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The first Snow of the Winter

I was most definitely not ready for having an entire day below freezing in November.   Though I just checked the blog post for this date exactly a year ago and it was only marginally warmer.  So why am I surprised. Though no snow… Continue Reading “The first Snow of the Winter”

nanowrimo without the capitals

Last year I signed up for nanowrimo. And  finished in 21 days. It is an interesting concept. Basically it is a dare. You dare yourself to write 50,000 words towards a novel, hopefully including a beginning a middle and an end  – in one… Continue Reading “nanowrimo without the capitals”

White Rabbit

No, I have not bought a white rabbit. But I’m Late. I’m Late. For my very important daily dawn date with you. I am late for two reasons. This morning I had to sit on my hands and let John go out and do… Continue Reading “White Rabbit”

Either stalactites or stalagmites – one or the other

I know one goes up and one goes down but whichever ones these are, they are an excellent visual example of it being too bloody cold – I will tell you that.  Ghastly, darlinks! The swimming pool has ice swimming in it.  These shots… Continue Reading “Either stalactites or stalagmites – one or the other”

The Corridors: An excerpt from Chapter One.

Here you are. One piece of  The Writing for your perusal as a thank you for your wonderful patience and support while I have been writing. And while I continue to rewrite! This piece is a work in progress, barely out of First Draft,… Continue Reading “The Corridors: An excerpt from Chapter One.”

The Tiny House – First Drawings

The Kiwi Builder and I have been spending a lot of time arranging and rearranging walls and condensing, decanting and extending ideas. The pea hens watch us at work from the verandah.  In fact yesterday the doors were left wide open, because it was… Continue Reading “The Tiny House – First Drawings”

Miss C is Miss Ing …

… in action. Or soon will be. Today she might be laid on her back, under a tree, looking at the cloudless sky.  And wondering if, now that she has started writing, will she ever be able to stop.  And where did this superb,… Continue Reading “Miss C is Miss Ing …”

Hiding from the Chill

Not one furry, or feathered, animal, or bird, moved from the barn until late in the morning yesterday, except maybe to run quickly outside to the loo but that would only be the piggies. The rest are not as particular with their ablutions. So… Continue Reading “Hiding from the Chill”

Daisy’s Naughty Face

Daisy is not always nice. But she is slowly increasing her milk production again.  Ever so slowly. She was smelling sweeter yesterday too.  I personally think she has been a little off colour. She has had other symptoms indicating a heath struggle. But she… Continue Reading “Daisy’s Naughty Face”

Oh dear …

I got so carried away with The Writing that I did not get enough decent images for you yesterday. Or at least I forgot to check to make sure I had enough shots. Which I did not. And then it was too late. This… Continue Reading “Oh dear …”