First we have to admire Charlotte who is posing in her swimming  pool.  l did not tell her that she wooshed all the water out already! The hose is on its way, little Shush.  I call them the Shush Sisters because that is what… Continue Reading “Daisy the Watched Kettle”