Rain on The Wet Skunky Dog in The Golden Leaves of Autumn

Hmm. Skunky dog on a rainy day. Not a pretty olfactory picture. Poor fellow saw the Skunk Off bottles come out and he hid under a bush, not realising that the bush was losing its leaves, and his smelly little snout and little eye could be seen peering back out at me. 

But Ton Ton, whose long name is indeed WellingTon Dog, is here to tell you that Skunk Off really does work.  And is relatively pain free though he tries to make me think otherwise but it is not working on the verandah; the scene of the crime. Ah well. 

Glorious rain yesterday. 

Warmth touched by the sounds of autumn.

The colours of harvest..

and the mists of precipitation. Awkward twins. To get rain into the ground before winter is a blessing. If the trees have a good amount of moisture around them, when the ground freezes solid, it is much better for the roots.  There is less heaving and moving about as the temperatures rise and fall.  The frozen solid soil protects them. So all this lovely rain means a good winter for the trees. Not so good for the harvest. Ah well. 

The Daily View has a soaked magnolia in the foreground. Still warm. Delicious.

Good morning. Our John said to say thank you so much for all his birthday wishes. He has never had so many, not in his whole life, and was quite chuffed.  Our weblog world is full of wonderful people.  You are wonderful. And I do not say that lightly. In fact Valerie wrote about it yesterday, in her little house by the sea in New Zealand, and she said it so much better. Blogging has so much positive energy.  You are my wonderful support team.

Have a lovely day. It rained again last night so off I go to greet my wet cow. A wet cow does not smell nearly as bad as a wet dog though!


What I was doing exactly a year agoMoving to my winter studio. Now this is interesting. It must have been colder, at this time last year, for me to move upstairs already. We have not even lit the wood stove yet this year.  It is not chilly enough for heating.  Anyway there are some lovely pictures of my winter studio here, plus (for Christine), a shot of me when I first met John many, many, many years ago. Miss C with an afro is really something to see! I was quite the rage back then with my big DO.

63 Comments on “Rain on The Wet Skunky Dog in The Golden Leaves of Autumn

  1. Morning! Favourite photo: water tumbling into the (is that a birdbath?). It also looks very, very, very wet at your house. We’re dry but grey, grey, grey. As a result, I decided to wear red today. 😀

    • Misky, you are brilliant, I have a very very bright day here so i shall wear grey! then we will complement each other! That is a water barrel and that is also my favourite today so onto the pinterest board it goes! c

  2. Poor Ton! I know that, “I’m so Pathetic” look…
    WellingTon, eh? I always figured he was a Tauntaun from the Star Wars movies, but you didn’t want Mr. Lucas to get his knickers twisted…
    You may have no idea what I’m talking about, but your Sci-Fi loving husband does… 😀

    • More TonTon Macout from New Guinea! And I am laughing because I actually don’t know what the Tauntaun are!! I shall consult. c

  3. Poor dog, those skunks are a pain. And a stink. I hadn’t realised that about the rain before the winter, I guess there is a positive to everything. 🙂

  4. Lovely, life-sustaining rain; your photos are very refreshing. Everything is wet at the farmy, including TonTon; he looks so sorry for himself in that photo!

  5. that rain should arrive here this afternoon and i can’t wait. we sure do need it. poor ton ton looks miserable!

  6. Oh how I wish we had a bit of warm here! The daily view is starting to look a bit wintry. Tonton: why do you keep getting skunked? Better to say out of trouble and avoid the scrub up sessions.

  7. 17 degrees, Wow! Although our autumnal colours are also beautiful, teperatures have been in single figures – even below – recently and I’m feeling sorry for our moulting, semi-naked hens!

  8. Beautiful yellow leaves, rain and a clean dog. The thing is, you need both the trees and the harvest to sustain your life there — it would be nice if nature would get with the program! Here the weather is unseasonably warm, but they are predicting a week of rain next week. We need it.

  9. We are getting driplets (not a word, I know) of rain here in Minnesota. Nothing like a downpour, but we will take every refreshing drop we can get. Yesterday I raked two pick-up loads of leaves and this morning it appears like I did no work. Leaves are tumbling;rain is falling.

    So happy you are getting rain as I know your area of the country has been much drier than our corner of Minnesota, although we are certainly short of moisture, too. Most of the crops are harvested here.

    • The irony of a summer of dry weather then rain at harvest time is not lost on the farmers.. ah well, they will get them in eventually.. c

  10. Poor Ton Ton! We were supposed to get rain but it broke up before it reached us. Love those golden leaves. We’re starting to see more gold here now. Don’t you love milking a wet cow? We keep old towels to try to dry ours off or the water drips into the milk. Yeck. Have a great day.

  11. Poor Ton, defending his territory and look how he’s rewarded ……

  12. We’re really enjoying the fall here too Celi, our 2nd year back in the USA. Last year it seems that all the leaves turned brown at once and fell within a week! This year, maybe because we’ve finally had some rain this month, the leaves are turning the most gorgeous colors and the air is the littlest bit crispy. It’s wonderful!!! Please tell Our John the of Happiest Birthdays and a fabulous year and hoping that the coffee pot is fixed and that the vest can be returned and a bigger size ordered! xo

  13. Oh, how I hate a skunky dog! Wonderful rainy pictures, we are having a drizzle today. Not enough to soak the ground so I’m still watering. Have had a bad cold, so I’m behind in my blogging! Stacey

  14. Ton Ton does seem to have a definite expression – I’m wet and I don’t want to be ! Lovely shot of the rain barrel – nice to see it full, it’s been chucking it down here to and my barrels are nice and full, I need it to stop for a couple of days so I can get on with some work 🙂 It never rains but pours celi …..

  15. We start corn harvest here very soon. So far dry weather. The moisture has to be just right before we can begin or the corn will mold. This year is winding down…although, with animals and milking there is no winding down…well, if the cow is to be dried up it winds down, but if you still have one fresh then no it doesn’t.

    Good Morning, Celi! We are putting on a new roof today! Lots of work here in our part of the world.


    • Putting on a new roof! well that rain had better hold off then. All our surrounding corn and beans are out, very early this year, but the beans in uncles field are just holding on, it is not a bad crop either by the looks of it.. c

  16. What gorgeous photos C! Just too beautiful for words. I was meant to have my second photography lesson today BUT sadly with all the rain we had last night, our kitchen flooded so I had to postpone due to the desperate drying and salvaging that took place through last night and today. My kitchen will never be the same – wood don’t like water! So tired now.
    🙂 Mandy

  17. Poor skunky dog, I can already see the wet mess that will ensue during his bath! But maybe it’s not the actual bath he fears, but the chill afterward when he left to dry off. The photos look crisp and chilly, and I can see the daily vantage is looking more and more like winter.
    What a wonderful place you have to write in, I would certainly be inspired to write in the attic (we have space and height in our attic, but we would need to finish it off, as right now it just has insulation). So I write mainly on my iPhone but sometimes on my iMac which sits in our cosy office space on the second floor, on a desk that JT’s grandfather commissioned to have made. The old desk is the size of a single bed and is far too large for the room, but we don’t have the heart to get rid of it (nor the strength — it took four able bodied men to move it up even in pieces!).
    I am so glad the John was happy about the birthday greetings; our world is so lovely and refreshing from the real world.

    • Oh I can see why you would keep that desk, I LOVE having a big space to work on.. so did JT’s grandfather by the looks of it! c

  18. Beautiful Photos:) Ton Ton has to realize that his colors are not in close relation to the skunk’s and quit messing with those stinky dudes – ha! Have a Great Day on the Farmy:)

  19. So sorry I missed John’ birthday. Please send him my belated wishes for a happy birthday. I kept up with everyone’s posts; just couldn’t comment on any of them. I did enjoy the walk-abouts, though, as I always do.
    So, Skunk Off works? I need to buy some for here and Michigan. Max has been “hit” once and it’s only a matter of time before it happens again.
    Enjoy the rest of this gray day, Celi!

    • It has turned gray hasn’t it and it started out so well .. ah well.. winter is coming.. Loved the cobbler! c

  20. This is the month of missed birthdays. Mea culpa Mea culpa. In the last few weeks I forgot MY Sister’s birthday, MY BEST Friend’s birthday and now I read I missed John’s birthday. More research has traced my husbands family back to Thomas Rogers, wool merchant Leiden, Holland. He sold his business for 300 guilders, and was a signator and passenger on the Mayflower. Interesting! Virginia

    • Very interesting and even more interesting is that Sandy Johns’ mother has the same ancestory, there is a Mayflower connection (her brother has the details) but the Gunters came from Germany.. the plot thickens!!

  21. I love the look on Ton Ton’s face (indeed any dog’s face) after they’ve been washed. It looks like they’re saying, “What have I done wrong; don’t you love me anymore?”
    A great read, Cecilia. Thanks for the smiles…

  22. Dances with Skunks. Poor Ton, guess he’ll never learn but thank goodness for Skunk off! My goodness it looks so autumnal in your part of the states. We have leaves beginning to turn, but no frost yet, and I guess that makes all the difference. I believe i’ve read your post from last year, but must go and see your studio again anyway!

    • Celia your welding gloves arrived about an hour ago, i can;t wait to show them to everyone! Thank you so much.. c

  23. I laughed at you adding insult to Ton Ton’s injury by making him the Skunk Off poster boy… Thanks for the link to Valerie, I popped over and enjoyed her post, especially as she echoes my feelings exactly about the blogging community garden 🙂

  24. Oh noooo poor Ton Ton! Glad the Skunk Off actually worked though. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous autumn photos. I wish it looked like that here in Los Angeles!!

  25. I would think Ton Ton and his black-and-white pal would be good friends after this many meetings! I’m glad he smells good again, I hope it lasts awhile. 🙂 Interesting fact about the water and tree roots.

  26. Dear Celi, I’ve had some lovely friends of yours come visiting, thank you…
    It’s Labour Weekend coming up, and I’ve just been watching the Labour Weekend Auckland to Russell race with hundreds of yachts – all sizes,- struggling up against the gale force wind. I just have to stand on the cliff and watch this long procession go by all day! Thinking of you!

  27. I’ve been totally out of action with computer dramas and am not yet able to post blogs as my iphoto file has gone. But I thought I’d just pop in to your latest post and oh, I see from the daily view such a big change after only a week. The leaves have turned and it’s very autumnal. The rain looks so welcome, music to your ears I’m sure, despite the disadvantages. I can hear the land drinking thirstily and I’ve learned something new, about the importance of lots of rain before the freeze comes.

    • Oh dear, I see that I’ve lost my settings and have come out as anon. Anyway, this is me Juliet and I hope to restore all lost settings soon.

  28. I don’t know what you people are doing: I’m watching that little maple getting more and more colourful day by day! ‘Course mine has grown by about 25 cms during the past fortnight . . . OK, enough skiting 🙂 !

  29. I clicked the like button as your writing is always so fun to read but need a dislike for the smelly dog part. I can smell him from here. The sad part about it is he looks so guilty and sad in the picture… poor puppy…

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