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The starlings have come

When the field corn starts to sweeten and the insect population starts to strengthen the Starlings come. They line the overhead telegraph wires like fat black pegs on a clothesline. They fly into the fields by the thousand feeding on the pests feeding on… Continue Reading “The starlings have come”

Greetings between farm animals. A precious shot.

Hairy MacLairy the Dorset ram is a gentle old soul. He is huge for a sheep but always approaches the smallest members of the farm tipping from his toes with nose outstretched. This shot was taken with the camera swinging from my finger tips,… Continue Reading “Greetings between farm animals. A precious shot.”

Walkabout the FARMY

I do love our walkabouts. Come along then. I shall name everyone as we go along for the newer members of the Farmy Clan. First into the barn and here is Pania and Tui, hiding out in the dimness.  It was still a little… Continue Reading “Walkabout the FARMY”