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Last night Tane disappeared into the dark.  I was on the phone talking to the airlines looking out the window. And as I talked I watched the poor old hobbly pig walk out in the gathering dark – the wrong way. 

The Clutter Goes

I hate clutter. I have spent this week, once again, de-cluttering my wardrobe and my pantry and the desk and shelves and cupboards and both barns. As I have said to you a number of times I came to America with two suitcases of… Continue Reading “The Clutter Goes”

Once more into the breach

Difficult the calf, who was always so hard to feed and who ironically never got the scours, has come down with pneumonia.  Her tall bony body is thumping with it. The man said calves never recover once they start to thump, that I should just… Continue Reading “Once more into the breach”

The Corridors: An excerpt from Chapter One.

Here you are. One piece of  The Writing for your perusal as a thank you for your wonderful patience and support while I have been writing. And while I continue to rewrite! This piece is a work in progress, barely out of First Draft,… Continue Reading “The Corridors: An excerpt from Chapter One.”