The first Snow of the Winter

I was most definitely not ready for having an entire day below freezing in November.  snow3-022

Though I just checked the blog post for this date exactly a year ago and it was only marginally warmer.  So why am I surprised.


Though no snow then. This is Boos first time seeing snow and as predicted he went bonkers and was mad as a Hatter all day.




We stayed below freeing all day so there was no point in putting out the washing.



Everyone went quiet and waited.


A good cold day means a good hot risotto and for a good risotto we need a very good stock.


I am at just over 10,000 words which is not bad for just over three days. Today I hope to write another 5 or 6,000 words actually. My characters have started to talk to each other and I love it when they chat.  They can say all the words I don’t. And it is a kind of third party discovery. I have a clear day today. No need to go anywhere but the farmy and  the keyboard.

Still cold. A good day for being inside..

Have a lovely day.

your friend, celi

42 Comments on “The first Snow of the Winter

  1. For me it’s being surprised- every year- by winds and rain. Then you talk it out with folk in town to confirm that yep it’s the same as last year. I’d love to have the energy of a dog in the snow.
    Well done with the writing. Your contagious attitude will keep my blog time short this morning and I’ll head over to Hong Kong where my characters (lovers) are presently meeting up after a two month separation… and the time is before texts, emails and FB:)
    That’s a lovely stock. x…wendy

  2. The kids loved our snow yesterday and it didn’t melt. We had about 2″ and a little more last night and it’s 24F this morning. I have soup on the wood stove! 🙂 Have a great day, Celi!

  3. We had our first snow, too, but not as much as you. A cold, windy (but sunny!) 24F this morning…take a peek at Niko’s reaction to it, if you get a second…
    Happy writing! 🙂

  4. How old is Boo? Dogs are funny with snow. Guinness would prefer to stay inside and avoid it, Murphy leaps about like a rabbit in it. Funny creatures. It’s very cold here but no snow yet. Fingers crossed!

  5. Ok, snow in almost mid November…I’ll allow it…lol. Those are charming photos of Boo. Reminds me of Chinook and Hunter, (late malamutes). First snow they’d race around and end up going on their bellies and sort of pushing their noses thru it, like a snow shovel, while pushing along with their back legs. They used to love to snap at and catch snowballs. Bet Boo will love that too. 🙂 Well done on the words Celi.

  6. The weather has changed in Bulgaria. Last week it was all sun and blue skies..this week it is cold, damp and definitely autumnal. The wood burner is blazing away and lying in front are three cats and three dogs..they know where to keep warm.
    Boo looks as though he is enjoying the snow, but whst does Marmalade think of it ?
    stay warm dear Celi !

  7. My pup diesel does the same in the snow…I believe that we are on our third or forth mentionable snow. We got about 6-8 inches the end of October. We all held our breath. Last year the same week we were clobbered by hurricane Sandy. But it all melted away and only a few spotty areas lost electricity due to the wind. Today we have about 4-5 inches and the cold is rather biting. Stay warm. Blessings

  8. Sigh … maybe I will get to see real snow one day. Hot 31C(88F) and sunny today. You can visit to warm up:) Good luck with the writing. Laura

  9. OK, now….LOOK….this AIN’T a snow. OUR first snow accumulated to 20 inches.
    but, hey. it is what it is. [puny little snow, she whispers to the screen.]

    i am curious, also: what does marmalade think of it??

    stay warm! stay bundled!!

  10. Just to make you jealous, it is a gorgeous day here, sunny and warm(ish). Back to windy rain tonight though. This time last year we had frost and snow too – and everyone said it was for the first time, so early in the year. I keep meaning to keep a weather diary, and then I won’t be surprised!

    Did Boo get his paws all bunged up with snow? Dogs hate that.

  11. Bloody cold here too but thankfully no snow!
    Fiend came round last night bearing gifts – Chinese dinner, and a potted plant she wants me to divide for lots of friends! The potted plant is a Rabbits Foot Fern, which I had never seen before, and it is massive! Of course she only had a couple of pots to give me, which are ornamental but with no drainage, and no potting soil LOL. so today I will try and handle this monster in my kitchen (plant has to stay between 60 and 80 and needs humidity) and try to follow instructions I found on line. Any one else ever handled one of these?

    • A rabbits foot fern. I am not sure I know that one but would probably recognise a pic. But in experience ferns grow roots in a tangle all with a little crown, and once you have got it laid sideways you should be able to shake and pull and separate each crown, though i have at times divided ferns with a shovel. Unfortunately the roots fall apart better when wet which does bode well for your kitchen, Funny about no drainage pots, all plants like drainage!! c

  12. Good for you with your progress on your writing!!! I am very impressed. Your snow looks about like ours here in Iowa. They “say” it is going to melt today but we shall see. It is really cold still so I can’t imagine it is going to disappear.

  13. It’s close to freezing here. Must water a few plants to help them shake it off – we’ll be warm shortly for a day or two. The cool weather does energize the dogs even here: the German begs Molly to chase her. Molly just wants to box and romp. Different play styles. After a bit we had to bundle Molly off to play in a large fenced area with young friends – poor German was getting exhausted and tired of being slugged. She does have the weight to just shove Molly down and sit on her, which happens. But looking at Boo – you’ve got the same.
    Love that picture with the tree with fall leaves with the cold background. I can just feel it all.
    We have that pot! One of the first ones I bought. Spent many times with similar pots simmering on the cast iron stove which heated and cooked for my aunt’s little house ‘way out in the country. Snug in a winter house with words like a blanket. Enjoy the story!

  14. Your landscape looks just like ours here in southern Minnesota. But the sun is shining and the temp is supposed to reach into the high 40s. I am hanging out my first load of laundry shortly. My fingers will freeze, but I’m determined.

    Congrats on your writing progress.

    • My drains are so terribly blocked when we are frozen that i am saving my washing til later in the week.. ah well.. I will have to think of yours out there in the cold.. c

  15. Oh Boo! Kick up your heels and have the time of your life!!!! No flies! No mosquitoes or gnats! Woo hoo! A lot chilly, but everyone is bug free and that is wonderful! Even for us!
    I am still in with this blasted sinus infection. Uffda…five more days of antibiotics! Then back to my elderberry syrup! Mmmmmm…..comforting! 😉 The medicine! Something going around. It is always best if I avoid crowds and people in close quarters at this time of the year and eat lots of healthy foods!
    No more hanging clothes outside here either. I have one of those drying racks in the basement that I pull out and set close by the fireplace! Dries really fast! Got to put up the snow fences tomorrow…hope I am feeling better….
    Made chicken soup yesterday! That kinda day! 🙂 Your stock looks very good! I could sip on that all day long!
    Supposed to be in the 40s here til the end of the week! Yay! The sun is shining and I feel human again! LOL Sorry that your temps dropped so low. It is tough making the transition when the temps go up and down like they have been!
    Good luck with the writing! I would love to proof read your story! If you would like someone to proof read any of it as you go along! Hint hint!!! 😉
    Lots of hugs and good wishes for excellent health and no more snow til December! 😀 Definitely for Christmas!

  16. I think I would just love to taste your risotto! I have never lived in snow, Celi, and as such, I find your landscape beautiful. Cold, yes, but beautiful! 🙂 Happy wiritng!

  17. I’ll have some of the stock and you can hold on to the snow. 😉 We had a couple of mornings with a white frost, but back to a mild moist 10°C rain today and forecast to be much the same until after the weekend. I want to be inside with marmalade, sitting beside the stove and keeping an eye on your stock pot!

  18. If anything could sell cold weather, those pics would be it. From the exhuberance of Boo, the quiet contemplation of Kupa, the promise of warmth from the stockpot… the temperature doesn’t seem to matter quite so much 🙂

  19. Wonderful photos tho’ I am glad to just see them on the screen! Thought it was ‘cold’ when I woke up this morning ~ hmm, the thermometer indoors said 14 C and we are ‘only’ meant to get to 24 C: boo!hoo! from totally spoilt brats!! So glad Boo took to the ‘white stuff’ . . . that you would be well advanced already however is absolutely no surprise at all! Enjoy! And the wash day will wait . . . 🙂 !

  20. Seeing all that snow and cold makes me wonder if you are going to steal away for a bit of kiwi summer this year. Hope you were able to join me at the beach a couple of blog posts ago.

  21. So beautiful and so cold! I remember well years in Indiana winters…

  22. Loved your post so very much as I am awaiting snow on the high desert of Oregon in the US. It certainly was a perfect NANO work for you. I stopped to cheer you on. That is an amazing word count for 3 days.
    Your comment about conversations between characters helped me just now. it was an AHA moment for me. I have been struggling with this in my NANO write.
    Thank you!

    • Oh yes, that is what i do, i let them talk or if i am really stuck I describe the room they are talking in, or I take them for a walk.. I used to write plays , them moved into film dialogue, so i find myself being very action, design and dialogue driven. Do you want to be a buddy? I could fine you? c

  23. Good luck with your writing challenge. And that certainly is cold and it seems very cold for November but, if it was like that last year, I guess it’s typical. xx

  24. I didn’t like snow when I lived in England, it used to turn to slush in a matter of hours and then freeze over again. I dont do cold very well. We have had temps in the low to mid 30’s C for a while now in Northern NSW and this is our usual thunderstorm season. Not all places get the good falls of rain though – we often miss out here on the ridge. At least some rain is better than none, but when the wind picks up every day lately, it dries the ground out again. I sound like a whingeing pom, which I am not really, but wind really gets to me. Joy

  25. I’m glad things have quieted outside so you can be inside and write, it sounds like your story is coming right along. Boo appears to like the snow.

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