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The Corridors: An excerpt from Chapter One.

Here you are. One piece of  The Writing for your perusal as a thank you for your wonderful patience and support while I have been writing. And while I continue to rewrite! This piece is a work in progress, barely out of First Draft,… Continue Reading “The Corridors: An excerpt from Chapter One.”

A Delicate Shade of Lady’s Gray and Chocolate Mousse

Sunrise. Do you see that particular shade of barely bruised gray just above the uppermost layer of new light? I hope to find a scarf in that colour one day. Or maybe a full length skirt. It is such a delicate shade.  Charlotte is… Continue Reading “A Delicate Shade of Lady’s Gray and Chocolate Mousse”

Walkabout the FARMY with the Big Animals

Day Two of the Farmy Round up. Wow. It takes two days to walkabout the farmy now.  So much to see. Here is a grubby Paisley Daisy… ..with her good friend Queenie Wineti.  We tried to breed daisy twice this season but both times… Continue Reading “Walkabout the FARMY with the Big Animals”

Walkabout the FARMY

I do love our walkabouts. Come along then. I shall name everyone as we go along for the newer members of the Farmy Clan. First into the barn and here is Pania and Tui, hiding out in the dimness.  It was still a little… Continue Reading “Walkabout the FARMY”