nanowrimo without the capitals

Last year I signed up for nanowrimo. And  finished in 21 days.


It is an interesting concept. Basically it is a dare. You dare yourself to write 50,000 words towards a novel, hopefully including a beginning a middle and an end  – in one month. The month of November. No-one but me reads it. No-one even particularly cares if you get the 50,000 words, except you. Me. And when you load your novelette at the end of the month and the machine counts it and you have enough words, there is the sound of many hands clapping and you get a cyber sticker.  But they will never know me. The challenge of nanowrimo is a personal challenge. I challenge myself. The BEST kind of challenge.


But I wrote very fast last year which is not unusual for some people we know – I love Bills writing – especially his poetry ( I have linked you to his new photography blog because I love that too and he gave me my Camera House – so it seems just as appropriate)  but pretty unusual for me. I am not usually a fast writer –  I blame Bill for that too. He taught me to type with my eyes closed.

So this time I have started 10 days late to up the ante somewhat. There are 30 days in November. So I have 20 days to write 50,000 coherent words.


It  was rainy  yesterday then it snowed.  Not a good day for drying winter hay  but a great day for writing.

I love a challenge. Don’t you love a challenge?


I do write,  every day, of course. The big work is progressing. But nanowrimo is like a wee holiday because it is writing without pressure. It is just words. 50, 000 gorgeous words.

This story has a working title of The Thoroughly Modern Witch. It is about a mother and her teenage daughter.  Though set in an inclement, volatile future with a supporting cast of beautiful old retainers in a deeply gorgeous crumbling estate falling slowly into the sea. There are cows of course – sheep,  and dogs and a black cat. And an island. Enchantment. Banishment, and English teachers. But mostly it is about a girls awakening to her mother’s power.  And a mother who will take on a lion to save her daughter then a daughters discovery of a fierce will to save her family.  And that daughters need for her father and as the mother and daughter finally join forces the enchantment lifts and they seek him together.

So I may be a wee bit absent in the coming weeks, but deeply present all at once.


And oh yes, I will still be here with you every day. The farmy must go on you know.  Just a few less words on the blog pages and a little less editing!!


Have a lovely day

your friend, celi

78 Comments on “nanowrimo without the capitals

  1. a challenge to write. i’ve written so very many words but never an all-at-once story.
    maybe i shall lay my head down, much like wee marmalade, and ponder this……..

  2. That sounds like writing a thesis.
    I think you should make sure someone reads it – the challenge is good but an audience can tell you whether it’s good or not 😉

  3. Love your outline – that’s a story I’d read!
    Your weather is at my house this morning – very cold rain right now, snow and sleet in another hour…Maybe we’ll make popcorn or something…

  4. Oooh, what you’ve shared about your story idea sounds so good!
    Hope you’ll add some time to polish and share it some way.

    I was surprised to read
    > because it is writing without pressure
    as my impression was, that most participants join because of the pressure.

    And your post was a reminder that I wanted to write a NoNaNoWriMo post on my blog.

    • For me the pressure of word numbers is not a real pressure, more of a challenge. i find the pressure of going back and making sense of it, editing, then the terrible question of will there ever be an agent for me or a publisher and so on.. to be real pressures. the writing is much more joyful. c

      • Like one of my profs used to say…rewrite, rewrite, rewrite!!! Then rewrite again! LOL Never give up! There will be a reader for it! 😉

  5. I love a challenge too! Mine at the moment is not as exciting as yours though. I am cleaning out every cupboard in my little cottage, checking “use by dates” on food, throwing stuff away I don’t need (being strict) and putting pretty shelve liners in before putting every thing back. This is a once in a blue moon challenge as it is a task not on my favorite list! Must admit I find your challenge much more interesting and one I should contemplate for myself. Actually I have a personal ‘diary’ on my PC that is addressed to my granddaughter, and I have been filling that up with stuff from my past, pieces of knowledge that I have found helpful, write ups of family members etc. I aim to leave it for her when I pass on. Need to go update that as I haven’t written in it for a while.
    Happy writing Celi!!

    • I love the idea of writing for your grand daughter.. I look at my pantry and think the same thing, it needs to be completely emptied and cleaned and rearranged.. I might undertake that challenge in december. but good luck with yours.. not my fav either.. c

  6. Brave Celie. Lovely indoor piccies, specially Boo and Marmalade. I probably write that amount of words in a month, but not a novel. I did it three years ago, and the novella is in my fiction page as Anne’s Fortune, but it is nowhere near 50,000 words.
    Enjoy your day, but I hope somehow the hay dries. It’s very wet again here.

  7. Love the ideas for your story Celi! Sounds like it will be a page turner!!! Also love the shots of the Coupe, both inside and out! Stay warm my friend! xo

    • Oh, I and I haven’t decided my blog will be a purely photography blog. I think it will be more about my life, with pictures. Like yours, I suppose.

    • When the fields are full and the wind blows…like the waves on the sea…undulating and rolling to the shore! We may be landlocked, but in our hearts we are still on the coast looking out to the sea. 😉

  8. Good morning Celi ; Well that’s how novels start. To be honest that sounds like something i would buy to read!! no light thing to say for me; cause i hate to read! there are not many books that i will read, just ask Missy. as for your writing ( i do enjoy it ) your skill and art is worthy of at least the start of a online book for starters to test your skill many authors today start out is cheaper. try it !
    be a blessing mike

  9. Your story sounds wonderful! Happy writing Celi! You will, as you do with everything else, do a stellar job!
    Just so long as we get a few shots of our precious Marmalade over the next 20 days, everything will be perfect. 😉
    I wonder how many words you have written today…
    🙂 Mandy xo

      • I AM one of your buddies! I sent you NaNo mail yesterday. Unless you delete people, all of last year’s buddies stay on your list. You can’t get rid of me without trying! Muah-a-ha!

        • Ah yes, i went and looked, I had forgotton abut that and voila there you are, I must go and look for your message, I am just working out how to run the nano page again, a year is a long time for a paddington bear brain! c

  10. I love your story line. It also sounds as if one could unravel lost truths in the writing of it. I love the idea of plunging into it with no other intent than the writing itself. I think all tasks are good this way, simply for the love of the action. Enjoy.

  11. Good luck with the writing.your story line sounds interesting. I tried the November writing last year, but managed two thousand one hundred plus words and dried up! It is still there somewhere in the bowels of my computer, one of these days….?

  12. Hey, bravo! I’m here to support you right down to your warm, fluffy socks. You go girl. 🙂

    • you are so busy this year I am not surprised you are not doing it again! Thank you for the metaphorical fluffy socks, it is cold! c

  13. I was wondering whether you’d do it again this year! I am *not* doing it again this year, so I’ve started a wee blog challenge as a sort of booby prize. Happy writing!

  14. Oh, Celi, have you ever put me in my place! I signed on for NaNo but I was going to cheat from the start–work on something I’d already begun. I got about 8000 words in and decided I probably need to toss the whole approach and start over. Same idea, different way to go about it. So I’ve been procrastinating. No words for a few days. But if you can start NOW–maybe there’s hope for me! I should just dive in and write the scenes I know–or I think I know–are possible, and worry about where they fit later. Thanks for the inspiration. (Side note: I still can’t get over Boo and Marmalade. I smile/get teary every time I see them together.)

    • I also write scenes as they come to mind, especially if i have gone slow on something.. then (on a few editing mornings) I will cut and paste them into order again. The story develops its own pace too and there comes a time whe it pushes itself along. But you know all that stuff.. ok back to writing for us!! I am having a big push today! c

    • not cheating – it’s called being a rebel – there are lots of us up there – standing proud – we even have our own forum – go check it out:) I was half way yhrough mine when I begun this year:)

  15. I love the storyline! My cuppa! I can’t wait to read it! I would love to try something like this!
    Marmalade has toys!!!! So cute!!! Oh Boo you are such a sweetie!!!! At first I didn’t realize what the huge bundle was! LOL
    Love your bedroom view! WINDOWS!!!!!! And I’ll bet you miss sitting out on your screened porch as I miss sitting out in my sun parlor…sigh…now it is way too cold….brrrr….have to get that stove out there! So many things to do!
    You inspire me Celi! This is why I love to hang out here with you! You are my favorite!!! Lots of energy and interests just like me!
    My puppy will be born in a couple of days!!! Will send you photos when I can!
    Have a great day and enjoy the writing! (((hugs)))

  16. This seems a story that needs to be written, and then taken further. The challenge acts as a good spur – but then don’t waste it! That is a good writing rate.

  17. Oh me too, me too, Celia! But I’m not nearly as successful as you. I only hit the 50,000 mark one year out of six and barely get 1000 words the rest of the time. This year, I haven’t hit 2000 words yet, even though this year the story actually has a genuine, interesting plot. My daughter told me about ywriter, free software online. It didn’t take long to figure out and now I’m working on a book outline. I’m hoping to put in a lot of typing the next two weeks.
    Your premise sounds great! You’re such an excellent writer that I’ll bet you could easily find a publisher. Even if you don’t get it all banged out by the end of the month, please consider finishing it for publication. It sounds like such a fun read. I would buy it!

    • Morning julia, I would like to learn more about that software.. I bought one once and it was USELESS, I was more confused than i had been before.. the reason I love nano is that i have NO outline, i just have characters and a place, after that anything can happen.. c

  18. Ok, down from the ladder for a break 🙂 I have been wondering why, when one does a room makeover (basically at floor level,right?) you spend so much time up a ladder? I was hoping we would read last years nano book sometime and now I definitely want to read the current one 🙂 Laura

    • writing the basic story is a long way from writing a real novel, at least that is how i see it. the wonderful thing is getting the story somewhat told so i can go back and edit. i always mean to begin editing on january 1st.. I might be able to this year as no travel and no milking this winter.. c

  19. like the sound of your story line – think you would get an audience for it:) like the ‘no pressure’ – agree it’s the rewrites/edits/ pub thats the presure – the writing is the joy – all the best with a 20 day challenge – I began on the 1st but am a rebel working on WIP which I really would like to finish this year:)

    • It is an excellent set up for finishing a piece of work. good for you.. i think when i do the editing i am going to set up a graph just for myself.. it really makes a difference seeing your goals in a different format.. I am very visual.. c

  20. Nanowrimo must be spreading like wildfire because I never heard of it, yet this is the 3rd WP blog post that’s mentioned it. It sounds like a terrific challenge. Have fun with it

  21. Boo and Marmelade’s photos are amazing and endearing. He’s the kitty’s mom! love the photos of all; best wishes for your nano rimo

  22. Where will you find the time? Your days are already so busy. But I hope you do it. I’ve never contemplated it, because while I love to write, it’s real life that has me interested, and I can’t come up with a plot for a novel… Looking forward to the results…

    • every time i sit down to the computer i have to write one thousand words before I am allowed into my social media.. works like a charm! now back i go! c

  23. You are tap dancing and juggling and singing all at once with all this. Best of all- you are enjoying it. YEA! (Story line sounds great – crumbling into the sea – and that was just the beginning …delightful)
    That picture looking out of the house is poetry.
    All the pups and cat napping – and so cold already! (will freeze a little north of us tonight). It is time to dream, weave stories and write.

  24. What a great challenge. You are inspiring me to write a story. It has been on my mind for months. I like how you refer to writing without pressure, just words. That’s what it takes to get started. Isn’t it?

    • absolutely and if you get stuck and cannot find the words, tell your characters to talk to each other for a while, just keep writing what they say to each other and very soon you will pick up your thoughts again.. c

  25. Good luck with your challenge and we all know you will hit the mark again, probably with a few days to spare . . . to each their own ~ I love challenges but this to me would create stress in balancing the rest of my life 🙂 ! For the last couple of decades friends have been insistent I begin my ‘life story’, as it has been a somewhat unusual and unplanned ‘going with the flow’! Only a few chapters for composite books have eventuated . . . too easily distracted by the present to present the past I suppose. Oh, DO love all that sugar and spice, especially Boo and Marmalade in each other’s arms[ oops, paws!!] . . .

    • Your writing is great and doing it at your own pace is excellent. This is why I like the month of just the words. there is no real pressure to produce much of anything just the challenge to sit down and write a few thousand words a day, speaking of which!! back to the grindstone!.. c

  26. I wondered is that Big Dog inside… I’m glad Saints asked, and that he’s inside. Clever moving his blankie in.
    Despite it being being chilly your pics convey glow and light enough to warm the cockles and give the weather merit by association 🙂
    You with nanowrimo and Julia inspired me to download the ywriter freeware, and cobble together my bits and pieces of writing on it. I don’t know that I have a novel in me but at least I’ll be able to see what I’ve got.
    Maybe in a couple of years I’ll be ready for nanowrimo.

  27. I’m glad Saints asked about Big Dog… I thought is Big Dog inside?… Wonderful 🙂
    Even though it’s chilly, the glow and light in your pics are enough to warm the cockles and give the weather merit by association 😉
    You with nanowrimo and Julia have inspired me to download the ywriter free software and assemble some of the bits and pieces I’ve written on their. I’m not sure if I have a novel in me but at least this way I can what I’ve got to work with.
    Maybe it will be enough to get me to the point I can do

  28. As long as we get a fair ration of Boo and Marmalade you can write a novel for the whole of the year… and a bit of Sheila of course…

  29. I’ve decided not to do NannyNannyBooBoo this month, but started working on a new book last week. (Because I’m a moron.) Still, I looked today and I’m at 10,040 words. Hmm. Good luck to thee.

  30. You do like a challenge, to start NaNoWriMo ten days late! That kitten looks so tiny in these photos. Big Dog looks comfy in his camo bed. 🙂

  31. Oh, I am so glad to hear you are doing this again, Celi! I signed up again this year but for the past few weeks, all I’ve done is sleep after putting the kids to bed and/or procrastinate! You give me hope that I can actually put down a few words on paper before the month is up! I love the elements that you’ve mentioned are in your story! Share a little with us if you can 🙂

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