Walkabout the FARMY with the Big Animals

Day Two of the Farmy Round up. Wow. It takes two days to walkabout the farmy now.  So much to see. Here is a grubby Paisley Daisy…

..with her good friend Queenie Wineti.  We tried to breed daisy twice this season but both times it did not take.  Then it was too late in the season to try again. A cow is pregnant for nine months and then I will milk for at least 8 months, so it is best if she calves in the early spring. So I am going to wait so that I get her into a better breeding pattern. She and Queenie the little Hereford beef heifer will be bred in the early summer of next year. I am going to try and milk Daisy right through the winter if it does not get too too cold. 

Then we plan to find a little Jersey milk cow to see us through until Daisy is milking again. This is Daisy’s bobby calf.  Bobby Blanc. 

Queenie again. She is a lovely little cow, short and fat. I am going to breed her to the smallest bull I can find so that I build a tiny herd. I do not need a lot of meat but all my beef is grassfed.  Pasture raised would be a better description as they are fattened on alfalfa/lucerne. 

A while ago my friend Sara at Punkin’s Patch took a big box of mama’s wool  and picked it and washed it and carded it and did some other things to it and now she has spun Mama’s grubby fleece into these skeins of beautiful soft wool. Yarn they call it here in America.  Isn’t that glorious. She has boxed it and sent the wool to me in the post. Isn’t that the most fantastic thing.  She has a great fondness for Mama. Thank you so much Sara.  Mama thanks you too.

This is the wool in Sara’s garden.

Mama is hanging out with Hairy MacLairy. I am sure they are discussing making little hats for the children!

It is not often we catch Mama smiling. She is our stern policeman sheep.

Warm and windy again.

Good morning. This morning is Our John’s birthday.  He leaves the house at 5am for work so he gets up at 4am. By 4.30 am he had discovered that the coffee machine has broken down again, TonTon had skunked himself and the verandah, and the vest I bought him for his birthday present was too small.  So he has gone to work holding his nose instead of a cup of coffee, leaving his present behind.

Oh dear. But the good news is that he has fixed the pump.  I will be giving it a trial run with the cow very shortly. So cross your fingers.

Now I must run out the door. All the roosters are crowing and I have a stinky dog to deal with before milking. Never fear though -I bought the Skunk Off stuff. I am armed and ready!

Have a lovely day.


71 Comments on “Walkabout the FARMY with the Big Animals

  1. Mama has a great story with a happy ending. I’m glad you have her :-). Nice shots. She’s a pretty ewe.

  2. Sorry to hear that the birthday got off to a rocky start. Isn’t that something that it takes two days to really see all of the Farmy. Your daily shot looked chilly to me, but lovely and clear in the way only cool days are. Still in the 90s/30s here…

  3. Let’s do this part first…the word you wanted was “Phase”, not Fays….I love you too much to let you leave that there 🙂
    Lovely walkie – as always. Hope John’s Birthday ends better than it began!

    • Thank you darling. I just came back in from the milking, brought the page up and went EEEK! how I missed that one in my sleepy stupor i do not know. It was meant to read Day Two (fixed now) .. at least it does go to prove that I really DO write these posts in the early morning before dawn. c

  4. Love the walkabouts – was Mia having a bad hair day and didn’t want to be photographed? Lovely yarn … felicitations to Our John, maybe a replacement coffee machine is in order, hmmm? Laura

  5. I hope you can make up to John for the miserable start to his birthday. I hate coffee machines. Give me a cafetière with a plunger any day. Quick and easy to make perfect coffee and no fiddly bits to wash up. Nothing to go wrong, either.

    I love the look of that wool. Isn’t Mama wonderful and Pumpkin’s Patch is also great!

  6. Mama is smilin cos she’s with her man, Hairy’s devotion reminds me of those cheesy seventies soul singers like Barry White, “baby, baby, baby, can’t get enough of your love”, “you’re once, twice, three times a lady” that kind of thing. Anyway he is mumbling something along those lines into Mama’s ear and she is eating it up. He has a lot of facial hair in common with those 70’s guys also.

  7. That wool looks amazing. There’s a movement in England at the moment to use more of the wool from our own sheep to make fine cloth for tailoring. All the cool Italian companies make wonderful ultra light weight wool suits. England has great tailors and quite a lot of sheep – it makes sense doesn’t it.

  8. oh no….those nasty skunks! happy birthday to john! that yarn is gorgeous. what wonderful scarves it could make!

  9. Hi C! Happy birthday to john!! Today’s my mother in law birthday too. She’s 71 now and an absolute Super Trouper 🙂 The yarn is so beautiful! Is incredible that people (Sara) are able to make this pure white thing out of the Grayish mess sheep’s carry on (no offense mama and Co.). 😉

  10. Poor John! Not the best birthday beginning. Mama’s wool looks gorgeous now and I never knew that Daisy’s full name was Paisley Daisy. Paisley is my favorite pattern.

    • Names are funny! I thought about that after I posted this morning, finding my way in the dark out to the barn, following the smell of TonTon. Ton’s real name is WellingTon Dog. I should tell people that, it slipped my mind completely.

  11. Never mind hats for the children, I suspect that Hairy is whispering something a little more suggestive than that to get such a smile! Hope the Birthday boy’s day improves!

  12. Happy birthday to Our John and I do hope his day improves. Also, loving the image of the calf as calves were always my most favorite part of growing up on the farm, even if I knew their ultimate destiny. And that yarn; perfect for caps.

  13. Love the wool posed with the planter!
    Variations of shapes of cow breeds is interesting, isn’t it. You don’t frequently see assorted breeds in one pasture – but this is a a famy of many colors and purposes.
    Lovely post

  14. Hi there… very much enjoying your posts. Stumbled here from…. ummmmm. can’t remember now. Maybe Promenade Plantings? So glad I did.
    How is it going raising your animals for meat. We are considering it next year and I’m working on how to be detached or attached/appreciative. Not sure yet. cheers… wendy

    • It is fine. The trick is making sure they have a good life. it may be short, but there is no reason why they cannot be good. Also I have found a small abbatoir, so they are treated well at the end too, I think this is important to the animal and my peace of mind. I always say thank you to the animal. But it is an amazing feeling growing meat with real taste, knowing what it ate for its whole life and all that.. lovely to hear from you wendy.. have fun..see you again soon c

      • Hi, I agree with Celi, my cattle have a good life too, however we use a home kill guy so our cattle never even leave the paddock, they are happily grazing then……

  15. Happy Birthday to John and I hope it gets better as the day progresses! Love Mama’s Mona Lisa smile! 🙂 Her wool is so beautiful that I just want to jump into those skeins and roll around in them…seriously. What fun it will be to make things from her wool and how fulfilling for you. WellingTon Dog…I love that name and the derivative. So what other full names do we not know about? Do tell. And hope your day is a great one!

  16. Happy birthday to John. That wool looks just incredible! It’s hard to believe it comes from the furry little creatures. The view looks wonderful so sunny, it rainy and overcast but at least a little warmer!

  17. I am so sorry that John had such an unexpected send-off this morning! I hope he carries the best of wishes with him throughout the day. And that wool is just grand! It’s truly beautiful, and represents the best of what it means to be living off the farm’s bounty. Have a wonderful day, Celi. I know you will. Debra

  18. Happy Birthday to your John. What a pity his day started so – I am positive it will end just perfectly though.
    Would you look at that wool – awesome stuff! How wonderful of Sara to have sent it to you in the post. What are you going to knit or crochet with it?
    Have a super day and we will be sure to toast in your John’s honour this evening.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  19. Never a dull moment with Weillington Dog. Happy Birthday to your John and a big WOW to Sara. Just incredible what she did to make such beautiful skeins. And Hairy and Mama are an adorable couple. You caught such a unique moment.

  20. Happy Birthday Our John – did you make him a Pav?
    and… WellingTonTon?? I LOVE it!

  21. All lovely photos C. especially the close up portraits of Bobby and Mama…I love to see their expressions and eyes!! And that beautiful wool…oh my!! I am just learning to knit but so far….it’s hopeless! 🙂 Happy Birthday John…your day can only get better! 🙂 I’m sure C. will see to that!!
    PS. I loved the Fays and not Phase…it made me smile to think of you sitting typing in the wee hrs. of the morning with the cobwebs not quite cleared out! 🙂

  22. Happy birthday to John! I’m thinking you may have some other little bday surprises for him later. Worse for me would be to not start my morning with coffee and I hate to admit I’m that addicted! Miss visiting you and the animals! Have a great day!

  23. The wool yarn is gorgeous. Now on your next walkabout, gather some appropriate natural material to dye it with. Then it would be a truly Farmy yarn. Or knit Our John a warm vest — that would be a good airplane project for your trip to NZ. Best birthday wishes to him!

  24. I love the photos of Mama’s wool all spun up… I doubt I’ll ever have my own sheep but a spinning wheel is on my list as long ago I spun. Here in the city we don’t need it, but in the country cupboard we have plans B, C, D, E & F in the event, God forbid, of the demise of the coffee machine, a plunger, a stovetop thingy and worst comes to worst – instant & bags. WellingTon Dog… he certainly is 🙂 And finally, happy birthday to John, I’m sure his day got better, at 4.30am there’s not much you can do about anything…

  25. Those skunks do seem to be quite a problem. Poor John! I hope his day improves. I love the progression of the wool. I remember growing up with people who had spinning wheels in their homes. They were surprisingly, quite a common sight xx

  26. I had a dog that got skunked once. Theoretically, tomato juice is supposed to get rid of “skunk stink”. We had no tomato juice, only Bloody Mary mix. Trust me, it doesn’t work – and I haven’t had a Bloody Mary since. Oh dear… best of luck!

  27. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. Having now found you, I’m enjoying your posts and am fascinated by your farm life. The photos of your animals are wonderful. Keeping up with you is going to be quite a learning experience for a suburban girl like me. 😉

  28. Ahhh darn it! But Happy Birthday anyway, Our John! I’m sure the day will end perfect. My dear departed Momma used to say…everything works out just right, if you let it. So I’m sure he will let it and everything will be good.

    We all do crazy things with our animals names don’t we….Fuzzy is Fuzzy Doddle McDoodle Brown, but we call him Dude much of the time. Boomer Brown is Boomie, Boom, and The Boom most of the time.


  29. The second glorious day on the Farmy. The wool looks like spun magic. Think of all the wonderful creations hidden in those strands Celi. V.

  30. Bobby Blanc is looking GOOD – loving your photos – the sheep almost look like they are having a conversation – ha! Have a Great One:)

  31. Oh, DO love the look of that wool: what would you so – about 12-ply? Way back in post-marriage poor days knitted Australian-patterened jumpers for the Japanese tourist trade for quite a few years 😦 ! 12-14 days per: $50 cash in hand . . . not exactly the easiest way to make a bob 🙂 !!! Got awfully fed up of koalas and kangaroos!!! But the wools look similar!

    • Nowadays you would sell them for 2 or 300 a piece i would say. A handknitted jersey would be a treasure. I will try one day, though it is the neck that is going to give me trouble.. no koalas or ribs for me i would be excited if i could just an item of clothing that i could wear from my own wool.. it has a certain symmetry to it.. morning eha… c

      • Neck: use 5 sock needles, pick up stitches around the sewn up neck on four, 1 row of knitting in: do rib for about 6 inches. Cast off, double up: nice roll collar 🙂 ! Oh, as far as my erstwhile knitting; boss-lady got $250 for each then 😀 ! I was the backstreet ‘slave’ 🙂 !

        • Oh no.. you were the sweat shop! horrors, probably worked out to be a dollar an hour too.. I will let you know if I start something, but you may end up with a mangled package in the mail and you will sigh, and pull it all apart carefully rolling the wool back into a ball.. that would be a laugh. The note would say.. “Eha. Can you Start me off again, I got in a muddle”.. oh dear.. c

          • Yep, I was one of some 250 in the sweat shop: it worked out at 80 cents/hour actually! And I cannot imagine you in a muddle 🙂 !

  32. Great time on the walkabout. Hope Our John’s day was better than it started. That yarn is simply delicious looking! I have a girl here who would love to have sheep but Dadda says no. We’ll see. Minds can change. I love the Cascade sheep. No shearing as they shed and they’re about half sized and easy to care for but they’re pretty pricy. Looking forward to tomorrow’s visit with you. Pop over when you get a chance. Our fall is beautiful up here on top of our little corner of the world!

  33. I envy you all your gorgeous creatures… the wool looks wonderful too – really soft… I had a friend who made wool from her English Sheep dog, and knitted it, and it was hard and bristly, which was a surprise!

  34. I hope you bought stock in the Skunk Off company! I’d laugh, but I know it is not funny. Mama’s wool is so pretty, and I do like that smile. I think Hairy was whispering something in her ear. I hope John has a happy birthday, even if things started off wrong this morning.

  35. Poor John – hope his day got better! And that wool is beautiful (as is that gorgeous pot)…very jealous as I am knitting Christmas pressies right now and can´t get my hands on anything as lovely as that 😦

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