The Boat Builders Daughter

Just one click and read my latest story. The Boat Builders Daughter.

It is quite new – you have never read it before.

the boatbuilders daughter - a story on substack

And I am really proud of it so I would love you to read it and let me know what you think.

Here is the link . Click Here.

It is called The Boat Builders Daughter. Quite short – they are all short.

And you don’t need to subscribe to substack to read it though I don’t mind if you do.

This one took me three days to write – and when I proof read it (I always proof read by reading aloud) I cried.

Mercy, I am turning into a water pot lately.

I am going to set this post to send while I am in the air – I never write my posts ahead of the day so please forgive me. It make me happy to think of you reading a story about the sea while I am flying.

Have a gorgeous day.

Talk soon


10 Comments on “The Boat Builders Daughter

  1. The Boat Builder’s Daughter is…amazing, wonderful, and very much you! thank you and I’m sorry I’m so behind.

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